Owl convo re: vax as counter-insurrection dry run, broad 2022 prediction, etc.

Shit, I’m sorry.
I went for a run and when I got back completely forgot it was a Saturday.

no worries
i think there’s alot of that going around. I know many people who feel that time has been weird this year

I didn’t notice that until you said so, but yeah. I think our sense of time is socially mediated in a big way.
Not unusual to lose all sense of time in solitary.

And everyone’s been operating on some form of disrupted rhythm for the past year and half

Yup. I heard James LaFond mention he knows three people who’ve permanently lost their minds.
He lives around a more mentally tenuous population, so that’s the left tail of the bell curve.
I don’t have a topic list ready to go, do you have anything you want to get through today?

don’t feel like talking vacks mandate but it’s an interesting case study in testing exactly how contentious the battele between a people and a government can be

Remember when people used to fantasize about everybody else learning the truth, waking up, and throwing off their shackles?

turns out the truth was never hidden after all

It’s like how nobody says it’s a free country anymore.
Re: vax contention, what percent do you think it’s a proxy battle?
I think that, insofar as it’s apparently been a good hill to die on, it was an accident of throwing spaghetti at the wall.
Unfortunately, I think the outcome is going to be a formalized caste system of exceptions to the rules.
The nice thing about that is it won’t be sustainable if everyone is always lobbying for exceptions all the time.
The bad thing is the obvious response to political lobbying you don’t want.

the american sun had a decent piece a while back about how counter-covid and counterinsurgency doctrine are similar and i think that’s also a piece of the puzzle

Here we go: https://theamericansun.com/2021/08/04/covid-and-counterinsurgency-measures/

i’m less sure than you about the idea of formalized exceptions

I assume you mean the formal part.

i’d lean towards informalized (don’t go after certain groups) with an increasingly heavy attempt to go after everyone else

Do you think the Portland police are going to get away with their anti-vax insubordination?

i think the idea that “they can’t fire all of us” makes sense when dealing with a rational actor
but we’re long past those days
hell, sometimes i wonder if the idea of firing large numbers of people is part of a long-term plan to bring about a kind of UBI system

That may have been true at some point, but the hatred is too entrenched in the bureaucratic ranks at this point.
I can’t think of a single socialist who’s also a universalist.
It only matters who’s getting it.

well it’s not that current socialists don’t want everyone to think the same, act the same, and feel the same, so they’re universalist in that sense
but you’re right that it’s self-interested in a naked way

Even the desire for blacks to become upper middle class white people is going out of style.
Though I’ll admit that’s a very strong current in Millennials.
I’d have to watch whatever shows the youths are watching these days to be sure, but my guess is that you don’t see the Carlton character anymore.
It’s more “Black Woman: Nazi Hunter”.


That American Sun article was very persuasive.

it’s a good insight, and it fits with what we saw around the world
lockdowns were used to stop protests in hong kong, in france, were part of the efforts to get trump out of office…etc

I think the combination of that and BLM really cemented the idea of double standards as being “normal” in the normie mind.
They don’t even blink at it anymore. Unfortunately, they haven’t learned much either, in my experience.
The idea of voting out the vote-fixers is apparently quite the siren song.
It’s a little black pilling.
I recently told a normie that he was listening to an intelligence agent who was being paid to deceive him full-time, and the normie was like “We should listen to everyone’s ideas if they’re good.”

unsurprising though
there seems to be a strong impulse for people to react to unreasonable times by doubling down on what they view as “resaonable”

Maybe the defining characteristic of normies isn’t herd psychology so much as outsourcing friend-enemy distinctions.
And yes, I agree.
Hell, I’m on that train myself.
Except I have a different idea of what “reasonable” is.
Have I mentioned before that the most confusing part of being a sperg is how normies corrupt language?

not directly, no

“Faith” is the example that always comes to mind first.
For some reason, normies really really really want it to mean “trust”.
But it means loyalty, as in “staying true”.
E.g. “Faithful” as in a faithful wife or husband.
Or “fidelity”.

that’s an interesting example

My boss like to use the word “flow” when what he means is user experience.

that one i can see being a corruption of corporate speak

Maybe corporate speak is like the Zodiacism of linguistics.
The normie asymptote.
That one feels very true.
All normies aspire to be upper middle class. They are peak normie performance.

this is definitely true

Credit to Paul Fussell for that one though.

circling this back to what we’ve talked about before, people aren’t sure how to normie anymore
they’re trying to double down but they can’t get a reliable signla anymore
probably why everyboyd is the same as they always were, just more so

Now that’s an interesting insight.
Hmm…we’ve been very good at predicting the year ahead for 2020 and 2021…
I believe our predictions were approximately “accelerating chaos” and “everybody going all in on their preferred brand of crazy”, respectively.
I’m trying to think of what I’ve seen out there so I can condense it into a social mood.

What comes to mind is a picture from yesterday.
I was driving through Detroit on a gray, rainy, windy day.
It was one of those highways that looks like a concrete river basin, so it was just gray everywhere. Looked like you’d imagine the Soviet Union.
On one overpass, there were a couple of people huddled in their raincoats with big Trump flags.
I think that’s 2022 in a nutshell.
Normal people would have waited for a different day, but what I sensed is there was some memo where someone said “Nationwide, we’re gonna do a big photo op,” and in one of the states it was a rainstorm.
I think we’re going to see “believe democracy” in the same way we saw “believe wamen”.

oh definitely
because the most important thing is faith

No one’s going to show up to the rallies who isn’t being paid because of all the FBI arrests, but no one’s going to disbelieve the photo ops because they desperately want it to be true.

potemkin democracy

Ooh, nice summary.
I predict 2022 will be the year we try to recreate democracy as a mass psychosis.
Then, come November, the normie spirit will be broken again.

quite plausible
if our hunch is true that everyone will double down, the election season could be contentious
both sides could go at it hard

Yeah, I was just thinking we could see another BLM summer in a non-presidential election year.

oh i’m certain of it

I think I want to go on record predicting a DeSantis win in 2024. The only reason I hesitate is I have a perfect streak going.
The only prediction more cynical is that the younger Jews are so dumb that they’ll want an actual claymation person.
Hmm…so maybe Kamala really is the right choice.
Okay, yeah, I’m withdrawing the prediction for now because it’s not the most cynical thing I can come up with.

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6 Responses to Owl convo re: vax as counter-insurrection dry run, broad 2022 prediction, etc.

  1. Nigger Possum MM says:

    It will be Desantis vs Trump unless he gets sick. He has no chance, will act as a spoiler like he did with all of his joke runs for prez.

    Will do the same thing during the midterms like he did in GA (shit race but still):
    psyop ppl not to vote.

    They don’t need to play the 2 party thing anymore if they dont wanna.
    That said there is a real chance it goes back to the republicans simply because of how much anger is building. Its been as disastrous a first year as possible (to what degree is it intentional? idk).
    Whoever wins is inconsequential. If Trump was prez right now the vaccine would be fucking mandated and thatd be that (tho wouldnt stand in court ironically- HAHA) “2nd term, goy”. Biden is going pretty hard but he must think he can make it. LOLZ.

    I like how things are going; you can shit on ppl for never learning or whatever… but there is something in the air. Will the pressure be relieved in time? Will we go back to a ‘slower burn’?
    I bet but We shall see. (It will be kind of ‘funny’ for all the ppl who spent like… their entire lives seeing this coming still get fucking killed or more likely at first starved out. Dont let that be u)

    In any case its getting relatively close to the time for the “crisis” stage ala Bezmenov.

    However much time we have to prepare its not enough. 2 years, 5, 10, wtvr,
    And the resources to become self sustaining will be the ones to inflate earliest…

    (semi related: check anthracite prices- madness! But 300+ a TON will look like fucking pennies in 10 years. Rice and beans take alot of fuel to cook up.)

    The normies arent waking up, things are getting worse. Everyone already knows everything about everything that ever happened ever and can sunk my funking dink.

    This is getting rambly. Effort is stupid (I am now gen X?)-
    I don’t know what peeps are doing but uh… yeah its time to get ready in a big way. Like if ppl dont have a year of nonperishable food and some grav filters… thats a ‘problem’. Aka suicide.
    FOOD and nutrients above all else, with future production capability. Tarps! Actual K selection, planning for future and limiting of comfort/entertainment/sanctification seeking cummies.


    • Aeoli Pera says:

      I don’t think you can run Trump in the primary unless you want him to win the primary, and I don’t see any good outcomes from that play. He would probably lose again, and then you lose the Q people for real this time (because even Evangelical Americans hate a loser).

      • Kinchnigger MM says:

        Building up ppl’s hopes and then crushing them is a reliable way to create learned helplessness gimp cock slaves which is why I said what I said back in 2017 about getting over Trump asap and how it would crush the holdouts the most.
        Does it make ‘sense’ to break something that is working? Sure; not having to hide having slaves is cool and trad. (Wow why are we fighting the most based and redpilled ppl?)
        3 years is a long time from now, tings will be alot worse

        The point is to throw it in your face and then jump on your back and tell you to squeal like a pig. WEEEEEEEEEEEEE. WEEEEEEEEEEE. Roger’s wife knows about that (she watched)…

        On topic; he is a loser NOW much less three years from now. The show is running out of the ‘standards’- there are only so many episodes you can do with Kinchloe listening in on the coffee pot about some fkin general staying at the stalag. Every now and then you need a gonkulator episode or the one with the monke from the zoo named freddie or schultz impersonating klink.
        Thorough breakdown of 2024 primary (and general):

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          I don’t think they want to black-pill the MAGAtards, is what I mean. It would make me very happy if they did. I don’t think their hubris is quite that far out of control yet. Maybe I’m wrong.

          • Aeoli Pera says:

            I suppose this requires distinguishing between humiliation and despair. I do think they want to continue conditioning MAGAtards to accept humiliation without complaint, like having KWEENZ twerking on their favorite symbols, but I don’t think they want to cause a panic.

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