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Fun story from the corporate world

We had a great year for sales in 2017, through no fault of our own. Credit was basically free and every big customer was spending big money on inadvisable capital investments. Naturally, the sales forecast for 2018 more than doubled … Continue reading

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Rule for technology conspiracy theories I’m trying out

All conspiracy theories relying on crazy new technologies are false unless they feature in near-future military science fiction. Generally, they should be read and understood as high fantasy metaphors for cultural phenomena. E.g. HAARP, black goo, 5G. Black goo is … Continue reading

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Owl convo slash part 2 of “Ten common fantasies about being a new mother re: feminism and postpartumĀ depression”

I was wondering how I would edit all the tangents out of this, then I remembered that this is mah blergh. Book quotes are in bold, Owl quotes are indented and italic. Reference for the book quotes is “Shoshanna Bennett, … Continue reading

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Review of “An Aspie’s Guide to Intimacy, Dating, Sex and Marriage”

This book is destroying my good opinion of Tony Attwood. The best-case scenario is that he put his name on it without reading it, which is still bad. It’s billed as a collection of short essays from aspies who’ve achieved … Continue reading

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One-man hydro power setup example

I mentioned before that hydro power from backyard creeks will be the future of yeoman power generation, but I wasn’t sure exactly how and I don’t have any land to experiment on. Luckily, Jews don’t care to understand how technology … Continue reading

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