Owl convo part 4

I’d make the case that we’ve gone beyond silos of knowledge and begun siloing our understanding of the world.

I think i’d have to agree
most people don’t need to understand anything, so they don’t, and it doesn’t generally impact their life
knowledge divorced from consequences is just larping

Conservatives will laugh at the pictures of plainclothes feds at conservative political rallies but if you tell them America is persecuting their beliefs via secret police they’d laugh at that.
On the one hand, bootstraps.
On the other hand, everybody knows Harvard is easy.
On the other other hand, of course you want to hire a Harvard MBA.
All of these are accepted with the same level of sincerity that makes race jokes funny.
Maybe this is the root of the noted schizophrenia of modern Western society.
People are facing word problems in real life where before they always cheated on the tests, and they’re getting different answers because no one’s telling them which formula to plug and chug.

Before it was just everybody facing a societal dilemma and saying they were prosocial, but only kinda not really. But now with vaccines, it’s more like a trolley problem except people have mixed signals about which track has the people on it, and mixed value systems, and they’re all shocked to see, looking around, everybody’s choosing differently and there’s no “normal” answer.
So from one side you have people thinking there’s no people down the tracks and these crazy people are trying to kill a fat man for no reason.
Then you have people who think there are people down there but it’s wrong to push the fat man.
Then you have people thinking the fat man won’t stop the trolley.
Then you have people who think of course you push the fat man, but you’ve got the wrong set of tracks, you need to push him HERE.
I could come up with a few more but you get the picture.

And this whole time all these normies have been thinking that everybody was on the same page before now, because they all refused to talk about it explicitly (vertical transmission), and everybody’s lost their minds.
And now a lack of prosperity means they suddenly have to prioritize one thing over another thing, and everybody’s split into minority factions, so there’s nothing they can pick that’s the majority position…
And everybody’s very upset at the people in the other groups, so there’s no way to not have people upset at you.
These are people who’ve never had to choose the lesser of two evils, and at the same time they’ve never had to genuinely piss anyone off, or fight anyone.
And it never occurred to them that despite their best intentions to agree with everyone and make everyone happy (high agreeableness), there will still be a majority that disagrees with them and hates them.

In a balkanized society there’s no “common” sense.
There’s no majority opinion.
There’s no popular culture.
In an instant, there’s no “normal”.
And all the normies are watching their reproductive strategy go poof into the air.
And realizing it was never there to begin with. Their entire lives were built on lies, because someone out there was breeding them for economic or religious purposes.
That’s practically the definition of trauma.

“Everyone in my life lied to me, and then an IED blew my leg off, and nobody’s sorry.”
“They hate me for having my leg blown off for their lies.”
“They put the disfiguring consequences on me, and they’re disgusted by my disfigurement. Like I’m the one who lied, because it contradicted the lies they wanted to be true.”

There’s a short story there. And a short book in the trolley problem one.
Maybe karmic collapse is when all the normies get traumatized at once and lash out at each other in anger, escalating to absolute destruction.
Now you’ve got a behelit/trolley problem crossover.
That would be a GREAT story.

It certainly sounds suitably biblical
yeah, this a very fertile grounds for a literary treatment

Rather than being eaten by demons, the people are all speared on the horns of ethical dilemmas and they’re screaming “I thought monsters didn’t real!”

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  1. aiaslives says:

    > Rather than being eaten by demons, the people are all speared on the horns of ethical dilemmas and they’re screaming “I thought monsters didn’t real!”

    Atlas Shrugged

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