Positive morality vs. negative morality (re: intellectual anti-Semitism)

This concept probably exists already but I’m uneducated, so I’m reinventing it.

Positive morality is a value system that motivates positive behavior, whereas negative morality is a value system that prevents behavior. The reason to distinguish the two is that in practice people often have very different value systems in the two slots, which gives rise to a lot of the hypocrisy we observe.

For example, many note that American conservatives are economically conservative and socially liberal. That is, they value money-making and harm-avoidance. Everyday behavior in a low-risk environment tends to be driven by the positive morality, which tends to be the more primitive and vital of the two types, so conservatives spend 90% of their positive mental effort on making money. If they want to pay a guy to make an app they can sell, they’re going to look for the guy who can make it happen, which is going to be a white guy.

However, behavior in a high-anxiety environment tends to be risk-averse, which is where the negative morality kicks in (which tends to be more philosophical and abstract). If a friend’s small business is doing poorly and needs to fire someone, a conservative will feel a pressing desire to talk him out of firing the incompetent but higher-status black man but not try to talk him out of firing the competent but lower-status white man. Firing a black man would itself be an immediately greater harm (because he has higher value in society’s eyes), and there’s a tail risk of inviting the system’s vengeance which could be catastrophic.

This is where TRS’s “intellectual anti-Semitism” propaganda project becomes very interesting. Grug anti-Semitism (positive morality) was a bad idea because it inspired grug actions that were easily co-opted by a much larger system. It was like a three-year-old child trying to do Judo to his mom’s new boyfriend. Intellectual anti-Semitism has been much more effective because all it does is starve the system of positive participation and create friction and resistance in everything it tries to do. For example, here’s Andrew Torba’s recent response to the ADL (H/T Banned Hipster):

A hit piece was published this morning in the Washington Post and Newsweek based on a “report” published by the ADL. The report highlights how people post Gab links on Twitter that the ADL doesn’t like.

Twitter is so low on our referral source traffic list that it doesn’t even register in our top 15 sources of traffic. Yet that’s what the ADL targeted because they have no power anywhere else. 95% of our traffic is direct, meaning we don’t depend on Google, Twitter, Facebook, or anyone else. People come directly to Gab.

The ADL is an anti-Christ, Anti-American, and Anti-White hate organization. They should be registered as a foreign agent under Foreign Agents Registration Act for their operation in the United States on behalf of foreign interests in Israel.

The ADL is a Jewish organization that serves the interests of Jews and of Israel. Stating this fact isn’t even remotely controversial nor is it “hateful.” In fact the ADL openly boasts about these facts, but because a Christian man dares to say these things out loud the ADL cries “anti-Semitism!


The ADL is going to have to burn several of America’s core institutions to respond to this simple act of non-consent. They burned half the medical institution to get (at most) 60% vax compliance. Demoralizing Trump’s base required burning nothing less than the public’s belief that voting matters. I’m not exaggerating to suggest that, if they had to, they would suspend posse comitatus and send a team of SEALs into Torba’s residence and threaten to kill his family on live television until he agrees to censorship. If I were Torba’s strategic war adviser, I’d tell him to fork Gab into five lookalike platforms like the mythical hydra and plan on Gab’s head being cut off in the most pyrrhic of victories.

As I expressed before, the gray pill is that the Jews will run out of social capital before we run out of white people. Our job is just to make our people and ourselves as expensive to kill as possible.

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