Can Hyperborean Sonic run fast enough to escape his own black hole?

these sorts of stories the mechanism seems to be akin to something like a dam bursting after years of strain and endless reinforcements
essentially, you can live a small life and suffer for your sins as you go, or you can delay and delay and delay but take the punishment all at once
this is captured in folk wisdom by an old italian saying that says “old sins have long shadows”


It’s interesting, meta-cognitively, that I was thinking about the core idea of refrigeration this morning.
If karma is pressure, and scapegoating is a pressure relief valve, etc.
A dam breaking is a much older conception of built-up pressure in a vessel.

In mathematical terms, probably the best physical analogy is the different failure modes of stars.
If the gravitational pull on individual particles is analogous to their dependence on the system.

this analogy passess the smell test

What’s the analogue for hydrogen here?
“When a large star runs out of hydrogen to fuse, it starts fusing heavier elements until eventually its core collapses under its own weight. “

sinlessness is a terribly cljmsy word
karmic acts fits the anaology

In the context of catabolic collapse it would be the ability to solve problems.
In the context of political theory it would be social capital.
In terms of karmic burden it would be something like personal responsibility.
Or individual responsibility.
We could refer to it as “fucks remaining to give”.
Ah, I’ve got it.

Damn in…duh

Trying to figure the mass limit analogue now…
This would give a prediction for whether the US collapses with a bang or a whimper.

level of social trust will be at play here
trying to think of a succinet way to say “using political power to try and fix social/cultural problems”
bearing in mind cultural problems tend to emrge from but then reinforce social problems
disproportionate response?
discernment has to be a factor here…
creation of heaviet elements represent using the wrong tools to solve problems?

I know what you’re trying to say. It’s like when my previous employer tried to fix the company culture by creating a “morale committee”.
Trying to meme the solution.

I’m surprised there isn’t a good word for it, but also not surpirsed, becuse if there were a word for it, people wouldn’t try it so much

Could be compared to winning a war with mere threats, which relies heavily on rep.

cargo cult culture

Remember that story of the British officer who walked into a fort by himself and demanded they surrender?

not sure i’m familiar with it

Unfortunately I can’t find it.
The gist is that he was stranded out in the middle of nowhere, Africa somehow. So he marched up to an enemy fort and demanded surrender with such confidence that they assumed he must have an army.
Anyway, it only worked because they were so afraid of the British that any plausible threat was existential.
And that’s because the Brits were that good.

Napoleon had a similar experience when he got caught by an entire enemy army
He ggave fake orders to one of the men with him to prep an attack by a fake battalion supposedly just over the hill
thousands of men surrendered to about 100 and didn’t realize the truth until after they all disarmed

anyway, i see your point…people who have done nothing and accomplished nothing thinking they can do the same thing

Right, the mistake is to think you can apply the Law of Attraction from your easy chair.
When it’s more appropriately understood as applying for bonuses on top of the salary you earn for your everyday actions.
Or applying for grants.
So it’s comparable to asking for free money from people in all of its senses. You have to build up some credibility (credit) first, or else it’s going to cost you more in the end.
And there’s no sense in asking for a mid-size business loan before you know how to run a lemonade stand at a profit.
Anyway, I’m belaboring the point.

I’ve been wracking my brain over the fusion of heavier elements thing. What I’ve come up with is the higher-order concepts of trust: social norms and institutions.
The bit about social norms and institutions comes from
Examples of institutions that have been burned recently are voting and equality under the law.
Maybe faith is more analogous to the nuclear potential energy between things and hydrogen fusion is marriage.
Or any kind of co-reliance that can exist between two people.
Oh, even better, let’s call the nuclear potential energy “betrayal”.
Or rather, the nuclear fusion process is betrayal, which burns the trust.

Eventually, there cease to be any molecules with the capacity for self-sacrifice, or sacrifice of any sort.
There you go, fusion and sacrifice are the same.
Knew I’d get there.

sounds positively alchemical

Well, that’s the kind of nonsense I have to get up to in my job.
Therefore a brown dwarf society is one that fails to inspire sacrifice.
For lack of gravitational pull.
Which in this model represents material necessity.
What’s interesting in this model is it appears to have the different variables for the analogy built into the physics.
Gravitational force is a separate phenomenon from nuclear force (as we currently understand it).

I’m kinda inclined to change “sacrifice” to “compromise”. I.e. Society is an aggregate of individual compromises driven by material necessity.

sacrifice/compromise is something of a spectrum

I think the latter is just more nuanced.
When all individual bonds have been compromised, then we see the institutions rapidly become compromised.

An unaffiliated particle in deep space can be compared to an alienated person who prefers loneliness to potentially compromising relationships.
This whole thing is a hedgehog’s dilemma.
Exploding hedgehogs.
Sonic confirmed for great art.


So when he gets all the chaos emeralds and becomes Aryan Sonic, it’s like a hydrogen particle achieving lightspeed…
Step aside Einstein, we’re about to resolve general relativity with moral relativity.
Aryan Sonic as Ubermensch: A Discourse on Modern Physics

“about to resolve general relativity with moral relativity.”
Thats a PhD thesis

Or an exercise for the reader 😀

That’s not very compromising haha

“Prove that when Sonic achieves lightspeed he need not trouble himself with socio-gravitational bonds.”

“Prove that even UberSonic cannot escape the pull of Globohomo if he allows his Black Hole to be compromised.”
(See figure 1.3)


Hyperborean Mode Activated

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  1. aiaslives says:

    The Nietzschean Superman is the lonely particle than gains mass without gaining size.

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