Collected advice on seeking employers that won’t require a vax to get hired

Most people out there are concerned with not getting fired, but the odds so far have been in favor of the anti-vaxxers. For job seekers I suspect the situation is 180 degrees the opposite: there are no class action lawsuits for people who vaguely suspect that HR passed over their application because they checked “prefer not to say” on the vaccination status box. There’s only a little advice below, so I’m mostly posting this to broach the question because it seems everyone’s in survival mode and not even imagining that economic mobility will ever be a thing again.

Re: me, I suppose I’d take a haircut from 60k/yr to 40k/yr to avoid the vax, but not from 40k to 20k. To be frank, I don’t like programming all that much and wouldn’t do it for 20k in the first place (or 40k with vax), so I’d probably just go do something else.

I asked around with this question prompt:

Polling for advice: how to find non-vax company for coding internship or entry-level coding job?

Here’s the advice I received, reposted without asking for permission this time because that would be a pain in the ass and I don’t think any of the authors will mind. That said, try to not be yourself in the comments today, thx.

[Note: About half of respondents said “no idea” and left it at that. One said to look for prominently displayed American flags, but I can’t remember where that was so I can’t grab the quote. The rest of the post is direct quotes.]

Owen Briggs (Gnome Leader)
11 Oct 2021
Places where you can find a job if you’re unvaxxed (USA):

(Note also paralleleconomy in Gab’s sidebar, as mentioned below.)

No clue, but the following discussion and article are pretty useful:
How I got wealthy without working too hard

paralleleconomy is always on Gab’s sidebar, maybe you can try there.

Can’t you just use that printable vax certificate?
Or are they connecting them with your SSN or something?
They are here, but I just didn’t have to see the needle.
That’s the first two behind me, no idea what I’ll do for the next n.
Rare perks of a 3rd world shithole, I guess.
I know a guy who got a ~60k job at Turing right after graduation with a fairly BS’d github and these certs:
“The Complete Node.js Developer Course” (udemy)
“The Complete React Developer Course (w/ Hooks and Redux)” (udemy)
“Amazon Web Services Cloud Practitioner”
Although it’s not a stable job and yeah the guy is TM.

Speak with recruiters and projects you find interesting. Say you prefer remote work and that due to personal health issues that you’d rather not discuss, your health adviser/doctor has told you that the vaccine isn’t good for you.
Say you’d also prefer to work remote.
I think that mutual interest in building cool stuff over-rides vaxx chat
Blockchainy type things tend to be more libertarian.
👆 this is cool and they’re doing hackathons and generally always looking for smart people

[censored] would also be a good person to ask.
I can introduce you to him whenever you like. He’s always plied his trade just working remote doing what he loves.

not vax-related, but i think big brother’s strategy was to do a handful of freelance projects and skip the “entry level” positions

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2 Responses to Collected advice on seeking employers that won’t require a vax to get hired

  1. California Nights says:

    The way I see it, our job is to make it difficult for the gov’t, not impossible (ridiculous notion anyway, they have a monopoly on force until some hypothetical Ceaucescu-style moment comes along when the normies all realize the emperor has no clothes all at once, which we are a long way away from).

    If, eventually, you are forced to take the vaccine in order to secure 60k+/yr. employment, then I would say do it. There are better ‘anarcho-tyrannic’ hills to die on, surely.

    If you believe that OAS or something similar vaccine-related is going to kill you in the short to medium term, then by all means – refuse away. However, that’s not the decision I made, adjusted for risk.

    $$$ now to buy rural/exurban property outright or with a large down payment before Weimar inflation >>>>>>> “i won’t take it, cuz reasons” (if that is what it comes down to)

    Take a look at rural property in Michigan (or any upper Midwest state), for example. A NICE, updated 3br/2ba house in a small town can be had for 125k total. Even if you don’t buy outright, your total monthly bills minus automotive will be under $800. You could literally work 40 hour weeks at a dead-end job in a small-town convenience store, do pro-societal things in your spare time, have enough time for self improvement, and have money left over for whatever you want. All while you live in your nice house and have the stability you always craved.

    The question is, even after the basics of a “good life” are achieved, will those of us who have already been atomized truly ever be able to fit in, even in the ‘ideal’ community?

    My own answer terrifies me, and I think that doesn’t bode well for most of us.

    Sorry if this meandered too far off topic, it’s going to take a while to git gud at effortpoasting again.

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