Re: the difficulties in picking a cabinet (a conversation with the owlmn)

why it is so hard, so really hard to pick a cabinet of czars if you want to make it more than just a thought exercise

Because doing a good job of the hiring process is hard and important and literally no one else puts even the slightest thought into it, so there’s no guidance.
And since 80% of people are R-selected, they do it wrong on purpose to make the world more chaotic.

there’s also a wide gap between “people with good ideas that would geuniinely make things better” and “people skilled in building and organizing on a grand scale”

Life makes a lot more sense when you realize 99% of people don’t speak literally except when they’re being intentionally manipulative.



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Regarding the gap between “good ideas” and “good builders”, it strikes me that this is the genius vs. head girl dichotomy.
Oh, there’s a meme.
The virgin genius versus the chad head girl.

> nobody takes manifesto seriously, even though it would solve everything
> CEO even though has no idea what is going on

Head girl: Had more female partners in her one-month lesbian phase in college than the genius will have in his entire life.
We should distinguish successful climbers from successful maintainers and successful builders.

yes, this is a good way of looking at it

A cabinet pick is ideally 80% maintainer and 20% builder with the climbing being irrelevant.

for a long-established department, sure
what’s not as clear to me is what the balance you need is when you’re after serious structural reform

Oh, hang on, I remembered I have another good Dilbert from this week.
I present to you: How to Be a Melonhead.


Re: reform, I’ll quote a Chinese cartoon based on a great movie.
“The first thing a new emperor should do is change nothing and continue the policies of the previous emperor.”
Anyway, the reason hiring is hard is because doing it well is the only thing that actually matters for a leader’s success.
In recognizing its absolute importance, we recognize our responsibility to do it better than anything else.
Therefore we apply everything we know and have to the problem.
Every effort, every trick, every cheat, etc.
Hiring isn’t merely the most important factor to the success of an organization, it’s the only thing.
IMHO, of course.

Good hiring can fix all other problems with time, no other factors can fix bad hiring

On top of that, judging the qualities of people is fraught with difficulty.
It tells you a lot about people that knowledge about this is de facto taboo.
The mass of knowledge on the subject is either garbage, truth hidden in fiction, or illegal.
This is because the primary strategy of the R-selected, as mentioned, is to convince other people to make even worse decisions than you yourself do by instinct.
Hence the “war of all against all” that I mentioned in my post On Humans.

the book “bullshit jobs” discusses this obliquely when it talks about how the easiest way to get rid of a bad hire is to give them nonsense makework that cna’t do any harm
of course, this overlooks the most common way to solve the problem, which is to give them a glowing recommednation and pass them off to someone else
hence hiring is also a minefield of “hot potato”

Didn’t realize that was potatoes.
I thought that was just the upward mediocrity spiral.

part of the equation, sure

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7 Responses to Re: the difficulties in picking a cabinet (a conversation with the owlmn)

  1. aiaslives says:

    virgin MT genius falls in love with chad MC head girl

    what happens next?

  2. aiaslives says:

    > Oh, hang on, I remembered I have another good Dilbert from this week. I present to you: How to Be a Melonhead.

    Image is zonked.

  3. aiaslives says:

    Could you make a new post about the Eternal High School theory, and what it looks like now after a couple of years?

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