Re: The unreasonable effectiveness of one-on-ones

H/T Boneflour:

He’s right about the caring part. It’s not unlike talking to your woman about her problems- she already has good judgment hiding away in her brain somewhere, she just needs permission to make the sensible decision. Relationship books will say she “knows the answer and just wants to share about it”. That’s approximately true. It’s more that she has about a thousand ideas about the thing competing for her attention, but the mere act of talking to an authority figure prioritizes the concerns long enough to make sensible evaluations followed by a reasonable judgment call.

And in particular, she needs permission to focus on the important details at the expense of the unimportant noise. In effect, the purpose of a one-on-one like this is to let the mentee spend your sanity on their own problems for an hour. That’s why it’s hard. You’re lending sanity in the hope that the person’s life eventually improves enough from making good decisions (an underrated self-improvement strategy!) that it was worth the expenditure.

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