Question for you parental types

If all goes according to my perfect plan that can’t go wrong, I’ll be having my first child at approximately the worst time in American history, circa 2026-2027. This changes a person’s priorities, so that you can’t go around suicide bombing over the smallest little things. Since I won’t have much bandwidth to adapt as things are going to shit, what heuristics do you use for things like risking your life, your lifelihood, deciding which hills to die on, when to bend vs. break, etc?

Or, more briefly, what advice would you give to a new dad who has to decide between principles and his duty to his family? I’m good on the extremes like not disavowing Jesus when there’s a gun pointed at my head, and not going on suicide missions when there are unattached young men around for that kind of thing. It’s the more pedestrian stuff like “Do I join my homeschool co-op’s protest of some legal attack on us, or are they too cuckservative to be trusted in a risky situation?” Maybe imagine the feds are insisting that homeschool girls absolutely must attend a module where they put condoms on bananas.

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6 Responses to Question for you parental types

  1. mina801 says:

    Hahaha, don’t mean to make light of it but I loved the ending

  2. lucleio says:

    I’ll be simply following my natural inclinations for food, security and like-minded community. Children are born with reason and you’re there to guide them thru the chaos, most situations can be resolved with simple discussions and light hearted banter. Hills to die on? Custody, exposure to deviants and injections/”public health” mandates.

    A fun exercise I like to do with my sons is to steelman poor arguments and have them debunk it, or defend their views. It’s pretty fun. If you prevent them from succumbing to the mass-hypnosis, you win, the rest is up to them.

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  4. aiaslives says:

    Is Aeoli losing his flower a major event? jk

    But still, the only good alternative is moving. Make sure you can relocate your kids to another trusted location for a while and teach them to read so they won’t lose anything even if they don’t have a teacher.

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