Evangelion aesthetics (Owl convo)

…This made me think of an archetypal Chinese story. Young man must study hard every day, get government job, famiry eat big fat cat every day.
The book ends with a rebuke for reading this story when you should be memorizing your math book.

Someone once told me that a lot of chinese manga stories are some variant of :boy is horribly mistreated and picked on, he gets money/power/superpowers, he proceeds to take vengeance on everyboyd that mistreated him


i think about that a lot

Funny tangent, my dad used to joke that one in every four children on earth is Chinese, and then he would point at me.
Absolute chad.

the virgin “no, you aren’t adopted, and we love you anyway” vs the chad “lol bitch you aren’t my race”

And that was well before I got into anime, guitar, martial arts.
There’s a question for you: what is the deal with autistic people and Asian culture?
Asians are like the anti-autists: high in general factor of personality, high in schizophrenia, bipolar, etc.
Very feminine cultures.
Very civilized and complicated and full of lying, deception, and “Face”.

how many autistic people like chinese opera? japanese poetry? mahjong?
autistic people like anime because it’s very visual and the emotions are easy to read
it’s accessible
same doesn’t hold for the more verbal and nuanced parts of the culture

That’s part of it, but there’s also an attraction to everything being well-organized.

that makes sense

Chinese culture reads like a D&D rulebook when you’re just reading about it.
But what’s interesting is how people who are such polar opposites could have such a powerful connection in the area of taste.
Autistic people are basically Randroids, so they wouldn’t exactly fit into the Japanese high school scene.
But then they watch fairy tales about Japanese high schoolers.
I dunno, maybe I’m making something out of nothing.

perhaps a key question here: what is “real” to autistic people?
to be more direct: does the fnatasty high school feel more “real” to them than the one they actually go to?

I think the high school thing is just a staging ground for the interesting part, then a lot of weebs fetishize it.
For me, if the description of an anime includes “typical high schooler” it’s a red flag for boring-ass bullshit.
So speaking for myself, the high school part is not real in any way.
However, I’ve had dreams about big Evangelion robots.
It’s my brain’s go-to visual representation of a certain flavor of military sci-fi horror.
Anytime my dreams include something like speeding away from a tactical nuke being dropped on my old library, there’s probably an Evangelion robot or angel involved.

“robots as psychological conception of modern armored warfare” isn’t a connection i’d made before but it just hit me now

I’d expand that to industrial warfare.
I.e. a giant robot is a literalization of a military industrial complex.
Except in Japan, where I think it’s gone from a yearning for a military industrial complex to a fetish.
Like with katanas and Japanese high schools for weebs.
I’ll admit I have the katana one, but imagine wanting to go to high school.

indirect way of looking at this:
in the us, nuclear power in fiction is generally a desperate way of solving hard problems, or a source of crazy superpowers
in japan it creates unconquerable monsters
the historical reasons behind this should be pretty evident

Heaviside made that point back in the day re: Godzilla.

don’t remember that one but heaviside had a lot of great points. credit where credit is due
so, if robots represent industrial warfare, what is their signifance in japanese culture? seems like it’s a case of learning from what beat you and getting really good at it
funnily enough, this i kind of a trend in modern japanese history (which i’m defining here as “everything after commodore perry’s forced reopening of the country”)

Yeah, I’d agree re: the robots.

Japan seems to have a tendency to view even the most horrific acts as an opportunity to learn, grow, and develop
funnily enough, this is definitely a common trait in a lot of shonen protagonists
perhaps this is why a lot of those stories also appeal to americans…

Borzoi refers to “The Chrysanthemum and the Sword” a lot when he talks about this.

it’s not quite american pluck and gumption, but it’s a similar note
to our own ideas of self-erliance and perseverance

That’s a good take right there.
Maybe this is where the Aryan spirit meets the Honoraryan spirit.

>Experience horror
>Study hard
>Get government job
>Eat your enemies’ pets

there might a point about america deriving from an island country with a rigid class system and certain ideas about hard work, and japan also being similar
(i do rememebr Koanic making this point once)
to me this feels a little strained but there might be something to it
counterpoint: i don’t think weeb culture exists in britain
so it might be somehting unique to america after all

IIRC it exists somewhat in Sweden.
Regarding American geography, I have another association re: the Evangelion feeling.
I also feel it when I’m driving through flat farmland where you can see for miles and miles, but there’s also some high-tech megalithic thing too like a windmill farm or a big antenna array.
Whenever I experience this it makes me want to get back into my math and physics books.
It’s enchanting, I really like it. Same with the military sci-fi horror dreams, I really like those.
Just something about the idea of megalith-scale engineering.
Ah, I think that’s the key to the Eva aesthetic.
It’s that combination of megalith aesthetics with modern industrial aesthetics (which Metal Gear also does really well).
But Metal Gear lacks the megaliths, that’s why it doesn’t hit quite as well.

It does modern military industrial complex aesthetics perfectly, but it lacks the Aztec blood sacrifice pyramids.

interesting insight

Yeah, I’m thinking now Eva doesn’t get credit for being Lovecraftian.

well maybe
the evas themselves don’t
but it’s still a comment on the power of industrial technology versus unrelenting spiritual forces
the angels themselves are still lovecraftian

Yeah. But the most Aztec-feeling part of the show for me is NERV headquarters.
Especially the crucified angel in the basement.
And Ritsuko’s personal jacuzzi full of spare parts for Rei.
You have this rational veneer over a “What the fuck” thing over a very coldly logical thing.
That’s actually the best expression for the red pill journey I can think of.
Blue pill: Get in the robot
WTF pill: The robot is your mom.
??? pill: Your mom loves you.
Try to get along with your dad, he’s just hurting.
Yeah but what about the jacuzzi full of Rei parts?
Details Shinji, happiness comes from inside.
Man, what a great show. I’m glad they fixed it.


That whole thing with the blood sacrifice pyramid was a big misunderstanding, we just need to have compassion.

perhaps one of the reasons the new dune movie so spoke to me wsa that despite the whole “tiny humans in the face of galactic-scale industrial machine” aesthetic, the whol point was that events are still driven by people with skill, will, and vision

That sounds like it would appeal to me a lot.
I saw it on DVD at Kroger, it must be time for me to watch it.
The key to happiness in the world of technology is to be a very, very, very late adopter.
Now is a great time to be emulating PS2 games on a cheap to mid-tier gaming laptop.
You know who else did the Aztec thing pretty well was John C. Wright in Count to a Trillion, but his thing was sorely lacking the Metal Gear side.
Guess it couldn’t be helped, on account of the scale.

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15 Responses to Evangelion aesthetics (Owl convo)

  1. Obadiah says:

    >Anytime my dreams include something like speeding away from a tactical nuke being dropped on my old library, there’s probably an Evangelion robot or angel involved.

    I think we’re all about to be running from a lot of tactical nukes m8: https://www.survivalistboards.com/threads/siener-van-rensburg.367887/page-11

    “In 1923 Siener allegedly claimed that the definitive harbinger of WWIII would be ‘an awful civil war in Russia’.”

    ^during van Rensburg’s time, that whole eastern area of Ukraine like the Donbass and the Crimean peninsula were a part of Russia:

    “And I interpreted that ‘dreadful civil war in Russia which will precede WWIII’ to be the war between Ukraine and Russia started in early 2014. I have had this interpretation since around 2011, since based on my logic, if Russia,the red army will be invading the Western Europe, Russia will have to first swallow Ukraine which is the second largest country in Europe. Russia will not be able to launch a full-scale all-out invasion to Western Europe without taking down Ukraine. It is a necessary strategic stage which Russia can’t skip. And in this stage the Russia war machines will have the opportunities to entirely warm up for the coming WWIII. Ukraine had always been part of Russia from its existence. So was it in Siener’s time. That’s why Siener referred it as ‘civil war’.”

    • Obadiah says:

      On top of this, our company hired a new guy a few weeks ago, an old stoner from California to work in our lab. Once the Russians invaded the Ukraine we started discussing the situation and I started sperging out about Siener van Rensberg. When I get to the part about USA’s secret “electric beam” weaponry he interrupts me to tell a story because I’d reminded him of a conversation he’d had several years ago back in California.

      His mother’s friend (or something, don’t remember the exact relation) was married to a “super total nerd” (in his words) from Belgium who had been brought over and paid lucrative sums by the US gov to work on some classified project. The most information he ever got from this guy was him saying something along the lines of, “imagine a very large disk or lens being flown through the air. The energy it concentrates can annihilate a 500(? don’t remember clearly, number probably totally wrong) sq ft radius”. This conversation took place in late 90s/early 2000s so I’d have to imagine the design has only gotten more destructive/lethal.

      I am literally, unironically not making this up; this conversation actually happened a few days ago.

      This being said I think what we’re in for is an artificially-prolonged conflict in the Ukraine which the West draws and out and intensifies to the best of their ability, maximizing all potential horror/war crimes/atrocities to frame Russia as negatively as possible and accrue as much political capital as possible. How long this goes on for I don’t know. But “everyone knows that bad stuff is going to happen in 2030” (maybe sooner).

      Unironically, seriously prepare yourself because ITZ coming.

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        When people talk about modern day prophets it gets my hackles up. Not because I think it’s impossible, but because people talk a lot of shit. So I propose you make use of this recent fascination to explain why this Rensberg fellow isn’t a megalomaniac.

        • wingnutza says:

          Some details from wikipedia (I know, I know, but it checks out with some of the local books I have about him since he’s from my country South Africa):
          “He only received 20 days of formal school training at the Rooipoort farm school, and spent much of his youth as a cattle herder. He could never write, but assisted by his mother, he learnt to read from the Bible. He never read anything else”

          I doubt he was a megalomaniac. The one thing I’d be wary about is a lot of the interpretations for his visions (written down by his daughter) were applied by people studying him after his death, so who knows how accurate they may be or if they are about what has passed and what is still to come.

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        >I am literally, unironically not making this up; this conversation actually happened a few days ago.

        Oobie doobs, you are many things, and that’s just what I can infer from the internet, but you’re not a liar. The issue with your story is that you’re an internet person saying his coworker’s mom’s friend’s husband invented a mysterious weapon that doesn’t sound all that scary in comparison with other modern weapons and it involves electricity somehow, and you appear not to be keeping a sense of proportion about it.

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          For perspective, 500 sq ft is a circle with a radius of about 13 feet.

          • Obadiah says:

            Right yeah, my numbers/sense of proportion are totally fucked (the guy who told me the story’s numbers are probably totally fucked too). I don’t understand the technical aspects of the weaponry being described but the fact that this dude knew that guy and the spontaneous way the conversation unfolded (he wouldn’t be incentivized to creatively and spontaneously lie like that) were just astonishing to me.

            Re: van Rensburg I’m not really putting any stock in the fact that he’s a “latter day prophet”, I’m just looking at his (admittedly secondarily-sourced–yet occuring/being reported too early in the timeline to know about things such as the “Terrible Russian civil war”) claims and matching them up with reality. If anything the main issue with van Rensburg that I’ve encountered so far is that we was apparently raised a Calvinist.

            In any case I deeply and sincerely hope that you are right, that your skepticism is well-founded, and this is is not the opening stage of WW3.

            • Aeoli Pera says:

              It could well be WW3, but in any case we’re best off keeping our heads. I’ve seen a lot of people lose their shit in the last few months and I’d rather not lose you too. Be of sound mind, sanity is a revolutionary act, etc.

            • Obadiah says:

              You may rest assured that I’m one of the last people you are going to have to worry about losing their shit. I understand my posting today probably comes off as somewhat spontaneous, sudden and wild eyed–I just felt very compelled to post because from my perspective, personal experiences and “weight of evidence” it looks like we’ve started the buildup to a terrible conflict and I felt compelled to at least say something.

            • Aeoli Pera says:

              That’s fair. Thanks for taking a moment to reassure me.

      • Obadiah says:

        I’ve had some increased anxiety this past week, losing sleep, etc. But overall I am thankful for this opportunity from God to help me fear Him more. I think the Lord will give us some time here–but the clock is ticking. Anywhere from 2026-2030 seems right. Gotta stock up on the neuroforce.

        USA wins this war buts its a very pyrrhic victory–apparently Kwa forces in Germany are “wiped out” and I can’t imagine our casualties will be particularly light as we slam into the British in Egypt, then the Russians in Spain and Palestine. To quote Pastor Anderson, “War is a punishment from God” (I believe he’s talking about modern war in partic). Van Rensburg says WW3 “fills a well up with blood” (as opposed to the South African conflicts, which in his visions are symbolically-likened to mere “buckets of blood” which are knocked over and spill).

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          Anxiety is a sin. An understandable one, but still something to ask for God’s strength to root out.

          “25 “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes? 26 Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? 27 Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life[e]?”

          I’m assigning you the Beatitudes as homework. There’s also a section in there on being wary of false prophets that I’ll be using to judge your defense of Herr Rensburg.

      • MM says:

        I’m well prepared for ITZ.

        If by ITZ you mean gas going to 10 dollars a gallon and making me a shitload of money (rubs hands together).

        But also actual ITZ, for a year or so.

  2. aiaslives says:

    Anime is just a subconscious war impetus inductor, it destroys people.

    Kpop makes women into catty bitches who engage in physical conflicts when their “quiet / msm lover” persona encounters a regular female social problem / one-upping / whatever. Oh, and they die alone.

    > ??? pill: Your mom loves you.

    I’ve only watched 2 animes to date:
    – berserk
    – that video game anime you made a post about once
    Both bored me, 2 episodes in I turned on subs and put the video on 3x.

    I actually don’t even know how people watch tv. Bores me to tears, sitting and passively watching. You need to try a grain detox (0 grain intake, no rice, no processed wheat).

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