The salesman code of conduct, kinda

All good advice except clasping your hands in greeting, that’s autistic. Just incline your head slightly, people pick up on very subtle movements of that sort.

Adam Townsend
Dec 29
Always be nice to everyone, even under a mask let them see you’re smiling.
Always find something complementary to say, always show an interest in them and always thank them for spending the time with you cos its their gift. Never be physically or in status “one upping”.

Always have the self control to know there is a difference between social language which has looser language and doesn’t include in its vocabulary terms emotional outburst like “I hate this” etc.
Biz talk is observant of hierarchy and that you’re always on a job interview

…uses neutral type language that can express frustration, or upset but strips emotional language.
When out for a meal always be thoughtful to the staff, waiters, etc. This means taking the extra moments to talk as if they are your coworker or friend, same when shopping, retail

I pet a lot of dogs and I always inquire “where do you get him/her” “have you ever had this breed before” and after petting thank them for allowing you to spend time with their dog.

Make work or social adversaries ‘lite’ friends, dont return fire nastiness

Don’t assume they want to shake hands.
Thats an invasion of their bubble.
Bow down slightly, clasp hands as if in prayer.
Its disarming “we share faith in each other’s goodness”. They likely mirror you and you receive it as “this is appreciative of me”

Always be aware that their perception, and your own, is not scientific, it cant be proved, so reduce the opportunities for misunderstandings

If you follow these simple rules you may also find that a person may dislike you but they cannot enlist others to conspire against you, theyll be stuck alone on an island.

BTW, Tom Cruise is America’s Greatest Actor and our Finest Diplomat and Bill Nye is not a real science guy

Keep in mind this is all displaying general factor of personality, which is what you want to do in general but not in particular situations where you want to display dominance. It’s easier to think of these situations as “power moves” because that reminds you that they should be temporary and purposeful. Some people have to appear dominant most or all of the time (e.g. a CEO or dictator), but for most people dominance is more spice than substance. Even if you’re low in GFP (like present company) it’s a good idea to default to high-GFP social presentation unless you’re a man flirting with a woman, laying down the law, or doing a comedy set (etc).

Let’s put it this way: unless you’re already upper middle class and looking to move into the upper class proper, presenting as high GFP is more better because GFP increases with wealth and class until you’re “old money”. It’s like choking your wife versus discussing Jane Austen or 18th century court romance novels with her. In most situations, the former is inappropriate, but occasionally it’s appropriate for achieving a particular purpose. Whereas the more of the latter you do, the more she’ll like you as a friend. (Androgyny is attractive, or as the Boneman says, “You have to be a little bit gay.” Less attractive in women these days because they’re all cunts on average now, but a girl with a passing interest in a male hobby can score a man two points above her station.)

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