Owl convo re: the alternate reality game

instant action without time for thought, and you only process what happened later
i feel this quite strongly when it happens to me, since i am, in full truth, a dirty, horrible man of thought
perhaps why i like amrtial arts, i can enter that state

Eh? As in too introspective?

general personality inclination
but like i said earlier, we are all full of contradictions, and i become a man of action under pressure

Now I’m actually a little curious, would you describe your temperament as being at odds with your values and idealized self?
I.e. You’d genuinely prefer to be a man of action by inclination to match your highest moral values?
I.e. The desire to clarify things feels like weakness?
So I’m imagining those times when I make a great plan before acting. That feels like peak performance to me.
I’ll admit that I have this feeling of weakness when I indulge my introverted intuition.

i think the contradictions are that i have a melancholic, pessimistic, and cyncial worldview, yet a sanguine and optimistic personality
a christian metaphsyics but a pagan spirituality

What on earth saved you from the Buddhism rabbithole?

i respect competence, creativity, intelligence but i think i succeed in trying to live up to that
buddhism is interesting, but it’s not exactly the most curious beleif system
there isn’t really a strain of exploring the material and spirtual worlds, of presing onwards in pursuit of deeper knowledge
still a great worldview to have in ones intellectual/spiritual toolbox though

In that case, maybe I should have asked what saved you from the occultism rabbithole.
But I suppose that would be the sanguine personality.
You have to be a certain kind of asshole to get into wicca.

not sure i have been saved from that, but is supect it’s my sesne that all these beleif systems, all these practices, are all attempts at experiencing some kind of truth, but even if some of them have some grasp of it, none of them have anywhere near a monoploy on it
it’s a “don’t put your eggs all in one basket” approach to spiritual epistemology, i suppose

My mind is wandering to Wald from the old forum. I wonder how his plan to buy an island is going.

Wald’s a good guy
Without going into too much detail, we keep in touch fairly regularly

I’m gonna refill my covfefe.
Ah, covfefe, the original Trump alternative reality game.
What does it mean? Submit your answer to the drawing and if your reality is picked you could win a backstage pass to HQ-anon!
I was trying to think of a Disneyland-like name for Q, and I don’t think that one worked.
Maybe I could go with that Chinese magnate’s yacht where Bannon was hanging out.

I want say Guo, but i don’t recall

Guo Wengui.

i want to hypothesize that the alternate reality game as a political movement appraoch will be used more frequently in the future, but it’s a weird case
it works for the anti-establishment crowd who thinks there’s a truth behidn the secnes, but you can’t replicate that for normies who cling to “trustworhty sources”, which is still your main political demographic
now, as fewer people place faith in mainstream sources, there’s more fertile ground for the Q approach, especially as a controlled opposition approach
but it doesn’t scale to the whole spectrum

Do you think they can keep up this shuffle between platforms?
Fox News bad, OANN good!

nah, the “create our own platform” game loses efficacy everytime you try it

Parlor bad, Truth good!

it’s like friction, you lose a certain amount of momentum as you keep moving
sooner or later someone with a more dynamic appraoch is going to eat those guys alive

That’s what I think.
So I’ve pegged owl melons as having an insider-outsider central conceit…

why would you say something so true yet so hurtful?

Lol, I was going to ask if maybe you were just being a snob about how badly they’re doing your schtick.

so, how do you get mass mobilizaiton in an age of such fractured epistemology?

It strikes me that the history of religion is replete with examples of mass movements of self-identified outsiders.

every new movement is an outsider movement at first
and the perception of being an outsider lasts far beyond the time when it becomes the new mainstream

Christianity in the West, before modern times, comes to mind.

self-perceptions are remarkably fixed, when you think about it
far more than merited by circumstances
this observation applies to movements, institutions, most people past 30 or so…

I get the sense that Q is still losing steam though.
E.g. https://voxday.net/2021/10/21/just-stop-already/
That’s dangerously close to direct criticism of Trump himself, by one of his prophets.
I’m eagerly anticipating the Koanic react on this one.
But then, Sabbateanism survived the apostasy of its founder.

is he still psoting somewhere?

Yeah, he’s doing the Alex Jones Drudge report thing: http://littlebook-ghost.nfshost.com/
Mormonism also survived disenchantment with Joseph Smith.

There’s a pattern in cults where a small minority of people sya “oh, i guess I was wrong” and the overwhelming majority double down
this pattern exists in science and policy as well

What’s an example from science?
I don’t see anyone clinging to ether theory.

bad ideas have to be smashed so the next generation doesn’t believe in them, but then you still have to wait out the old guard
don’t have any pure science examples on hand right now, but handwashing in the medical field is close

Oh, okay. I thought you meant similar to Trump’s absolute floor of 20% support.

i think there’s a few examples in paleontology regarding dinosaur phsyiology, but i’d have to double-check
and I want to say plate tectonics was an example too
but again, need to go back and recheck to be certain
trump’s floor is an example of this
though i’d predict that, like reagan, there will still be a proud cohort of supporteres long after his death

My dad used to say, paraphrasing, you could never come up with a policy so insane that it wouldn’t get 20% approval on a survey.

i agree with your dad

He definitely has his moments.
I mean, this absolute genius didn’t come out of nowhere.
I wonder how many people will refuse to believe Trump has died when he does.
Buy a hologram machine man, we’re gonna make some crazy money.

that’s not a bad idea, actually

What I’ll do is get a job at some DOD thing, then put the deepfake software with the EZPZ GUI on a thumb drive and quit.

bold strategy
i doubt you need to go through the trouble, open-source stuff is porbably already good enough

To defeat the Jews we must get up early, work hard, and move T-shirts.
See, this is that grift impulse I was talking about.
If you’re 30-40 and your main circle isn’t discussing

  • Deepfake technology
  • Alternative social media
  • What comes after cult leaders die
    it’s time to get a new main circle!
    Your NETWORK is your NET WORTH!
    Geez, I said I wasn’t going to go off the rails like this.

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