Tenets of the Covid cult

This is a fun read: https://theamericansun.com/2022/01/31/city-mouse-country-mouse-covid-edition/

However, it falls into the conservative trap of pointing out hypocrisy in the service of appearing reasonable so as to fuel a martyr complex. It’s not reasonable to take unreasonable people at their word and then fail to understand them when the implicit logic of their actions is so easy to interpret a neanderthal can do it.

The pro-vax mental model:

  1. Bad things happen at random.
  2. The vax makes bad things happen less often and be less bad.
  3. Unvaxxed people are therefore sources of highly increased random badness.
  4. If bad thing happens and you’re vaxxed it would have been worse if you weren’t.
  5. If bad thing happens and you’re not vaxxed it would have better better if you were.

Everybody’s getting caught up in the explicit facts and logic. But as you and I know, the purpose of speaking is to cast spells. To quote a study is to cast a ward of protection against the virus. That’s why we should write them in Latin, the old languages have greater power in their Words. Invictus Covidus Sanctum Espiritus Ullshitbus. Amen.

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