Management, midwits, and envy (Owl convo again)

Unrelated note: I found some good comments in spam. Two from based lurker Cleve alone (here and here). Sorry about that, I’ll start checking it more often.

Disclaimer: Not all midwits are like that. But it pays for people who don’t struggle with envy to remember the Tennyson line (quoted below).

Hell, 80% of my day job is doing stuff I know won’t work because my boss is delusional and I have to pick my battles.
And I’m a fairly stubborn guy.

hahaha a couple of jobs ago i was in the exact same position
i understand exactly

It takes everything I’ve got to carve out that 20% just so I don’t have to quit in disgust. The funny thing is, he’s among the best bosses I’ve ever had.
Possibly THE best, now I think about it.

that’s a tough spot
it’s a lot easier when their such a cunt they have no redeeming qualities
makes it so much easier to cut and run

Nah, that wears me down.
The fact is, I put about 100 hours into building something I’m proud of last year. How many people can say that?
And the boss was smart enough to let me bully him into that a little bit.
If he wants to run around chasing squirrels the rest of the time and pays my rent, what do I care?
If he wants to pay me to chase squirrels for 8 hours a week, so what? I get my 2 hours.

ah, is this mid-30s disillusionment?

More about having realistic expectations for work. No one is going to pay you to do anything useful in the modern world, but if you’re into productivity sometimes you can negotiate for it.

That’s a fair point, and it matches what I’ve seen at a fewplaces

A good mantra for work is “You’re not here to self-actualize.”

100% agree

I’m trying to think of a good one for understanding management.

one corollary of the peter principle is that there are no good managers, only those who are not yet bad
but the optimistic upside is that you can still catch people before they move into positions of incompetence

“Remember, people don’t get into business to make money or deliver goods and services…they do it because they’re on cocaine and they need a reason to feel like a character from Mad Men.”
“When modern people make a profit, it’s by accident of inheriting something that already worked.”
Or perhaps my favorite recent proof: the 80/20 rule means 80% of people have a reproductive interest in returning to mud huts.


There was a Tennyson line for this…
“Envy wears the mask of love, and, laughing sober fact to scorn, Cries to weakest as to strongest, ‘Ye are equals, equal born.’ “

e’s good
that one’s good

I think high-ability people need to be reminded that envy is a huge part of the average person’s motivations, because high-ability people tend not to feel that emotion.
We more often struggle with pride, sloth, etc.
The midwit, by contrast, feels a pressing need to “put [the talented] in their place” that we don’t understand.
Much of their supposed incompetence is malicious.
Agreeableness notwithstanding.
They’re low-key offended by the existence of people who are more competent, and they’ll elevate the less competent on purpose to degrade us.

hence the need to hide one’s power level while seeking better compatriots
though this doesn’t solve the problem of the midwit in society

The Gamma male of history.
It’s just a management problem. Vox’s best material was on how to segregate people in the workplace based on SSMV.
To make it somewhat personal, I’m thinking of how people in my family would pointedly praise the intelligence of my two nieces and then talk about my nephew’s personality.
The girls (identical) have IQs of about 120. The boy has an IQ of around 135-140 and he’s already so far ahead of them it’s insane.
They’re constantly “forgetting” the IQ scores. “Was it her that had the 135?”
No, it’s the one who’s putting the puzzle together so fast that he’s throwing the pieces like horseshoes.
It seriously bothers them that he’s so precocious and the girls are so normal.
Watching it play out, I can forgive myself for thinking I had average intelligence until I was 25.
They would tell you that they do this so the smarter people don’t get “arrogant”, but they project that arrogance onto us through their envy. They imagine every single person who’s smarter is harboring a massive Gamma-like superiority complex.
Then they convince themselves that they have to signal the opposite to balance out the stereotype threat. Maybe if the girls are told they’re the smart ones over and over it’ll come out about equal!
I mean, if you tell the boy he’s smarter it’ll feed that superiority complex!
Naturally, all of this ends up having the opposite effect it’s intended to. The girls will end up with impostor syndrome and the boy will end up a Mensa neckbeard.

thus continuing the cycle down the generations, ironically enough

It’s the root of modern dysgenics, because this is why we send girls to college.
This envy is the great political tide of the last two centuries, so there’s no use arguing with it.

yeah, it likely has to play itself out
all tides go out sooner or later

This one has another 300 years in it, I feel.

hopefully not that long, but I guess we’ll never know

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14 Responses to Management, midwits, and envy (Owl convo again)

  1. LOADED says:

    Is Owl an NCP in these conversations I dont know.

    also i think recognizing peoples’ innate talents allows for them to reach full competency. a group of people who struggle with this and are much more clearly envious are autistic people.

    autists are very likely to struggle with not being able to be competent and that is due directly to their envy of higher quality people.

    it might sound contradictory to your post but its not. just remember that people with less accessibility to the truth behind a matter (usually autists and midwit NTs have this in common where they struggle with identifying what is truth/the correct thing and what is not in social dynamics) will not be able to fully identify who is doing what and what is really going on.

    i am definitely a midwit but am much more socially competent and directed than others because i realize when something is the truth and what is not as quickly as possible.

    for example autists cannot really do this so they tend to feel greater satisfaction just playing in their minds their own correct scenario until it becomes a reality! NTs do this too but they dont hyperfocus on it.

    im open to any critique you may have on the matter but i think im correct with my intuitions here let me know if you disagree and we can have a discussion on the matter.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      >Is Owl an NCP in these conversations I dont know.

      I was tempted to lie and say he was a spirit animal who lives in my mirror, but that’s just the parietal having fun. Owl is an OG neanderhaller.

      • LOADED says:

        i hope my parietal is always having fun! but Owl seems like a genuine guy real courteous to you i have no problems with accepting him as an OG.

        he needs to participate more in making his opinions known to you from a more confident place.

  2. LOADED says:

    i think autist learn from errors far less easily than NTs that is what makes them deficient. that is my take on the matter and that is why ive never really liked people with autism.

  3. Sturm Bringer says:

    I think the envy and let us be honest, the absolute hatred that often go hand in hand; spring from the same source, a feeling of dependency and of having owed that group of folks a good oreven great deal. I come by this conclusion via the hatred Poles have for the Dutch, and their frankly insane, contempt, slander and violence they have continually heaped upon Dutchmen. Another case is that of Jewry for the Aryan, he(the jew) pronounces himself chosen, special, the best ad on infinitum. However the jew owes his very existence upon the Aryan unable to hold a candle to the Spirit of creation that is the Aryan, the jew lies, steals, gaslights, rapes, murders, hates, screechs and falls into such ghastly tantrums it defies imagination.

    It was striking when I read something of Herr Hitlers abot how under Mordekikes(marxists) influence society had been founded on class hatred. I realized that todays society rested on race hatred, hatred of the Aryan.

    So really it is no surprise of this great levelling, this batshit Equality Cult; seeks to cut down the tall and shore up the short, for ultimately it is far easier to cut down, destroy, or knock down high quality than it is to raise low quality(except through artifice like television or makeup).

  4. MM says:

    If I’m still alive (lol) hit it me up when your Nephew is in his mid teen years and I will send him a care package that will… put him on the right path :)

    Shit, you should get a DVD burner and start slipping him copies of great movies and anime once he is old enough.

  5. Zeb Zebley says:

    “No one is going to pay you to do anything useful in the modern world, but if you’re into productivity sometimes you can negotiate for it.”

    what sorts of useful things do you mean, Aeoli?

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Things that would be missed by anybody or continue existing for, say, six months.

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        For an example of the former, when the bathroom at McDonald’s is messy, you miss the time they used to spend the money on white teenage employees. For an example of the latter, I created maybe 100 forms last year that no one will ever fill out. Meaningless, but at least they’re still there as a testament to my existence. Though if I died they would be lost forever, since the links have never been sent out and my boss hasn’t figured out how to write down passwords.

    • Tex says:

      Do you know how people talk nonstop about their Production automation and testing at the company? I’ve worked at hundreds of companies and the truth is the only working automated production and testing of software I have ever seen that was working were systems I set up. Not long after I set them up, somebody else would come in and break them and claim it was accidental but the reality is it made them look bad if it stayed up and running. People asked natural questions … so why is this actually working now? So something they could have simply left alone to work for decades they deliberately crashed only weeks after it was put in place and never fixed after that.
      There’s what people think they are doing in the workplace. Then there is what they are really doing. The gulf is so colossal is like the Grand Canyon. What they think or claim to be doing you will see there is no evidence in the real world for. Outside of the group, it is all in their minds … where they are these kickass cutting edge developers walking around with eyebrows arched like Tom Cruise.

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        >I’ve worked at hundreds of companies and the truth is the only working automated production and testing of software I have ever seen that was working were systems I set up.

        Homo sapiens can’t organize a technological society because they’ve never had to.

  6. There’s only one reason to send women to college and that’s discovering the rare one with the capacity. It really is an injustice that a woman who merits entry into a man’s profession is most likely to be cheated out of it by destruction of meritocracies and lowering of standards. Mediocre men have proven themselves quite capable of recognizing extraordinary potential in nearly anybody of any gender or race but women are almost universally interested in categorizing and distributing wealth through some form of communism to people whose only merit is membership in some demographic.
    When I was in the military, it was incredibly nearly 100% of my black leadership in the form of Sergeants and Staff Sergeants who felt I simply was not being given the appropriate level of feedback for my performance. They were followed by this vast desert of white guys who made complete jackasses out of themselves before you got to the top with full bird colonels and a 2 star brigadier who clearly saw that I was neither recognized nor encouraged despite outperforming all the other soldiers. So about 80% of what civilians call middle level managers weren’t getting it even after I won the Ironman, achieved a perfect score in the field artillery trials and was almost a de facto officer to many enlisted men despite being nothing but a mere 1st class Private. It took a couple black Sergeants pointing out that other men were being given Distinguished Service Medals for being in the Post Office and handing out mail but I seemed to always be flying around overhead performing one superhuman feat after another and yet I was a permanent fixture on the extra duty roster.

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