Melonhead autism definition

Someone asked me to define melonhead autism. What I came up with was “Melon autism is Lucifer’s attitude toward authority in Paradise Lost.” Best exemplified by Lawrence of Arabia, especially the scene where he’s dopamine spiraling and decides to assert he’s invisible and struts into an enemy outpost (and subsequently gets flogged and has an existential crisis about being mortal). It’s when reality management becomes reality definition, when reification (meming reality) is taken to the point of pure hubris. Rules are disregarded as irrelevant rather than circumvented by intuition.

This scene is an excellent introduction to Lawrence’s character and melonheads in general (Lawrence is on the right talking like a fancy-pants). It’s hard to see because of the video quality, but what he’s doing is putting out a match by squeezing the lit end between his forefinger and thumb.

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