So I’d been stressing out about how much I want my own infrared sauna and how expensive they are. Well, today I was at the gym reviewing some lectures in the dry sauna to get ready for a quiz. Another brilliant idea of mine, by the way. I love saunas and use them several times per week. The wet sauna is particularly good for unpicking tough programming problems because it gets hot in there. Think of the ideas you get during a hot shower, then multiply by ten.

After a couple of hours today I realize the dry sauna is just an electric radiator in a small, insulated space. You can stick a plug-in heater in a tent and have your own dry sauna. If you live in an apartment and don’t have land or much space, you can put it in the shower or a walk-in closet and hang a comforter from the ceiling for insulation. I figure when I have a house I’ll just do the tent idea in the basement.

If you want to get picky you gotta learn how to use thermal sensors. I think you just have to put it inline with the heater’s power cable so it kills the power at temperature T (then allows power to pass again when it drops to T2). I prefer paranoia for that anyway. You never know when your safety circuit is gonna go on the fritz. It’s like when cyclists try to get me to wear a bunch of reflective shit–you’re making a lot of assumptions about the people driving those cars if you think that’s going to help.

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9 Responses to Sauna

  1. Zeb Zebley says:

    paranoia sounds expensive, but less expensive than all those blacknbrowns dying in an apartment fire every other week.

    have you already ruled out using or cannibalizing a personal tent sauna? sub $200 on Amazon. maybe you could bang a wooden liner together and put it in the garage.

  2. P says:

    Just spent a few hundred bucks on an infrared sit-in sauna. Serenity brand has low EMF apparently. Or buy one used off Kijiji/Craigslist like I did.

  3. AEA mm says:

    Forget the Sauna, if I need to relax I just use my belt like my hero David Carradine

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