Karmic burden shifts

First I’ll describe the two case narratives I’m thinking of.

1) Griffith.

Karmic burden starts on TPTB that can no longer solve its own social problems (winning the war). Catabolic/karmic collapse approaches, so the scapegoating machine is in full swing as TPTB desperately sacrifice soldiers to shift their karmic burden onto the kingdom. Griffith begins as Luciferian figure, threatening to replace TPTB with his own people. Guts pulls a Luciferian break of his own, Griffith freaks out. The karmic burden shifts onto Griffith as the new scapegoat.

Rather than Luciferian, let’s say “heroic feat”. So that Griffith feels threatened by Guts’ heroism the way the aristocrats feel threatened by Griffith’s heroism. Given the choice between remaining the scapegoat and shouldering the karmic burden, Griffith takes the Faustian bargain to shift the karmic burden onto his soldiers (Guts particularly).

So now the foibles of the kingdom rest on Guts, as the new scapegoat. This allows the system to persist, and Griffith becomes part of Ahriman. Guts, being heroically strong, slowly learns to carry the karmic burden and rebuilds himself like Dr. Manhattan. Meanwhile the system takes on Griffith’s form as a whole.

2) Shogo Makishima.

The karmic burden starts off with the Sybil System’s mistakes (i.e. “sins”, in my philosophy). These mistakes are generally shifted onto the people who have the law enforced on them despite their moral innocence. So they’re the scapegoats. However, there’s a second sort of mistake in the selection process for the elites, because Makishima is a Ted Kaczynski stand-in with platinum blonde hair (to be explicit about his Nephilim melonhead status).

Like Griffith, he threatens TPTB and wants to recreate the world in his own image. Offered the chance to share power and continue the current process of karmic transference, he rejects it. The karmic burden shifts onto him and he becomes the scapegoat. Because he takes a shot at the king and misses, mainly. Notably, Griffith’s freakout moment also involves taking a shot at the king before he’s ready.

The Guts character in this show, Shinya Kogami, already has a personal grudge against him. So Makishima was already carrying his individual karmic burden, which (now that I think about it) is actually the factor that causes him to miss when he takes his shot at the king. He would have succeeded if not for that meddling Kogami. When Kogami does his vigilante justice, Makishima’s societal karmic burden shifts onto him. Kogami then becomes a fugitive from the law (the scapegoat), and the system is allowed to continue.

So for actors in both systems we have:

2) Griffith
3) Guts
4) Civilians

Prelude: TPTB are throwing more and more civilians into the volcano to prevent a preference cascade.

Scene 1: Griffith appears and threatens to shift the karmic burden from the civilians onto TPTB, and throw TPTB into the volcano.

Scene 2: Griffith’s own sins/hubris planting the seed for Guts to challenge him later. This is arguably Griffith’s fault for preaching the morality which Guts then pursues autistically. In Berserk that’s this scene: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=enY3sXZUwBI

Scene 3: Guts weakens Griffith at a critical moment. This shows Griffith’s heroic power collapsing under the weight of his internal contradictions, represented in the figure of Guts. He’s like a Griffith within the Griffith system, a sub-Griffith. And since Griffith hasn’t yet thrown TPTB into the volcano, he is himself taken to the edge of the volcano by TPTB.

Scene 4 is where TPTB pose him the choice to be thrown into the volcano himself by Guts or throw Guts in and join TPTB (symbolically declaring his allegiance to the system over his power as a demagogue to the civilians). And when Makishima rejects the Faustian bargain, he allows Kogami to throw him into the volcano rather than share power. This is because he’s shouldering the bad karma he’d built up in the figure of Kogami.

I think this is a very good start on the problem. It also illustrates why the Antichrist has to survive a killing head wound (a pseudo-resurrection).

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  1. LOADED says:

    none of these things are true unfortunately. maybe to some but not to all.

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