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Regardless of the number of points, the N-pointed star is essentially a star. “Star” is the noun part of the symbol and the number of points is the modifier. So a six-pointed star can be read as “5-thing of 6-thing” or “Star (symbol 5) of Wave (symbol 6),” and would be interchangeable with a symbol where a five-pointed star is encapsulated within some sort of wavy motif, or if the star itself has ripples across its surface (these are both ways of applying the 6th symbol as an adjective to the noun “star”). Similarly, a seven-pointed star can be read as “Star of Jagged-thing.”

Ken quotes in italics, following the little break thingie here…

Tempting to apply this to biochem

1280px-Estradiol.svg.png (1280×810)

“Since Ken posted this meme while I was writing this up and thinking about it, I may as well decode the AT Field. It’s a sharp-line division (symbol 1) made out of trauma (symbol 7), so it’s “violent division,” i.e. traumatizing, ego-protecting distinction (between the Other and me).”

Symbolically how would you invert the AT field? Then we can comb NGE for the symbol around the climax, for elegant starchild motif permeating throughput.

I don’t think you can invert these symbols.
What’s the inverse of a sharp-line distinction?
Or the inverse of “holism”?
The best you can do for opposites is the other end of the spectrums.
Or if it’s a composition, reverse the order of the composition. So a triangle within a circle instead of a circle within a triangle. Pretty boring stuff, not much use for Satanism.
aeoli.pera — Yesterday at 9:52 AM
Those hex grids that you see everywhere in aesthetics are a very reliable symbol for modern technology.

Idris Elba Table Flip GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

What do I pay you for

If you want Satanism, try applying the twisty symbol (e) to the other ones.
E.g. twisty triangle is the pedo symbol.

Do you consider starkids prone to Satanism?

In a dilletantish kind of way, but not a serious kind of way.

Yeah I didn’t think so.

It takes a melony brand of autism to be serious about Satanism.
I suppose there’s a thallish brand too, but I’d be hard-pressed to think of an example.
The armchair Satanist.

Actually untertaking rituals is tryhard. It’s sufficient to taxonomize every layer of hell and then quibble about interior design choices.
Nobilids are half thal.

Pro tip: Quibbling is aristocratic.
It’s the most aristocratic sounding word in the most aristocratic language.

Babelian linguistic reunification notetaking intensifies

Pro tip: Linguistic classiness is exactly proportional to the size of the empire the language came from.

Well duh

Pro tip: Classiness of a language peaks while the next language is dominant. E.g. The previous lingua franca was French, therefore French is classier than it ever was or will be again.

Does this scale up and down with subcultures?

Pro tip: Chomsky is popular because he was a Babelian linguistic unifier.

I haven’t looked closely at him but he does not strike me as authentic

Good question. This would be the time to examine it because the height of subcultures has come and gone.

Also I’d enjoy seeing how you render this Pro Tip automated prefix irl
I.e. whether it gets said in your voice or someone else’s

Verbally with jazzhands accompaniment.

Lol gotcha

Implied brackets for documentary narrator vocal affectation.
Gamer culture can be considered a dominant subculture, followed by the image board subculture.
Did gamer lingo become classier in the age of image board political dominance?
Though it’s a smaller empire, I’d describe the current age as dominated by absurdist post-rat crypo-Twitter dogwhistlers.
Approximate timeline:

  • 2008 SCIENCE/Reddit/etc.
  • 2012 Gamer culture
  • 2016 Image board/anime culture
  • 2020 Absurdist post-rat crypo-Twitter dogwhistlers
    Theory: Lingo from two subcultural eras ago is cringe, then comes back into favor after three eras.
    This is primarily because the lessons have been forgotten and must be repeated by wiser heads to the younger heads.
    E.g. Young people still have to be told that correlation does not imply causation.

I think postrat stuff is predominantly fashionable amidst tech peeps, just like rationalism
To what degree that’s seeping into the mainstream may be enhanced by crypto but it’s not full blown yet

It’s all about who’s making the best funnies.

I.e. channeling the collective subconscious best

Because of the theory above, I’m going to go out on a limb and say classiness peaks three eras back for subcultures, on account of the stored wisdom observation.

So classiness might be a qualitative signal for “ripeness”

It’s a good signal for timeless value.

Emergent and yet conserved
Right, merely selecting a lens through which to glean it

And classiness may be boiled down to effort spent curating generational wealth versus fleeting wealth.

A little more specifically, optimizing communication/signalling amidst those with the former.

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