Signal boost: Myth of the 20th Century podcast

Posting this for two reasons. The first is in the title- those few people still making content good enough to censor need whatever small signal boost I can give them so the demoralized can find some small solace in hearing smart men openly discuss the hard realities we all countenance.

The second reason is toward the end of part 1, they mentioned Plato’s Republic talks a lot about the “soul of the city”, and I wanted to alert MM that Plato must have been watching Texhnolyze at the time, in case he wasn’t already aware of the tie-in.

Actually, their 9/11 episode is the one I’d recommend starting with:

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Maybe do this later?
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1 Response to Signal boost: Myth of the 20th Century podcast

  1. WW says:

    Playdoh liked my favorite chinese cartoon 🦭

    Will add that to my never 3nd8ng autistic map of organizing all of reality based on texhnolyze.

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