Please to fund great victory for democracy

All these years I have been living lie. I am not Michigan pony man, I am proud Ukrainian fighter for the freedom. Death to Putin and dog Russians! But we are needing your American help.

The insurgency it is strong, but eh, lately, it is not so good. The young people, they love the Ukraine democracy and they hate the Russia in heart, but in talk all they are wanting is to be get job in white supremacy. I tell them no, it is better to fight the Russia they hate Ukraine freedom and democracy! They say okay but where is the money for fighting the Ukraine freedom. I confess there is no money and they say okay we go to the white supremacy with the money and we buy pillows from Japan with the pictures.

Now I am hearing from radio the Americans they are funding insurgency and my heart it soars like great bald eagle! This will bring great victory for the young they have great promise of Ukraine freedom but they say the white supremacy they are eating the kzekleszbislnikschlivskya and all day we are eating only the grevzbzsnekisbaklavasa. We are not needing much money. You send ten million dollar to insurgency with cashtag and we are winning great victory in heart of the people they are love the democracy. Death to the Putin dog!

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5 Responses to Please to fund great victory for democracy

  1. LOADED says:

    Death to the Putin dog! Let the people hear the bells of liberty!

  2. Big says:

    Russian dogs? More like russian digs. Cuz I dig those russian bogs, the beautiful bags, the bangs of the guns, banes of the ukraines…

    And especially I appreciate those babes.

  3. Zeb Zebley says:

    born to grift, forced to effortpoast

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