Designing the new Mandarin tests part 2 of 3 (Owl convo)

If TikTok was good for something, it’s broadcasting the truth about medical professions.
Medicine might be easy.
1) Traditional qualifications
2) Vax skeptical
3) White or Asian
Not counting Indian as Asian.

4) Tries to treat causes, not symptoms

So how would you test #2? People will say all kinds of shit for a paycheck, so it’s gotta be something that shows revealed preference over time.

5) Pharmaceuticals as later resport, not first one
well it has to be an actions thing

It could also be a knowledge test on anti-vax stuff.
Shows familiarity with the counterculture talking points.

basically, do they push the full child scheudle on people, or do they make a point of highlighting the most necessary versus least necessary ones and give paretns a choice

I.e. Real interest.

fortunately, we have a one year plus acid test of which doctors actually thought about a particualr type of treatment and which ones jsut repeated corporae press releases!

What’s that?
And are these records available to the plebes?

no idea if those records could be accessed, but filter out people that made statemetns on social media baout how everyone needs to be a lab rat and you’ve already pared down the pool consdierably

I can’t imagine coding that program.
I do like the vax schedule one though.
That’s very easy to put on a test.
“Mark how necessary each vax is from A to D on your scantron.”
3 points for getting it dead-on, 2 points if you’re off by one, and 1 point if you’re off by two.
By extension of the SAT, I think I’ll call this the Fringe But Still Actually Qualified Test, or FBSAQT.


There are a lot of people with fringe vax opinions. Fewer who have passed organic chemistry.
I would still consider that desirable in a care provider.
Even if they haven’t read 50 Nazi books in the last year.

agreed. you still want someone that can pass a rigorous academic workload

In fact I’d prefer the traditionally qualified nurse over the non-nurse who’s read 50 Nazi books in the last year.
This may be controversial.
But I stand by it.

ideally, you want a rigorous intellectual challenge as well, combined with a willingness to think independently, but nobody’s perfect

While higher IQs are good, I don’t want to make the pool of nurses tiny.
I wouldn’t put spatial rotation problems on the FBSAQT.
Even if that would increase the average quality.

well it’s a lot less revelant for the job
and in most cases you don’t need a great nurse, just one that won’t make things aworse

As far as quality goes, I’d ballpark my preference as “Filipino or better”.
I’m taking that from the colloquial understanding of nurses as ranked from PICU and NICU down to “floor nurse” which is the ones who simply can’t be fired for some reason.
Wouldn’t swear to it but I think I got that ranking from
I know I got it from Borzoi’s nurse wife, and I think it was this episode.
Anyway, it looks like the easiest filter for nurses, specifically, is:
2) Custom-made vax skepticism knowledge test
Making the latter would be an interesting challenge all its own.
I think we could pull it off by interviewing a few such nurses, writing up a test, then sending it out to a pool of such nurses for criticism, rinse and repeat until done.
I suspect a similar method could be repeated for all of the technocratic guilds we’re trying to build.

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9 Responses to Designing the new Mandarin tests part 2 of 3 (Owl convo)

  1. ken says:

    Not that many people know this, but viruses do not exist.

    Dying cells were modeled, once they died, in the Rockefeller labs, over a hundred years ago, and hey presto, they invented a virus (never did control experiments of course, as the cells were dying of natural causes, being stuck in a petrie dish with no chance of living). They do the same to this day. Suckers fall for it.

    So, with a fake bogeyman virus sold to the sheeple, then they bought up all the medical colleges, very quietly, and changed the syllabus to pharma solutions, whereas before that it had all been natural medicines, which worked of course.

    The vaccines are just poison, often slow-acting, and that’s where all the cancers of the past centrury have come from, and many others diseases. More recently they are re-running the Spanish flu con, on a global scaled, very effectively too.

    Any right-wing commentator with a large audience that acknowledges that viruses exist is shilling for pharma (= sorcerers). Alternative pharma solutions (ivermeticin for example), rather than vaxxes, just more shilling. VD, the pro-russian shill, a great example of controlled oppo.

    Do not take any pharma, full stop, do not engage with sorcerers.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      You’re banned for low IQ. I’m sorry, there’s no future for you here.

    • ken says:

      I passed the MENSA entry test and was invited to join, but declined.
      Truth is truth, do your own research if you doubt my statements.

    • MC Cringeposter says:

      I share your mistrust of the pharmaceutical industry, so I’ll say this: your post contains maybe one or two tiny kernels of truth and a whole lot of something else. As far as I can tell, viruses exist; though, since they have no metabolism, I prefer to think of them as self-replicating toxins rather than as organisms. At least half of these out-there theories are justifications, rationalizations, or rallying cries used by those who are already convinced, on an intuitive, non-verbal level, that society’s institutions are untrustworthy and likely up to no good, so trying to refute such stories (as if they’re intended to be objective descriptions) is probably pointless. Don’t let the existence of viruses stop anyone from questioning Big Pharma or state-mandated medical interventions. Just look into the issue without getting *attached* to any highly specific, psychologically convenient, fringe narratives.

  2. what says:

    >I can’t imagine coding that program

    I don’t know how it works in Java but in JavaScript I can see finding a list of initial suspects, using an algorithm to determine most commonly used words, removing the most commonly used words in the english language either manually or just shifting the array n times and then using another algorithm to determine how closely another person’s word usage matches with the average of the initial suspects. The first part isn’t difficult but I’ve never attempted trying to match with similarity, easiest solution I see is either subtracting or adding depending on whether the word count is less than or greater than the word count of index n of array, perhaps summing up the collective difference, converting the value to a positive number if it’s negative, and then sorting the array in descending order, then returning the array. It’s easy to have the sorted array contain nested arrays with a name and collective difference being contained by one array. Would be better if I could think of a way to write the sum of the difference as a percentage >= 1 where 1 is a perfect match.

    I’m not sure if that’d be useful, if it’d even measure anything at all, but it would determine people who use the same words. I imagine other personality-determining algorithms match by sentence structure similarity but that’s way beyond me. I also don’t want to write the latter algorithm, I don’t know how long it’d take me. I also don’t know how to write a scraper.

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