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ADHD advice

Collected advice from a text request. I wouldn’t say there’s a way to cure it, but there are basic health things plus coping strategies that make it a lot better. Health things: The easiest and best thing he can do … Continue reading

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Re: Re: Re: the hiddenness of God

(Previously, on Dragon Ball Z…) To sum up SuperLutheran’s answer, we don’t see God because his proximity to him means the immediate destruction of imperfect things and, by extension, anything associated with those imperfections (the destruction of most of the … Continue reading

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A conversation with the owl in my mirror about politicians and technocrats

(The owl says we’re friends and he’s going to lead me to the Door.) I’ve decided Dominic Cummings would definitely be in my ideal cabinetprogress! Heh, not even in a particular spot. Deciding that comes later!Perhaps some kind of special … Continue reading

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!Science! except it’s computer science

iSteve posted a grand unifying theory of genetics from a couple of big names. Based on the PR statement, I immediately distrust it. Since individual genomic regions are only inherited from one parent, either the mother or the father, the … Continue reading

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Neanderthals as shapelords and cro magnons as wordcels

That’s the whole theory, actually. The original term was “shape rotators” but I like Steve Sailer’s suggestion of “shapelords” better. Anyway, the whole idea is the two subspecies had very unbalanced cognitive profiles but when you put the two together … Continue reading

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Career advice-slash-rant for young people interested in trades

AFAICT the purpose of bullshit jobs (and by extension bullshit education) is to paper over elite overproduction by wasting people’s time. A side effect of this is that anyone who does anything useful (e.g. nursing, trades, trucking) is expected to … Continue reading

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Godcast hiddenness excerpt transcript

Please let me know if I’ve made any errors or confounded the meaning of anything by my choices of where to put periods. This was created in a rush. Context here. SuperLutheran: From Exodus chapter 20 beginning in the 18th … Continue reading

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Godcast 198 re: Hiddenness of God

If you prefer reading to listening, just hang tight for now. I’m going to create a transcript of their reply. The text of my question is here. Here’s the audio with Myles reading the question and SuperLutheran responding: Here’s … Continue reading

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Another theory for the IQ sweet spot for genius (bee-in-bonnet theory)

My previous theory was based on the guess that openness peaks in the IQ sweet spot. First, we must establish that, as a rule, people with higher IQs are more creative than people with lower IQs. They are more likely … Continue reading

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Re: the topwit’s desire for constructive feedback

I heard a saying recently that “Normal players want to be left alone, good players want to be coached, and great players want the truth.” It struck me that this maps well by analogy to the dimwit, midwit, and topwit’s … Continue reading

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