Re: work mandates prediction

As seems to be the case with most good predictions, ITZ already happening somewhere at the time of the prediction:

Column: When a medical team quit, this hospital sued to force them to keep working

It’s hardly a secret that American labor law and workplace practices are designed for the benefit of employers, not workers.

But a Wisconsin hospital tried to break new ground in the field by suing to stop a team of seven healthcare workers from quitting their jobs and taking posts at another hospital.

Michael Hiltzik, LA Times

Original prediction post here (at the end).

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2 Responses to Re: work mandates prediction

  1. Sturm Bringer says:

    This is straight up slavery. Where are the fanatical Men who will stand up to this sick jew world?

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Luckily it was struck down this time, but the issue will come up again. It’s not like hospitals are going to turn over a new leaf and stop treating nurses like shit.

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