In which I get SWOTed (Owl convo)

We should get back to your advice, because I think there’s actually a good thing in there that’s way bigger than my criticism.
The main bit of advice is “signal outside the box”.
“Don’t submit your resume to companies where your virtues are illegal.”
Where do masculine-brained people go in our society? Other than fentanyl, I mean.

brainstorm: consulting (as job role within their field), crypto-speculation,

I suppose there are two salient features of my brain: overmasculinization and lateral thinking. I have to hit both of those.

and that’s a tricky balance to hit because overmasculinization can lead to tunnel vision

Right, they don’t often go together.
As much as I would like to be an accountant I wouldn’t get along with the other accountants.

i wonder how hard it is to get a private pilot’s license and fly rich people around

You basically have to be former military for that job.
Because they want the best pilots, and the good ones who remain are former military pilots.

sales is of course, applicable to everything, but what to sell? guns and bunkers? boats? big fancy houses?

I would have to sell to extremely masculine customers, so that determines what product.

steroids lol

That might create the demand, but I haven’t noticed steroids producing the masculine mindset.

still, you’d have to tell me how much lateral thinking you use in sales
I have to figure that’s more true for selling to high-level VIP business types than for ordinary B2B or whatever
or, I guess that’s the same thing?
I’m past the boundaries of my knowlege and experience here

How much do you care for me to get into those questions?

if it helps to brainstorm good fields for overmaculinization, lateral thinking, and future growth

I was a terrible salesman, but I cobbled together a pretty good understanding of it.

well it’s never a great idea to lean into one’s weaknesses
the yin/yang approach is to see how your weaknesses are strengths in the right context

Well, it’s never a bad idea to review what your strengths and weaknesses actually are.
I’ll do a top 3 approach to keep it realz on the ztreetz.
It would help me a lot if you gave your opinion, even if it’s based on limited information. It tells me what people think of my internet affect.
My #1 weakness is being a loser at age 34. That hurts me in every selection process that involves preselection.
I could explain it as being a late bloomer, etc., but none of those explanations change it.

based on internet affect i’d say strengths are structured thinking (i.e. forming plans and carrying them out, such as for triathalons and such), as well as forecasting and good judgement
the tricky thing is the latter qualities get more important with posiitons of senior responsibility, but aren’t weighted at all in early career sorts of things

Agreed. Another thing I’m very good at is communicating.
Written and spoken both. Maybe a bit less in areas that require communicating while also massaging the truth, which matters more as you go up the hierarchy.
It’s easy to tell a CEO that his company needs to improve something. It’s harder to express how important it is without hurting feelings.

Yeah, eveyrthing at a certain point requires politics/social skills

Call that weakness #2.

I observed just now that there may be a shadow function at play.
I’ve mentioned before that nothing bothers me more than heedlessness and shifting responsibility, but my greatest weaknesses can both be described as those in a fashion.

yes. what we despise most in others is also what we despise most in ourselves

I’m a late bloomer specifically because I’ve been socially heedless.
Weakness #3 is anti-materialism.
So to sum up…


  1. Good at big-picture value judgments
  2. Good at analytical planning
  3. Good at objective communication


  1. Bad at credibility
  2. Bad at appealing to subjective interests
  3. Bad at material success

Where does a person like that belong, other than a street corner?

to me the natural role looks like some sort of advisor type role to a business/political executive type
a vizier-type person

That’s effectively how I see myself.

the tricky bit is getting you there

Hell, I was probably born to be a butler.

“Don’t trust the catwoman, Master Wayne”

“More to the point, Master Wayne, when and not if you have your rendevous, do it at her place.”
(Because she’ll case the joint.)
(And because we want to be clear this is a mistress, not the co-heir to your fortune.)
See, I’d be a great butler.

The only thing I can think of is software critic.
Could turn that into a substack fairly easily.

that’s an idea

The trouble there is I lack the needed expertise and won’t have it for a while.
But long term, that’s probably the way to go.
Short-term, maybe superforecasting in the business of software.
“Chances of a Facebook outage in 2022.”
I already have as much ability to do that as anybody.
With a few exceptions, we’re talking about extreme outliers to begin with.

not sure how much superforecasting is a pliable short-term plan, but if you can establish a reputation as being good at it there have to benefits in the medium- to long-term

The big thing in its favor is it’s a consumer product, so many potential customers.
I mean, 100 subscribers pays the rent.
And if I focused on analyzing business models to begin with instead of the software itself, I could tie it into the stonk craze in the short term.

no idea how feasible the online entrepreneur game is but it could be something

Online entrepreneurs are a dying breed in the age of straight-up grifters.
Who would pay for a PUA seminar in 2022?

gotta start to ride the next wave

Which is…?

“How to meet HB10 e-girls in the metaverse”

We’re superforecasters now, people take our predictions seriously.

Fortunately, everyone is a hot, barely legal teen on the internet


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5 Responses to In which I get SWOTed (Owl convo)

  1. Really not trying to be a jerk says:

    Wait, I thought you were a Christian? I imagine there is someone who knows what he crafted you to be. Not to be a jerk; but just do whatever comes up. I’ve made the mistake of switching industries a lot. Don’t do that, if you are doing work in the industry people count it as relevant experience. Outside the industry is mentally discounted like 50%.

    Try out chemical plant operations and maintenance. They hire you even if you have a wife beating felony. You need to keep your autistic head in the swivel or you’ll lose it to a high-pressure steam leak.

    Getting married adressed my lack of material drive weakness. My wife has imagined spending money faster than I’ve imagined creating it. Never say out loud, “I don’t even know what I’d do if I won a million dollars” to your wife. She’ll rattle off a detailed spending plan within a breath.

  2. Really not trying to be a jerk says:

    Fundementally, the normies are right; it isn’t what you know, it is who you know.

    John Henry demonstrated that man could not out work a machine. Nobody in their right mind imagines that they can out dig a backhoe. Backhoes don’t know where to dig.

    Garry Kasparov demonstrated that man could not out think a machine. Nobody in their right mind imagines that they can out calculate a spreadsheet. Spreadsheets don’t know what they should calculate.

    People are profoundly incapable of logic; but, moral reasoning is ingrained (it still needs to be nurtured to work correctly). Try giving every kid in a pre-school class but one a cookie.All of them know you did the wrong thing. Some will be so upset by it they will give the shorted kid their cookie. Hence 4G warfare.

    HR can’t measure moral capacity; so they throw everyting into the certifications and job description knowledge filter. But really, it is all about the interview and whether you are “their type” and whether they feel you are a criminal psycopath. Sales pays off biggly here. Sell yourself as “the guy who can follow their instructions and get stuff done”. Say that exact thing in the interview.

    Every job I’ve gotten has been from a relationship with the person that gave me the job. I may not have known the person; but they had a relationship with whatever organization I’d been with in my past. I work construction projects that last about two years; so there are a lot of organizations. The releationship helps them judge whether you have the capacity to reason morally for their organization.

    I’d advocate parlaying whatever industry experience you’ve had in the past. Ask yourself which industry you can LARP in without selling your soul. You have a fresh college degree, it helps restart the age thing. I got my batchelors at 33 yo so I wasn’t sure how things would turn out either.

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