Took a couple of months, but I thought of a good word for this. So now when I’m trying to quickly express that Trump was a fake and gay diversion, I can refer to him as a decoy.

Other good terms related to this but don’t catch the full meaning: Diversion, chaff (as in what fighter jets throw off to distract heat-seeking missiles), red herring, sidetrack, cardboard cutout. The main trouble in finding words for this is most of them (like “pretense” or “misnomer”) refer to things that could be incidental or disinterested rather than ill-intentioned, but a “decoy” is never incidental or disinterested. Something more abstract like a fake customer service line might be better referred to as a sidetrack, a facade, a time-suck, or a black hole, as in “Stop trying to sidetrack me. Your customer service line is a pretense and you know it is.” For less formal situations, variants of fraud/counterfeit like “grift”, “fake and gay” or “vaporware” are probably still the way to go. But if you tell your grandma Trump was a grift you’re going to have to spend 15 minutes explaining.

If the simulacrum leads to positive punishment rather than just negative reward, it could be referred to as a lure, bait, a trap, a scam, or some synonym of those.

This morning, I was trying to imagine explaining to a 17th century person how to navigate the modern world full of advertisements and Nigerian princes. I imagine him reading the first e-mail in his inbox and coming to me saying we need to speak to the king about something very urgent and important, and I have to explain to him that almost nothing in the modern day is urgent or important. And not to believe 99% of what he sees, reads, or hears, everyone is selfish, everything is a distraction, and to ignore his natural emotional reactions to these provocations until he barely feels them anymore. “Most people spend their entire lives trying to inflame your passions to distract and misdirect you for their own profit, and we’ve gotten very good at it.”

In other words, I would have to train him to foster the cynicism that characterizes a modern person. And that’s because the world is 99.999% filled with decoys, and maybe the reason we’re so nihilistic is because our filters have to be turned up so high. I don’t even SEE most of the e-mails in my inbox anymore. Can you imagine training someone from scratch how to do that without creating a small-souled bugman?

I suppose the obvious follow-up question is, what do you call someone who tells you the decoys are real because they want them to be real? Other than a Boomer, I mean. Quick story for inspiration: I just met my landlord. He’s been trying to collect money from a next-door neighbor and I asked him what the dealio is. I was then treated to a 30-minute rant about how easy it is to make money if people would just try hard like he did as a kid back. Literally the same rant as every time. Every Boomer started out at $2/hr and they were happy. I’ve given up on explaining inflation to them. Did you know $2 in 1975 is $10.15 in 2021? (Mind you, that’s before the recent hyperinflation.) And you started at that with no experience, references, or interview when you were 12?

This is a great example of someone who wants it to be true that kids can go into HVAC and make six figures, because America’s so great that we don’t need to shoot all the landlords and start over. So in the context of a con job, what do you call an unwitting shill?

[Update: I’m retarded, the term of art is useful idiot.]

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  2. hew says:

    ‘So in the context of a con job, what do you call an unwitting shill?’

    Easy…a cyborg.

  3. bicebicebice says:

    >spends 2015-2021 talking about WINNING
    >never actually WINS at anything

    I think the mystery lies in his orange face paint, much like african ooga boogas plank their chillums heads to Look Like actually melonboons, but they aint actualy be one, ever.

    Many such cases! Sad!

    As a picture says a thousand words, so it be that one just action is worth every damn word written in the bibble and that was apparently beyond the capabilites of orange cheeto hitler. Imagine if you were deaf and couldn’t read, and you watch drumphie go from tweeting an orange frog pepe in 2015-ish culminating in his infamous “LAW&ORDER” meme with america collapsing around him.
    Itz the right thing to say and it sounds good but all you can do is fuck all because you are retarded so itz some sort of hell for all the others, too, who voted for you and waiting for your orders, this is why the Taliban took over afghanistan in two weeks.

    “they” don’t need to manufacture anyone, they just peruse junk-science phrenology, do the personality math and voila you got yourself a perpetual motion-machine fraudulent ,technically, subhuman super idiot with an ubermensch complex.
    Now im no expert in chinese, but im sure as shit XI JINPING doesn’t shout all day long about WINNING like a bell end he just actually unironically wins due to call it the genetic mandate of heaven, salvation throught not being born a moron basically.

    All of this could have been avoided if someone hadn’t been given a small loan of 1 million dollars, pre current year inflation mind you. Then again the soviets did manage to subvert america and the dysgenic rot set in decades ago.
    One thing is sure there is no 1 political solution that just saves one whole country thats just not going to happen and small states and regions will de facto secede in both america and europe.

    if ITZ DA JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOZ are not a factor, rampant wealth will create dysgenics through lax immoral behaviors.

    “But if you tell your grandma Trump was a grift you’re going to have to spend 15 minutes explaining.” – he had poor genes, came from weak yanke stock, he just wasn’t made of sterner stuff!
    All old folks would agree with that because its the fastest answer and they grew up like that, that forbidden talk.

    If you’re a cia nigger you don’t need to spend 10 000 hours training a patsy, you just observe and snatch them off the street because the product already has the genetic make-up that you want.

    Itz back to square one again – 10~ years later But thats not a problem with a 500 year plan

    right now we are dealing with the boomer generations fear of death, they believe the can live forever by injecting mercury in order to postpone for as long as possible their inevitable judgement in the lake of fire, they are so afraid they believe a 1 minute new born child will infect them and kill them-this is their generational inheritance to their children besides the mainstream genocide stuff.

    “worse” case scenario, we go back to the middle age where an elite warrior caste, like the taliban, keeps public order by flogging witches and hanging tranny fagomancer sorcerers-never again will anyone see another government paper pusher in their lives and right now that sounds like Heaven to me.

    A TREESTUMP/VAULT building permit?!?just slip a bill to your local warlord!

    illegitimate eastern head of state; can muster 80k men who unironically willingly fights for him without payment

    legitimate western head of state; has maybe 2-3 highschool chums, a nagging wife and a dog that pisses on his carpet, none will answer his call to arms on anything.

    I couldn’t even begin to tell you how bad things are right now and even the “good guy elites” got their agenda 2030 new regime change; literally nobody wants whats going on in the west right now itz the final stepping stone to the fork in the road where the whiteoid race splits into two; first easy classification is vaxxed vs unvaxxed and then we take it from there…

    Let us all be greatful and praise God that we do not live in australia so our ancestors 1million years from now can survive the moron minimum yellow stone the melting of the permafrost the ice age and other literal nothingburgers

      • bicebicebice says:

        “IT DOESN’T MATTER WHO IS RIGHT. IT IS ALL ABOUT WHO IS LEFT.” <– this took 20 years to put into writing mind you, 20 years. 20 years once sentence to get the most important gist its true you know. Vault-co should be read backwards.

        Main claims
        Blakemore claims, among other things, that "God produced the Flood to counter the genetic miscreants produced by the union of Nephilim and human women",[1] the polygamists were innocent,[2] and a few interesting tidbits on science (Wikilinks by RW):[3]

        There was no Big Bang.
        Einstein was a fraud, womanizer, a proven plagiarist, a lousy mathematician and media perpetuated myth.
        The speed of light is not a limitation on anything.
        The universe is controlled primarily by electrical charges, not gravity or "nuclear forces."
        Nine-tenths of quantum physics is fabricated and useless rubbish.
        Hawking's reputation will last as long after his death as that of Sagan, Gould, Boaz, Lysenko, Morris[4] or any of the other popular culture performing cranks of this century. About ten minutes.
        Blakemore considers both creation science and evolutionary science to be bunk. He seems to think intelligent design is the most correct: "The real situation has more questions about it all than ever and does not necessarily validate the literal 'Creationist' school (although it certainly points to intelligent design at present)."[5] He also has an obsession of sorts with the Neanderthals, claiming that they had built a true civilization and that knowledge of this is being suppressed for whatever reason[6], and also frequently espouses much in the way of discredited, early 20th century racist pseudoscience.

        He also believes "that if action is not taken soon [to destroy America], heaven is obligated to issue a public apology to Sodom and Gomorrah and a possible lawsuit for reparations may be in the cards." [7] [note 2]

        Blakemore believes that the purpose of television is to destroy Western society, starting with the women. Once the women have been worked on, they will be estranged from the men, who will enter into a deluded life of hopeless despair:"

        *The UK : Smells like Ass, Looks Worse
        The United Kingdom is destroyed. There ain't no coming back.

        This open sewer is the paradise promised by multiculturalism.

        Multiculturalism is just a fancy word for "divide and conquer." Break up the cultural homogeneity, make people prisoners in their own homes and heads, then unleash the termites on the rotten wood which lies unprotected and loot everything that can be carried away.*

        To paraphrase Stalin; One life is a tragedy, a million statistics.
        One lone person can only chronicle the downfall nothing else absolutely nothing nada zip and bupkis, and itz seemed pretty doomed from the start…but where did it start and does it even matter?Imagine how decadent the 1950s were sure everyone had a suit but did they wear tophats and canes?!?NO they did not and basically it was already over.

        Then, you have the taliban who can't read so the only option was to take up arms. Higher education such as reading spelling maths etc is for nerds that don't win revolutions. They just spend too much time thinking.
        Simple as.

        Itz almost like the time to really fight back was before we were born meaning this is a structural racial failure aka dysgenics aka itz almost impossible to reverse because the biological rot has set in every globohomo vice in clown world notwithstanding.

        And then you have the vaxxed claming they were here first and society belongs to them, which is actually not a chicken vs egg situation…obviously.

        The west has been dying for +100 years as a single entity basically. To be a spastic about some random terror attack, tranny bathrooms +100k new groids or +200k per year and orange retards is just a cop out at this point I know it you know it we all know it! Many such cases! Sad! A YUGE blessing in disguise that all the "cool" people got banned from social media in 2015-2020…because there is nothing to discuss/conserve. Really.

        Time to build a completely new society from scratch or renovate a dilapidated asylum covered in mold and sulphur. Do wypepo genetically want to live in socities?

        IS there one person in the west that knows what to do and wants to do it?is that person ready to lease land in russia to build this new whiteopia ( ).

        What happens when white men don't have to spend one second thinking about *REDACTED∞*

        On the bright side itz good to be horough about how it ended and we all know that know. No need to mention the word "trump" ever again and assign theories to that and such other non-entities that will never be important.

        What will you do tomorrow, white man?!?

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          Can I get a tl;dr on that comment?

          • bicebicebice says:

            >Can I get a tl;dr on that comment?

            “UPDATE II:

            The MAP Koan has already vastly improved my sex life with my girlfriend. I am well pleased. It vibes nicely with the (No Outcome) koan, producing outcome-independent yet direct Game”

            You know, when you look back on it, how the hell was 2010’s internet supposed to WIN at anything with drumphie as the culminating figurehead… I laugh, we never stood a chance! Nothing but cringe!
            In the words of the President with the most votes ever in any historical election:

            Come on man

            *basically, trump hade the chance to fill government with unironic conservatives (Yes, I know there is nothing to conserve in 2021 but 2015 wasn’t completely kevorked) and general clean house but he didn’t, maybe he was too retarded to find a team or there was none to be found meaning enough white people are completely fucking retarded beyond salvation, I don’t think another round of internet snark will change anything if you can’t fill up seats with real bodies and itz looking quite slim on the white front the dysgenic rot is too far gone basically democracy is a pipe dream the west can’t afford, to summarize every kindergarten in the west is hbqt902+äak30 certified and thats where the problem starts… to cheer or shill for some 40-60 year old “conservative” dope at this point is just dishonest…in this iteration of society they won and itz over the internet is a great staging and rallying ground, for the left!

            I don’t even need to mention that big pharma are the new heroes of the social justice left, along with big wall street big tech (duh) and big oil (that fuels the electric car…)

            Only a masochist would try to untangle this mess, better to find people who are genuinely interested in a normal society and defend it unironically, hence small american states or regions might make it but not the whole country of any western country.

            tldr: trump isn’t important and the internet isn’t a means to anything society is too far gone

            • Aeoli Pera says:

              It’s worth remembering that 2021 Bice and AP know what they know because 2010 Bice and AP were where they were.

            • bicebicebice says:

              “Aeoli Pera says:
              September 21, 2021 at 7:24 pm
              It’s worth remembering that 2021 Bice and AP know what they know because 2010 Bice and AP were where they were.”

              All i’m saying is Game, game, “game” and proverbial-game was ran on the elites to bamboozle trump into winning and somehow turning everything around by WINNING, itz only stupid because it didn’t work and stupid because it could have worked…There was a Brexit tho…trump is to blame 100% and his “decoy” status was his own inept personality, an ompa loompa melon with yellow warpaint…

              reality could be so differnt right now and yes im a little bit butthurt about that, using edenistic phrenology for the sake of the argument and continuity, trump won BIGLY because he got to put “President” on his cv, which matters a lot to a short sighted type

              “I know more today than 10 years ago” that sort of thing can also deadlock a person or rather a society (inb4 we live in one) and probably why elite level schizo hobos drink paint thinner in order to advance to the next day and the next schemes.

              an unironic question from me would be; does anyone in goverment actually work with fixing society as in that is the job’s description?!?

            • aiaslives says:

              AI will tell people to drink brawndo
              The big mystery of Idiocracy is their still-functioning tech. EZ, the singularity came and went but it turned out that the melonheads really did engineer sapes to be fuking retarded and the AI pretty much agreed and pretty much started watching cyber-porn for 10000 years fueled by the toilet-water runoff.

              Idiocracy 2 will feature free holo-shit as a campaign against the 100IQ guy.

              Idiocracy 3’s script was co-opted by Pixar and they turned it into Wall-E. It was originally about the (now-cyborg) 100IQ guy discovering the (now-interstellar, no longer earthbound (out of disgust)) AI’s porntech.

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