Symbolic cipher for birds: little spirits

(Note: he’s referring to

Is the trope of birds representing wisdom as simple as flight -> elevation -> enlightenment?

Could be, but I suspect they represent little spirits. Could be anything from ideas to flights of whimsy to omens. To actual spirits. Call it things crossing over from the world of forms. Oh, hence winged angels, and in particular “one-winged angel” nephilim. Yeah, I like this.

Since we’re on the subject, a couple more I’ve written down in recent conversations:

Uptick in popular movies positing celestial bodies crashing to Earth (Don’t Look Up, Moonfall). Symbolism would be something like reprisal from more enlightened entities/groups (elevation = enlightenment)?

No, comets are just harbingers of fated doom.
See Majora’s Mask.

No significance to methods to allay the doom?
I.e. deflection, fragmentation

No, I don’t think so.
That strikes me as pure sci-fi with no Jungian element.

A feature of the early Ys games is the Darm Tower. In the story, it is an unfinished and deserted tower, built with the intention of touching the sky. The tower houses a small annex, titled “the Tower of Rado” (or simply “Rado’s Annex”[4]) three quarters of the way up. According to in-game lore, the normally immortal ancient Ys aged because humans overused the magic power of an ancient artifact, known as the Black Pearl. The result of this misuse was evil magical energy bringing forth millions of cruel demons. The people of Ys fled to the Palace of Solomon and used the Black Pearl to lift the palace into the sky, creating a safe haven. The demons, focused on controlling the Black Pearl for their own intentions, began building the Darm Tower, day and night, attempting to connect to the Palace of Solomon with their construction. As in-game-events transpired, however, the demons’ efforts were thwarted. Later games feature a variety of plots but frequently begin with a shipwreck, with a stranded Adol getting involved in the new area’s events.

Of esoteric thematic interest:

Amnesia is the secular story version of waking up in Faerie.
It represents entering a world of chaos where the rules are different and the assumptions in your worldview are untrustworthy.
To be honest, my real interest is because the protagonist is Link with red hair.
Regarding that, I noticed that in Jump Force almost 1/3 of the characters have red hair, another 1/3 have platinum blond hair, and the last 1/3 is everybody else.

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Maybe do this later?
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2 Responses to Symbolic cipher for birds: little spirits

  1. MM says:

    Birds are very complicated. Lots of types and uses.
    The eagle with the snake coiled around its neck (as a friend) in Thus Spoke Zarathustra is very different from the raven(death, trickster), the owl (wisdom, prophecy, moloch stand-in) or the dove (peace, purity). (Common uses)

    This makes me think of the Arkbird from Ace Combat 5, as it’s symbolic meaning changes over time (the Arkbird is an enormous white plane-like spaceship).

    At first it is a symbol of peace and promise for the future. Once the war between OSEA and Yuktobania begins, it is transformed into an orbital strike weapon (a broken promise, a re-assertion of the nature of man). After this, it is commandeered by elements of the Belkan conspiracy that instigated the war between OSEA and Yuktobania (as revenge for the fact they had together defeated Belka in the previous war) to be used to false-flag nuke the Yuktobanian capital, further instigating the engineered war between the two.
    Once the player character and his squadron (Sand Island/Razgriz) damage it enough in their fight, all pretenses are lost and the Arkbird is set on a course to kamikaze-nuke the nearest Osean city. It’s purpose now being utterly inverted from a thing of peace and promise to one of insane hatred (the Belkans seem to hate their enemies far more than they love their own; tale as old as time).

    The Razgriz itself is an even more interesting and multifaceted bird symbol, being a bi-phasic demon that dies and is re-born as an angel. This coincides with the player’s squadron that participates in the senseless war between Yuktobania and Osea, is shot down, and is reborn to fight the Belkan ‘grey men’ industrialists and their plot.
    And it is certain that I am missing alot about ‘Razgriz’.

    I played AC 4 and 5 as a kid so they had a big impact on me, especially in regards to the possibility of conspiracy, just how crazy people are, and how easy it is for people to lose the reasons why they are doing something. hmmm…Might do a review/analysis of 4 and 5 at some point.

  2. Aeoli Pera says:

    Ken adds by text:

    “As a potential tack-on for your aggregation post, League is releasing a leviathan mother champ to spearhead their Void event, which basically are zerg-like organic abominations from the beyond (unlike zerg) bent only on destruction. Upon champ release (summer) I’ll do closer analysis. Zerg equivalent is Sarah Kerrigan. Ignore SC2 for lore, it’s trash. Her humanity and betrayal might align with the embodiment of a species failing to adapt to a specific environmental shift, which then incurs extinction.”

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