Owl convo following from subpersonality rant

Conversation follows from previous post after I said “It’s kind of like expecting a guy who smokes weed and plays video games all day to shape up the day after he gets married.”

…I suppose if a wife really wanted to pull that off, she could sex him up every time he gets up for work in the morning until he’s addicted to it.

which would then create its own problems
a fantastic and hihgly enjoybale set of problems, of course

Yeah, I was gonna say we’re all fortunate women aren’t calculating that way.
They’re calculating every other way, just not with the sex.

usually, some exceptions
but yes

I think I’ve finished the rant.
If there was more to it, I don’t remember.

in summary, a good explanation of how expressed personality is a negotiation with our environment, our self-image, and our habits
it intertwines well with our talk of the complexities and contradictions of “great men” and hints that successfully managing the expression of the most suitable parts of your personality at the right time is necessary for the highest level of performance
whcih indicates that willpwoer, self-observation, and executive function need to be the core of the “baseline” personality

This is the implicit lesson of the Chronicles of Narnia, from line to line.
The way Lewis describes it, our choices are really just choices about where to focus our attention, and which impulses to suppress (and by extension, which to give rein).
Each scene in Narnia has a part where one of the characters has mixed feelings and chooses to go with one of them.
That constant refrain is why it’s such great didactic fiction for children.
“Strictly speaking, there are no such things as good and bad impulses. Think…of a piano. It has not got two kinds of notes on it, the ‘right’ notes and the ‘wrong’ ones. Every single note is right at one time and wrong at another. The Moral Law is not any one instinct or set of instincts: it is something which makes a kind of tune (the tune we call goodness or right conduct) by directing the instincts.”

Yes, this all makes sense
my thinking has increasingly come around to this idea in recent years
there are no universal rules, there are only rules of thumb, and every so often the counterinutitive choice is the right one

Let’s call this the doctrine of the fox (as opposed to the hedgehog).
I’m a moral absolutist in the most trivial sense.
And I daresay everyone is if you get deep enough, same as there are no atheists in foxholes.

i can get on board with that, given enough depth

Probably what distinguishes me from a run-of-the-mill moral absolutist is that I don’t accept the legitimacy of external thought policing.
I do engage in internal thought policing, but it’s driven purely by 1) curiosity, and 2) pragmatism. Because of the latter, I accept God’s thought policing.
I understand that’s external, the thing is that curiosity requires continued existence, etc.

well the point of god is that god is the ultimate measuring stick, the eternally consistent metric by which all else is measured
anything else is a slippery metric that can change

That’s the sociological point of God, anyway.

external polciing is thus inherently unreliable
not the ONLY point, obviosuly, but one of them

I’m just lucky that my way works, it’s pretty deeply ingrained.

i suspect we’re both highly disagreeable from a big 5 perspective, but it seems to protect us from most of the garbage of commonplace thinking

Or as I explained to my sister in law, “I don’t have a problem with authority, there’s just an ongoing debate about who’s the authority.”

hahahahahahaha that speaks to me in a visceral way

Back in my libertarian days I wouldn’t have described myself as an “authority” because that implies elitism rather than mere autonomy, but I’ve come to understand…well, among other things…that it’s a distinction without a difference.
More importantly to the feeling of elitist self-importance, I’ve come to feel that my tastes and opinions are objectively better and that I’m surrounded by mentally unstable imbeciles. Therefore, I now impose my tastes and opinions as an expression of benevolence.
This confidence required a disinterested understanding of people, because it’s like managing the subpersonalities. Before, I gave up on trying to understand people because they were confusing. Later on, I realized they’re fairly simple and most of the complexity is a smokescreen of pretension and misdirection. So, keeping in mind that they have different needs than I do, my way is still generally best.

You and I have traveled this same road over the course of our lives

As long as I understand that peasants need more carbs because of the rice-farming lifestyle, I can still insist they eat their vegetables.

it’s easy to say in the abstract that some people have better judgement than others and they need to be pillars of the comunity
it’s hard when you realize that maybe you have that potnetial and now you have the responsibility to never screw up or have bad judgement ever again

“The greatest general is he who makes the fewest mistakes.”

it’s a hard burden with real consequences, but if I don’t attemtpt to walk that path and see if I can carry that burden, who will?

I still struggle with maintaining the bandwidth to handle the shit tests.
The modern day does not make it an easier path.
On the bright side, you never saw a better IQ filter.

deep down i think i love how fucked up things are right now
for jsut that reason
what better filter for quality than all this nonsense?

That’s why I referenced pluviophilia the other day 🙂
It’s literally true in my case, but the metaphor is excellent.
Whenever a storm comes through I can’t help but go out for a run.
Sure, there are days when I just want to grill. But not many.

I enjoy my leisure tremendously but i’m growing more and more unsettled when it isn’t balanced by sweat, toil, and stress

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1 Response to Owl convo following from subpersonality rant

  1. rillxn says:

    Recognizing that the seemingly idiosyncratic trials and tribulations you were subjected to throughout your formative years were in fact a bildungsroman-esque narrative crucible designed to groom you into a leader of men is as deeply fulfilling as it is akin to waking into a nightmare (which, I hazard, was precisely the point of that grooming process – to forge you into precisely the kind of person who could handle, and perhaps [fingers-crossed] thrive in the utterly demoralizing and insanity-inducing role of shepherding normies).

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