My cabinet picks

Science czar: Michael Woodley
Engineering czar: Adam Smith from the podcast Myth of the 20th Century
Medicine czar: Alex McNabb
Trades: James Lafond
Food/Agriculture czar: Borzoi’s waifu
Tech: Linus Torvalds
History: Borzoi
Philosophy: Keith Woods
Art: Kentaro Miura a year ago, Sam Hyde now
Entertainment czar: Me (Myles Poland if I can’t pick myself)
Journalism czar: Steve Sailer

Banking: Harder to decide on banking in lieu of Eustance Mullins (RIP) because it has hard qualifications that aren’t often found together:

  • Moral courage
  • Autistic honesty
  • Conservative sensibility (I.e. extreme distrust of debt, change, and political activism)
  • Pragmatism
  • J-woke
  • Analytical/numerical aptitude

Honestly Ed Dutton is the only person who comes to mind. It’s not like we’re talking stratospheric numerical aptitude here, just a couple SDs north of average. One issue is Dutton is a little too trusting and gets talked into stupid shit relatively easily. Texas Arcane might fit the bill too, although I’d want to converse with him about pragmatism first.

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7 Responses to My cabinet picks

  1. LOADED says:

    if youre not ready to put me as your banking czar i dont know if anything weve ever talked about was worthwhile.

    i might not have the IQ but i make up in every other aspect for sure for sure. fs fs.

  2. LOADED says:

    my numerical IQ only sits at 120 right now but weve definitely talked about it reaching the capacity of 140 along with my verbal (sitting right now at 130 but can go up to 140 as well as pointed out by you).

    if a genius is not known to be a genius until a hundred years after his or her work (i doubt itd be a her but lets just say it could be) then i might as well be a charismatic genius too.

  3. MM says:

    Hmmmm… Maybe Sam for ‘entertainment’ czar, but not art.

    I like the guy and have consumed a shitload of his content over the last 7+ years but that is what he has made since World Peace was cancelled- entertainment.

    World Peace had some meaningful sketches in it. Some worked, some didn’t.
    The two best ones I remember were the CEO one and the one they ended the show on.

    It’s not that he can’t make art it just seems he doesn’t want to anymore. Comedy and ‘insert red pill opinion said out loud with autistic editing and sfx’ is only worth so much…

    (This is the kind of criticism you get from someone who really likes something but knows it could be so much better. Its whatever. Still a very funny dude who knows whats up).

  4. Golf Architecture Hater says:

    Sailer is useless, except perhaps as “golf architecture” czar. He’s barely on the edge of “acceptable discourse”, and on any really important issue, expect him to cuck. Honestly I don’t understand his following, except by sport statistic nerds.

  5. aiaslives says:

    Tech – Richard Hipp

    > Entertainment czar: Me (Myles Poland if I can’t pick myself)

    Vox Day?

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