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First thought: Tell me you’re Nick Mason without telling me you’re Nick Mason. When I read “protected by terrible magic” I actually heard him in my head reading that to me in the storyteller voice he does that’s halfway between a fireside ghost story for children and a shit-eating grin.

Second thought: Great example of writing the hero in response to the villain. This is advice I’ve given before to people who want to do mythmaking- first write the villain as a representation of the great evils you face, then write the hero as the necessary qualities for overcoming that particular type of monster. See Atlas Shrugged for an example of the former and Berserk for an example of the latter.

Third thought, specifically regarding politics:

The real turning point, if it occurs, will be when some ratio of normies cease to denounce the designated scapegoats. “I don’t personally like Andrew Anglin but…” It’s a form of paying tribute. All they have to say is nothing, but that takes an extraordinary courage when pressed by a self-appointed system janissary looking for a scalp. Just yesterday the Firebirds hockey president got fired because some player ratted on him anonymously for some comment or other. They’re being very tight-lipped about the actual comment, so it’s probably inoffensive in the extreme.

When we mentioned this to a local high school coach he immediately said “hire bad people bad things happen”. No hesitation. Absolute bugman janny. And I have a pretty good idea that this guy is a sodomite, but this requires a bit of context. Back in the day, hockey teams were a lot like the soccer gangs romanticized in Green Street Hooligans. It was fairly common to start a bench-clearing brawl before the game to injure and intimidate the other team. Everybody would fight, then they’d play a game of hockey. If you won the fight it would often translate to winning the game, even if the other team was more skilled, because their morale would be broken.

Like most gang settings, the initiations could get pretty extreme. At the particular school with the bugman janny coach they were famous, back in the day he would have been playing, for sodomizing new players. This is one reason to be wary of mannerbund fetishists. Gangs may be The Way of Men but not all gangs are equally based. We have to keep in mind that the driving force behind informal gang formation is the same as for racial prison gangs and rape gangs in India: a rebellion against the formal authority which enforces polygamy and wealth for the few and frustration for the many. Sexual dysfunction is baked into the concept.

Fourth thought, specifically regarding my hypothetical “Leviathan” octopus lady archetype:

When I was reading this I had some thoughts on my octopus lady. First off, I should obviously rename her Medusa. More importantly I had a daydream about the Tower of Kefka where it had many eyes at the ends of many tentacle-like appendages, each like the searchlight of a panopticon. That recalls spider multidisplicinarianism, the idea being that all arms of the edifice work together under a common will. Many perceivers, one hivemind. The tower itself would be shrouded in darkness with the searchlights giving occasional glimpses of severed body parts nailed to its walls, like the obelisk in Hellraiser. And when it does the “Light of Kefka” bit all of the searchlights would come together as one to scourge the offender (Ken says: “Parietal qua temporal”).

So the spider’s Great Quest may be summarized as “resurrect Medusa (the polygamous gerontocratic mystery cult)”. This makes sense as an unbridled power fantasy for someone with the social skills to manipulate snake melons like puppets but also the systemizing intellect to desire the prisca sapientia. The Hellraiser obelisk as recurring nightmare castle is a good association. Also, I just realized the coolest way to do the behelit thing is to have it summon the nightmare castle upon accepting the deal. I think this is an excellent archvillain.

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3 Responses to Re: Medusa article

  1. MM says:

    Most here prob know this but I thought it was very succinct.

  2. rillxn says:

    The AP epic novel Behelit trilogy when? Too great a narrative framework to not spawn a great work.

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