An unexpected benefit of associative horizon

I am the undisputed world champion of distracting children.

My kids are still playing the Duplo world AP helped them make yesterday. They have been happily and quietly been playing it for hours between yesterday and today…it is wonderful

My greatest achievement in life, to date, is watering plants with my nephew and nieces for no less than four hours in one day. The key to being patient with the repetitive nature of playing with children is to realize that wasting time is how you win the game. Then you’ll start looking for ways to kill time. “Hey, let’s dig a big hole! Yeah! BIG HOLE!”

And kids don’t mind if you 99% of things you say are jokes for your own benefit, they’re just glad you’re there.

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2 Responses to An unexpected benefit of associative horizon

  1. aiaslives says:

    Hey, I can sympathize with this.

    My Epic Seekret™ game is this:
    1. choose a word (steak, fish, tiger, whatever)
    2. add property (stale steak, wet fish, happy tiger, whatever)
    3. never repeat a property

    Go around in a circle with this, works best with 3+ people. Kids will shout themselves hoarse. Revel in the disgusted looks the unlikeable / “grown up” 18-25 year olds give you.

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