Owl convo part 3

I’ve said before that the primary difference in evolutionary strategy between aspies and normies is that aspies don’t engage in horizontal cultural transmission (i.e. monkey see monkey do) and normies don’t engage in vertical cultural transmission (i.e. monkey read monkey do).
And I mentioned that the mechanism for normies is conflating selection and training.
I.e. You call something education, but really it’s an IQ test. So the more convoluted the education is, the better it is at selection but the worse it is at training.

This can be further refined to a motivated misunderstanding of training specificity.
Applying general stress on people while they’re engaged in a task is an excellent test for selection purposes.
For example, if you’re giving people a math test and hitting them with a firehose at the same time, the people who can still do the math problems have probably internalized math pretty well.
But this is counterproductive to training. If you’re training, you want LOW GENERAL stress and HIGH SPECIFIC stress.
This way, the body/mind have extra resources for adapting to the specific stress.

Since normies compete to diminishing returns in horizontal transmission of culture, they’re threatened by vertical transmission.
This is probably why old things are associated with high class.
High class is generally associated with k-selection and neanderthal genetics.
E.g. The neanderthal admixture in China is much higher in the coastal population centers.
The upper middle class is that interesting competitive middle ground where they propagate the myth of general stress training but practice specificity in their own training.
Because they’re specialists economically. They’re born generalists (car salesmen), but they compete as specialists because that’s where the prestige is.

I agree with this assessment
Stepping back a bit, it’s funny how selection versus training is basically accepted as truth, even overtly
it’s common knowledge, for example, that harvard is an easy ride when you’re there, it’s jsut hard to get into
the fact that getting in is a matter of luck and proper demographic balance is also accepted, but few process what this means

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  1. aiaslives says:

    Good argument against immigration.

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