Boomer irony vs. Gen Z irony

The Boomer kind is when you lack cognitive dissonance because you lack self-awareness, the Gen Z kind is when you’re signaling that you can handle a lot of cognitive dissonance because you grew up in a hellish world full of narcissistic lying adults who were supposed to feel responsible for you.

The former is when you say “Thank God it’s the weekend, right?” to the guy handing you your burger and fries. (That’s more common than you’d imagine if you haven’t worked in the food industry.)

The latter is a defensive mechanism for surviving a childhood where all the adults are grifters trying to feed off your precious bodily fluids (sometimes literally, as in the case of Peter Thiel). It’s why all their art has weird distortion effects on it.

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2 Responses to Boomer irony vs. Gen Z irony

  1. MM says:

    2 examples on the irony/disto thing

    As for distortion being a natural extension, here is a counter example:

    Harmonic distortion is addictive, visual distortions likely the same. Highly dopaminergic so it shows up everywhere.
    But these are older examples.
    Gen Z humor is increasingly “post humor”. Laughing at randomness and pure novelty not jokes themselves. Cue the infamous veggie tales clip about humor of the future being randomly generated

    Humor has been more or less taking the same path as porn, increasingly based on the extreme and novel in a world where everyone is getting fucked up and burned out on too much stimulus. There is a also a ‘broken-ness’ signal in the noise but its one of those things that can be really hard to separate.
    We know Sam is (presumably; dont really care) an ok guy and this is ironic, and its not actually threatening but you know what I mean. Its like all the comedic youtubers who used to seem like ok guys and then became the biggest pro censorship nasty fucking ppl on the planet who hate life and who are demons with demonic actually spiteful humor. H3H3 as Primo example. (of course Jew, and gets nepotism from Susan W). Devin Stack is honestly a bit there, which is why its so hard to listen to the guy as useful as the info sometimes may be. Is there anything he finds funny that doesn’t involve someone ‘getting theirs’? Thats the alt r in general; very nasty and in this way does mirror the opposite extreme.

    Enter AMOGUS. Its like a falling from the pseudo existential ironic thing into straight up insanity.
    Everyone now is more or less a coomer compared to someone who isnt exposed to the incredibly downregulating environment that is the internet and especially social media.

    I mean, this ‘insanity’ is (kind of) normal for kids. But none of them are growing up.
    That’s another, equally useful, frame.
    On a much more somber note, Norm MacDonald died yesterday from leukemia.
    Kept it almost entirely to himself for 9 years to lessen the burden on others.
    Him talking about it, before anyone knew.

    I knew Norm was a good guy but this is some actual small h (aka real) heroism.
    Funniest guy ever and a good man. Will miss him.

  2. MM says:

    >feed off your precious bodily fluids

    Deny Thiel your essence.

    (of course Col is right about literally everything, still a must see movie if you havent.
    Cobalt salted nukes just as vault-co would tell u)

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