Elfen Lied as spider melon faverit cartoon?

Note for Ken: In Elfen Lied, the Dicloniuses control their “vectors” with a giant pineal gland located in their frontal lobes.

I’d expect backswept region


Well they aren’t the spider melons.

Anomalous but not ringing false
On first principles
Dioclonius….contra monoclonal?

Context for the others: I’ve hypothesized that Elfen Lied is a show for spider melons somehow, on the grounds that Lucy is a horrifying, seductive harbinger of the end of humanity.

Esp for something called a vector

And an octopus lady, that’s important.

I’ve mentioned previously the significance of backswept and bulb sharing vault height
The temporal admixture would lead to something like sentiment kinematics. I.e. myth

(I’d warn anybody who wants to watch it that there’s genuinely horrifying violence in between the bittersweet slice-of-life stuff. I’m a 33yo man and it still gets to me a little.)

Well, dial owls up to 11
It fits

What’s “monoclonal”?

Antibodies thereof are used for covid treatment, supposedly

What’s the connection to the uberwench?


I just came up with that, btw, and it feels great.

Good lord
Spontaneity is the wellspring

I hate spontaneity.

No apparent connection, unless…
It doesn’t reciprocate, clearly

Hmm, well I hear the muses are feminine.
Anyway, I’m still curious what you meant with the monoclonal bit.
Oh, because of the prefix.


There’s probably a lore reason for that in the show, but I’m biologically illiterate.
A lot of the lore is weird biology stuff that feels very Kojima.

A rare taste

Go nuts.
Huh, I wasn’t aware the pineal gland synthesizes melatonin.

The anime and manga diverge plotwise apparently, the former having concluded first. Might be relevant for thematic analysis.
“Much of the plot of Elfen Lied revolves around the Diclonii species, which strongly resemble humans; the only obvious difference is the two horn-like protrusions extending from the temporal bone and parietal bone regions of the skull.”

Can’t a spider melon have his idealized horned demon psychopath killer harbinger-of-human-extinction octopus-girl waifu?

He can’t do aught but

Just look how cute she is.

If a disillusioned, Machiavellian, sadistic mastermind can’t sacrifice all of humanity to his idealized horned demon psychopath killer harbinger-of-human-extinction octopus-girl waifu to satisfy his repressed primal need to be seduced then maybe humanity deserves to be sacrificed.
And if that results in a new humanity with temporal-parietal skull protrusions, well maybe that was supposed to happen, ever think of that, shitlord?

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3 Responses to Elfen Lied as spider melon faverit cartoon?

  1. If the main character is a man, the “psycho” girl could represent his estranged anima, both idealized and feared.

  2. what says:

    >I’ve hypothesized that Elfen Lied is a show for spider melons somehow, on the grounds that Lucy is a horrifying, seductive harbinger of the end of humanity.
    Saya no Uta is another example of a seductive being intentionally sent to destroy humanity through turning them into more of her own species. Although the central plot isn’t necessarily about evolution as an absolute positive but about finding her and only her attractive, everyone else is a grotesque abomination deserving of being killed since they’re all abhorrently disgusting, but only because the MC is brain damaged. His sense of beauty is inverted. It’s juvenile and I feel that teenage angst theme in the visual novel is best expressed with this:

    Elfen Lied feels more like a comedy to me, from how Kouta is the stereotypical dense protagonist who has girls come to him in need of help, and him providing it while his cousin looks on in jealousy, to how Bando brutally and comedically slapped the bitch who had the audacity to walk behind him. Predicting who’s going to get killed is also pretty fun since the story is very predictable, coffee girl in the first episode being a great example of an innocent character being introduced simply to kill her off. The animation is also QUALITY which adds to the humor. I believe most of it was intentionally over the top, like someone vomiting out raw emotional tragedies while simultaneously showing how it’s nonsensical. An important note is that Lucy didn’t kill the puppy.

    No seriously, in episode 6 we see a schoolgirl complain about her boss staring at her ass, and almost immediately afterwords we get a panty shot with her ass clearly detailed. It’s a comedy.

    The connection between the two stories being that the world is impure and that the ‘seducer’ is by herself more pure, although in both that pureness is contrasted by a much darker element to her character. Saya is more ignorant, she’s learning about humanity, Lucy already knows humanity and sets herself as the accuser against them all. Both have the ability to transform humans into more of their own kind. There are other similarities but I’m not going to paint them all.

    I have an extremely strong sense of disgust so both stories resonate with me. It’s been a very long time since I watched Elfen Lied.

    • what says:

      If someone could teach me how to embed videos here, as there’s no immediate indication wordpress does it automatically, then I’d be able to feel less shame posting videos here. I can’t find out how on any search engine.

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