All you need to know about the Dave Chappelle thing

There’s a zero percent chance the space Jews joke slipped past the editorial board without being escalated to upper management, for lack of a better term. I’m not saying a small chance, like maybe all ten of the editorial reviewers just happened to be jacking it to Cuties while the focus groups were simultaneously overdosing on heroin. I mean zero. Like if you added up all the quantum randomness in all of the alternate timelines of the universe, there would still be zero chance that Netflix published their first notable comedy special since Bill Burr’s Paper Tiger without watching it first. And then what are the chances none of those reviewers saw that joke and thought “Oh G-d, I should probably run this by my rabbi”? Zero. None. It’s infinitely more likely that Jonathon Greenblatt personally signed off on this kayfabe (since you’d want him on the same page).

What does that imply? The rest of what I could say follows from implication and speculation, which you can do yourself. One speculation I will make is I think this is a last-gasp effort to show that comedy is still possible within the neoliberal system, in response to that infamous report that showed the artists formerly known as the Alt-Right are still kicking the system’s ass despite having their bank accounts shut down. I mean, when’s the last time you heard of a joke that was told on TV or a streaming service? 2019? What’s the last new comedy show you’ve heard of? Parks and Rec? Can you name a comedy movie more recent than The Hangover 3? Do comedians even tour anymore, and if they did would anyone notice?

Show me a single joke from the last five years of mainstream media funnier than this random Sonic meme:

The reason I bring this up at all is I’ve never seen Jazznds and FTN miss the shot so badly. I know this style of reasoning from a priori assumptions is considered cringe right now but it’s still a tool with useful applications.

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