Update on weird octopus dream

Context: https://aeolipera.wordpress.com/2021/05/30/poplism-or-how-to-do-the-treestump-life-correctly-if-you-insist-on-doing-that-despite-my-moralizing-against-it/#comment-50114

So I spent a month this summer helping my parents with projects around their new property. They’re trying to build a house, etc., so they can live there. At least until they get bored and find another way to waste money. Well, one day we pulled up some gnarly treestumps with the skid-steer that looked like little cthulhids and I realized this was the location of that original dream. When I say “little” I mean almost man-sized.

Differences in the dream:

  • The inlet of the driveway was in the wrong direction. The direction that took me “out” in the dream would take me back into the woods in real life.
  • It was a dead-end in the dream. That may be important.
  • The location was on the outskirts of a barrio/trailer park in the dream. In reality, it’s very woodsy and there are foothills on all sides separating the property from the neighbors.
  • In the dream the guy there was my HVAC tech neighbor, whereas in real life it was my dad.

What I’m taking away from this is that Patrick’s interpretation is the most correct one: This dream represents my dalliance with the blue-collar tradesman lyfe, which represented the “smart redneck” option as a form of primitivism. Both my dad and my neighbor represent the smart redneck archetype in my mind. In contrast, I’ve taken Borzoi’s motto to heart: “The only way out is through.” (That’s why he’s been diving into postmodernist books and why I’ve been diving into training for the bourgeois technocracy.)

We are de facto political prisoners in an open-air prison. I think that’s where the comment about prisoners in the dream came from, and also where the primitivist impulse comes from. The van life is an alluring bitch, especially to someone like me. I’m never not talking myself out of the bill-free life. There’s a part of me that knows I could live off of stolen food for a while. (Of course, that’s a young homeless man’s game.) You can walk out of Kroger with a bag of rice and nobody’s going to stop you. But that’s very much a short-term strategy.

On the other hand, when the apocalypse gets well and truly underway that’s when the short-term strategies need to come out. You can’t live in a bunker for more than about six months at best, but there may come a six-month period where that’s the right call. So the key to resolving this tension is timing. The time to steal food is the leading edge of when everybody else is doing it. Then you hole up and get ready to shoot looters.

The thing to do before this is prep. And prepping costs money. I saw firsthand that, Boomer assertions aside, there’s no money in the trades. Prepping costs time too. No one in the trades has free time. They work overtime and spend their precious free time smoking weed to cope with the stress of being a tradesman. You might also think they learn important skills too. Not even that is true to any great extent. Again, I’ve witnessed it firsthand. Learning to do a few useful things extremely well over 25 years with one company was a reality in Boomerworld. Just like making $30/hour was a reality. But the trades have suffered the same problems as universities. These kids are hacks rushing through as many credentials as possible as quickly as possible, and on the other end of it they can’t boil an egg without googling it.

And after 5 years my neighbor is making $22/hour, and that’s only because of his OLD contract. Same goes for code camps, the exception being if you’re a wamen or minority. IF you can get a junior web dev job writing PHP for some useless jackass, the mid range is 42k. The web isn’t what it was in 2015.

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8 Responses to Update on weird octopus dream

  1. MM says:


    Ive been prepping pretty obsessively last 3 months.

    Should prob make a post.

    The absolutely vital: get water collection and purification sorted (rainwater into tank, big berkey for drinking) and then start stacking grains as deep as you can. 850 lbs per person per year in 5 gal buckets. Mylar and oxygen absorbers. No pintos use other beans. Etc etc
    Then work on materials for calorie production, expecting at least a year of eating your stores since we are all retarded. Obv just tip of massice iceberg and most of you prob know all that but its worth repeating and emphasizing.

  2. mobiuswolf says:

    My plan was to learn most of the trades, then you can be useful wherever you land. I didn’t think techno world would last this long.

  3. aiaslives says:

    Do you think a place that has shit QOL but eliminates prepping can ever exist?

    Also, no one uses PHP. Software dev jobs still pay a lot.

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