Owl convo part 2

I was stressed out this week and I think it’s coming out without my planning it.
I’m supposed to sublimating the suffering or some bullshit.
It wasn’t even real suffering, just disappointment of very high expectations.
That actually sounds pretty good to me.
I got my coding assignment in and only stayed up until midnight one night of the week. I said no to a single family weekend to protect my bandwidth and sanity. I’ve more or less already won the family standoff. It all sounds like wins when you write it down.
I even took half of yesterday off.

One of the hard lessons of life that most people never learn is that sometimes winning doesn’t feel like it
And emotions are a pretty good means of perceiving information if you aren’t fucked in the head, but they arne’t always reliable

These are novel lessons for me.
Teach me more sensei. I’m in a good place.
Well, the emotions one I knew.
I make my political predictions emotionally, but there’s a right sort of sensation that has to accompany the feelings.

I think “equilibrium of forces” is probably the best word for this feeling.
It’s the sense that all the big factors are in the vector diagram, and the numbers on them are reasonably precise.
And the analysis method has worked before.
There’s a muted anxiety too.
Sort of a superstitious feeling like “what if gravity works differently today?”
And if you don’t have THAT too, then watch out, because you need that anxiety to power through the third and fourth checks on your math.

But ultimately it comes down to the emotional feeling that you picked the right equation for the word problem.
I remember my first physics teacher explaining this idea that physics is just a bunch of different kinds of word problems you pick up.
He said “I can do about 10,000 problems. By the time you’re done with this class you’ll have 1,000 problems you can do. If you take my electricity class you’ll be able to do 2,000 problems.”
What a spectacularly good way of framing it.
For some reason the best teachers are at community colleges.
I think I did a post on this once, but the quality of teaching is anti-correlated with the prestige of the institution.

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