It’s the smartphones, stupid

Steve Sailer and Charles Murray on the same podcast:

I’d consider them both intellectual heroes of mine, but the age-related decline is real. And it’s likely that podcasts aren’t a great medium of communication for people who didn’t grow up with Carl drops. “My power level is none of your friggin business.”

They waffled for about half an hour on a solved question (what happened to make college women insane in 2012?) and otherwise posted cringe about how great Judeochristian liberal values are. It’s like, bruh.

I’ll remind you we’ve been over the 2012 thing. The answer is smartphones. We have correlation, causality, a predictive model, and a quantifiable effect. If you need fancy new words for new ideas, try looking up phenotypic plasticity. If there’s any question, it’s what little effects are left over after the dominant cause has been controlled for. It’s like listening to people trying to figure out the school achievement gap without IQ. Maybe the poor students can’t afford books? If you actually want to understand Gen Z, all you have to do is read Jean Twenge’s books. I guess you could talk to them too, but no one’s ever taken my advice on that.

I know iSteve wants to make it an Obama thing because Boomers want everything to be about blacks, but it wasn’t. Obama was only notable in that he somehow managed to be the first black president of a black-obsessed empire and a complete non-entity at the same time.

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 - Dilbert by Scott Adams

The important thing is everybody knows you weren’t even trying, especially your children. Preach ironic nihilism, oh shit your kid’s an unironic nihilist, HOW COULD THE BOOMERS DO THIS? Casts a new light on the whole “day of the pillow” thing when it’s your own deranged kid coming at you with the kitchen knife. “Noooo you can’t just blame your parents for the Boomers chopping your dick off” “haha daddy go bleh”.

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  1. Forest Idylls says:

    Also note that in 2012 was when the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act took place that legalized military-grade psyops/propaganda domestically. Ever since, it’s questionable whether anything on the news or taught in schools and unis reflects reality in any way. Anyone educated since then has been exposed to professional gaslighting their entire lives, more or less. Women in particular have been hit hard by this “mindwar”, and yes, smartphones and social media were a major part of this as well. I remember humans before this kind of “consciousness hacking” and by comparison the younger generations seem to be in a perpetual trance of digital addiction (albeit the TV/newspaper generations left a lot to be desired too).

    Sadly I can’t agree that Obama was a complete nonentity though. He is still a major force alongside his major financiers like Soros and Zuckerberg. A particularly malign one, for his fingerprints are all over the South African-inspired social engineering (“woke”, black supremacism, etc) of recent years. His background is suspicious too — came from a Deep State family, much of his past is shrouded in secrecy, he spent years living in the Moslem world, sudden rise to prominence with major backers(Soros, Brzezinski), etc. He has “covert operative” written all over him.

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