EasyPeasy method 2-month followup

what have the mid-term results been for the easypeasymethod? …asking for a friend

Still no porn. Although there have been moments of temptation under school stress, I haven’t screwed up yet. I suspect this approach works better on more idealistic, overthinky types who like to explain things and have things explained. And success in it probably tracks with IQ and openness. I’d expect behavioristic approaches to work better with more instinctive people. There have even been a couple of times when I realized some non-porn picture browsing was turning into a porn hunt, and stopped. That’s the important insight of the method: the addiction isn’t in the porn itself, it’s in the action of getting it. In fact, my only criticism of the method is that this distinction isn’t made strongly enough.

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2 Responses to EasyPeasy method 2-month followup

  1. aiaslives says:

    How to get rid of a porn addiction:

    1. Touch grass every single day
    2. Spend at least five to six hours, throughout the day, in close company with someone else
    3. Imagine trying to explain to your grandchildren what the heck you were doing in front of the monitor when they get a copy of your memories as you recover from a near-fatal heart attack.
    4. Remember that every person in porn, even if a degenerate, has still been used by much less savory people. You’re pretty much shaking hands with pimps.

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