Low latent inhibition anticorrelates with vivid visualization

H/T prefc AKA aiaslives:


This looks like evidence for Paul Cooijmans’ theory that there’s a constitutional tradeoff between focus and lateral thinking. My unusually poor executive function, focus, and visualization ability relative to my IQ (maybe +1SD for the former versus 99th percentile for the latter) would be a great example. Australian aborigines could serve as an example of very high latent inhibition and very vivid visualization (again, relative to IQ). There’s also a countervailing trend discussed in the article where low latent inhibition in the prefrontal cortex makes you a better artist.

I’d speculate that the Asperger’s bell curve is shifted toward low latent inhibition in general, and I’m just a more extreme case of it. You do hear about aspies who do well in the visual arts, but they probably represent the other side of the aspie bell curve, and it’s likely their autistic obsessiveness is directed toward their craft (I doubt any of them are constantly forcing it with willful self-control). I’d be curious to learn whether they also have higher executive function, because I suspect they don’t. I think what’s going on here is high-functioning autistic brains are very flexible and impulsive to support our strategy of obsessive-compulsive altruistic hyperspecialization (reproducing primarily via group selection), whereas people with very high latent inhibition, high impulse control, and high executive function are going to be generalists by nature.

Unrelated, it’s exam week and I’m tired to begin with, so expect low-effort content if any.

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4 Responses to Low latent inhibition anticorrelates with vivid visualization

  1. LOADED says:

    Like the Abos I have both

  2. LOADED says:

    i am highly excitable in all my endeavors. all my brain functions are very highly excitable and i am a cognitive overload for many people hence the name.

  3. aiaslives says:

    complex visualization (“ability to process what is seen”, back of head) + large front of head (good, prosocial, pro-civilization decisions) = going through scenarios in the head

    visualization is a skill that can be developed early in life.

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