My artistic vision

I thought of the most succinct possible way to describe my understanding of human dynamics: Imagine the bottom of the crab bucket opens into a sausage grinder. And all of the crabs are yelling at each other that everything is okay because any hint of desperation betrays weakness and gets you pushed to the bottom layer.

The original picture came into my head as a Blockheads comic, so there were a couple of extra unnecessary details that reference Edenic themes. Imagine people being thrown into the top of a pyramid and at the bottom there’s an inverted pyramid underground funneling the sacrifices into a gravity-fed meatgrinder (this is what the megalith that Square and Triangle design turns into when it gets possessed by a demon…man, I really hope I make some money someday so I can finish that story). But the gravity-fed human crab bucket/meatgrinder is the essential thing. That’s my internal representation of how I see people acting in society and this mental model has never failed me.

If you think this is too dark then try explaining to a Boomer that getting Amazon deliveries isn’t morally superior to regular slavery just because you don’t have to see the sausage being made. And then try explaining that the reason we don’t have jobs is because American employers can’t compete with the price of slave labor overseas, which the Amazon deliveries are paying for.

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6 Responses to My artistic vision

  1. rillxn says:

    This is quite apt. I think the denizens of ancient megalith-centric societies lived with an archetypal understanding like this at the forefront of their collective unconscious. Today we’re able to psychologically dissociate from this reality because of the complexity and nonlocality of the system.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      If true, the Aztec religion makes a lot more sense. They were acting out an unconscious understanding of how economic pressures worked in their society. Call it a performative essay, like a play, except the lives of people from other tribes have no value so they may as well be used like stage props.

  2. rillxn says:

    Also – check out the paintings of Xue Jiye. I think he channels this sentiment in his work.

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