A further refinement of Edenic political theory

Expands upon: https://aeolipera.wordpress.com/2018/07/21/three-edenic-laws-of-evopolysci/

The motivation of all performative dialectic is to shape the social environment to be more adaptive for the performer’s phenotype.

Bullying is a performative ultimatum, driven by unhappiness. The ultimatum is “I will continue making you unhappy until I am made happy.”

Terrorism is bullying writ large via spectacle (Ref. Debord).

War is terrorism writ large via political concessions by the opponent.

Politics is the extension of war by other means. The point of politics is to hurt people and scare the others into submission so you can hurt them later. If you don’t like how the sausage is made, fine, but don’t go telling people it’s made of rainbows.

Alliances are determined by phenotypal closeness (ref. Salter, Vanhanen), personal happiness, predisposition to performative action over introspection (i.e. autism), and personal sense of power/disempowerment.

I.e. every alliance is a successful navigation of the prisoner’s dilemma at the expense of more distant phenotypes. For example, because gays recruit rather than reproducing, they are overwhelmingly predisposed to ally with the Jews, who want to create an environment that will allow them to recruit.

Therefore, because all war is based on deception, the balance maintained by a winning strategy is to conduct spectacular horrors while maintaining the credibility to promise post-war peace while intending to slowly assimilate (exterminate) the competing phenotype.

Therefore all statecraft, conducted well, is gradual extinction via anarchotyranny of the enslaved out-group conducted under the veneer of a peaceful in-group alliance.

However, good statecraft is undermined by the mixed motivations of its executors, who also enjoy the comforts of owning slaves, the temptations of outbreeding with the lower classes, and the accoutrements of elite status. (Ref. https://aeolipera.wordpress.com/2016/10/06/slavery-and-political-anthropology/)

The purpose of spectacle, meanwhile, is to induce a state of hysteria that disengages concern for long-term self-interest- to overwhelm the rational mind by overloading the senses with experiences too bizarre, engaging, horrifying, and seductively dopaminergic to either be categorized introspectively or disregarded as irrelevant. (I think the most direct example of this is that article on the Aztec Carnival-as-spectacle.)

The symbolic message is ultimately the same as simple bullying: to fall on the mercy of the messenger and forge an uneasy alliance with him in the face of his God-like power to mete out such spectacular consquences, ultimately by making immediate concessions for short-term peace. To transfer personal authority and accept the outcomes of his judgments.

In brief, “I am like a God to you. Appease me now so that I’ll perhaps decide to kill you later, because maybe by then you’ll have turned the tables.”

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3 Responses to A further refinement of Edenic political theory

  1. bicebicebice says:

    worker ant promoted to ruler; everyone should be a worker ant
    warrior ant promoted to ruler; everyone should be a warrior ant
    nursing ant promoted to ruler; everyone should be a nursing ant
    queen ant promoted to ruler; everyone should put in that work namsayin unlike me, other queens LEAVE
    and all beavers promote dams and all communists promote communism etc etc, if you watch any old cartoon the beefy dumb guys are guards, the weaklings peasants and the big head men rulers and the “hero” is always a eugenic person…

    you have social politics and industrial politics but industry is too critical to leave in the hands of nepotistic/disaster of the commons politicians (I include all Sim City-management in “industry”) and to leave social order and hierarchy in the hands of the capital city’s again far out politicians when it should really be a more local matter…

    so you see, all is well in the world and lord rotschild will never lose a single cent of the extended family fortune because according to the handbook, biffs sports calendar for race(heh) if you will, he was never be suppose to

    looks like another win for people who hoarded gold and pedigree throughout the ages and another loss for the neanderthard coding his own personal matrix whilst getting repeatedly stabbed with jewish mercury (boosters sold separetly-cant play the main game without upcoming expansions)

    itz not over because it didn’t even begun! many such cases! sad!

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