A couple more notes from the trenches

Re: https://bannedhipster.home.blog/2022/02/17/how-to-non-violently-deal-with-journalists-who-publish-hacked-information/#comment-28595

This ended up being less of a middle ground than I envisioned and more of a polemic. Oh well.

So the base difference, as mentioned, is I believe history is made by small groups of fanatics and everyone else is a spectator. Terrorists are predominantly engineers because they are higher in both autism and competence, which sidesteps a lot of these issues. In application the key difference is I don’t believe you can get spectators to do anything constructive, but you can get them to be marginally destructive (think rioting) given a host of preconditions:

  • They think it will be fun
  • The expect absolutely zero risk of negative consequences
  • Everyone else (that they know) is doing it
  • They feel they are morally righteous in doing so
  • They genuinely believe it will benefit them personally and quickly (i.e. you are paying them)
  • They suspect it will make them popular, high-status, and/or well-liked
  • They have been slowly habituated to the experience over time through a carefully engineered series of training experiences
  • They feel like it’s a democratic experience where every decision is made by emergent consensus and no one is in charge (i.e. no obligation to follow anyone’s orders or show deference to rank as determined by a third party)
  • They feel free to quit at any time, with no commitment
  • The particular action is in no way “cringe”
  • It doesn’t interfere with their existing self-concept (e.g. if they are a pacifist)

You can see why high-IQ, alienated, autistic engineers are easier material to work with.

In essence, we’re talking about an entire nation of frightful coomers who have a “wealth” of custom-tailored fantasy worlds and chemical addictions competing for their attention. Can you gamify their radicalization theme park as a streaming service on a platform they already use? And make it free? And a pseudo-religious experience? The competence issue is just as bad, as even if they could be convinced to whitewash a fence it’s unlikely they could complete the task. For example, I recently had a Zoomer member of a school coding group drop out of a meeting to have an anxiety attack and fall asleep for 14 hours straight. (It was a little stressful, but we weren’t storming the beaches at Normandy.)

With that setup in mind, let’s imagine how such men could be enticed to find their balls and dox a journalist.

QAnon is a great example because it fits all the points above. It’s fun, there’s no risk, everyone’s already doing it, it’s God’s Plan, it’s going to pay off in two weeks, you’re an insider Patriot who’s going to be in charge come the revolution, it follows the same Marvel movie script you’ve seen a million times, it’s an “emergent” grassroots phenomenon with no rules, no responsibilities, no boss to dislike, everyone you disagree with can be dismissed as a fed (i.e. you never have to learn to live with ideological disagreements), you can put down your phone at any moment and no longer be in the movement, it’s a customer experience tailored to marketing feedback (i.e. not “cringe”), and it appeals to an existing Evangelical ideology (itself a QAnon-like operation from the previous century). Such people will now and then dox a gentile journalist.

My contention is that it’s a lot less work to just do it yourself. The whole point of creating QAnon is that they dox journalists less often than they otherwise might via the autism which is endemic to white people.

To end on a positive note, I have a working theory that I’m still struggling to put into words about why white people sacralize jokes as the most fundamental form of free speech. Even when the king was divine, the jester was allowed to poke him. For better or worse, this is more fundamental to our culture than organized religion. Free speech is something like the medium through which karma travels, where more jokes equals a higher rate of karmic retribution. Leaving the theory aside, I’ll just say that I believe on a near-mystical level that simply repeating the truth to people over and over will lead to the operation of some justice, somehow, through some kind of Underpants Gnome mechanism of action.

  • Live in such a way that people feel deep down you deserve to be heard
  • There’s no credibility booster like self-sacrifice
  • Do the most basic sales technique of taking yourself out of the picture so you can meet people where they’re at and explain things in terms they understand
  • Some justice, somehow

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