More derivative, boring-ass political opinionating that won’t edify anyone or age well

Gotta start off the blog reboot strong. A filthy normie posts this video…

…and asks:

Funny. But probably not to you guys. Quite a few DW inside jokes. Interested in your thoughts on the “build our own” strategy in combating the culture. Lots of fake stuff that simply panders to conservatives or liberals just to make a buck. But I like the idea of building high trust businesses that align (more or less) with my beliefs. Falls in the same realm as boycotting Netflix because they are open pedophiles.

Mostly I’m going to say I broadly support his change in posture from defensive to aggressive. This particular tactic is going to fail and fail hard, but this is a necessary step in the process of self-advocacy. We’ll see how they pick themselves up after their instruction in the nature of power.

Generally speaking, the institutional purpose of conservatism as controlled opposition has been to channel organized self-advocacy into the politics of personality. That is, to prevent the advocacy for conservative (read: white) collective interests by demanding that people only look out for themselves and only criticize “bad actors”, effectively eliminating any criticism of systemic causes and effects. Conservatives are allowed to criticize the puppet but they are not allowed to criticize the oligarchy that hires and fires puppets as is necessary or convenient. This is easily done because conservatives are stupid and can be convinced Biden has real power because it says so in the Constitution.

However, every political journey starts with the first step, and whatsisface is taking it. I’ll never criticize sincerity in action as such even when it’s grossly naive because that’s how you learn: when reality kicks your ass. Basically what he’s saying is the way to fight the culture war is through the free market. There are a number of errors here.

The most important one is that the free market isn’t real. Secondly, the way to fight a culture war is through culture. Thirdly, he’s assuming individualism but real wars are fought by collectives. And for collective interests. Fourthly, he’s assuming that he’s being attacked for being a conservative. That’s incorrect, he’s being attacked because he’s a white man pushing white cultural values (which in turn serves white collective interests), and if he were taking his enemy seriously he would listen when they tell him so to his face. Fifthly, he’s assuming he’s free to act in a law-abiding manner because he doesn’t understand the nature of his enemy or their war on him. If he has any market success at all he’ll learn the folly of this. There’s probably more but you get the gist.

tl;dr- correct attitude, incorrect theory. But the attitude will lead him to educational experiences that will correct the theory.

There’s an old bit about a guy who asked Socrates how to obtain wisdom. Socrates brought him to a lake and held his head underwater. Eventually the man began to panic and fought against Socrates’ grip, and finally managed to break free and gasp for breath. Socrates said “When you desire wisdom as much as you desire air, then no one will be able to stop you from getting it.” I see this guy as being in the first stage of deciding to push up against Socrates’ grip. He’s decided not to play the game anymore.

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3 Responses to More derivative, boring-ass political opinionating that won’t edify anyone or age well

  1. MM says:

    Next 2 years- low end is recession and stagflation. Already for sure to happen (yield curve- 2s10s literally just went neg, a million other things especially in regards to food prices).

    High end is forced adoption of the new Petro-agro-ruble for the Europeans (American Liquid Natural Gas cannot supply Germany for 18 months at least- they have to build the port facilities etc) cascading effects with China (possible growth of sanction war leading to Chinese economic reprisal) leading to the bottom falling out on our fake as fuck country and then who knows what as our leaders are insane.

    Anyway, rice and beans etc. stacking time. Now. Last call.

    K selection :) (is harsh)

    And if somehow nothing happens then you still save an ass load of money since inflation is for sure not going anywhere anytime soon.

      • MM says:

        -you have normalcy bias,
        -this isn’t a topic you care about
        -you aren’t keeping up with what’s going on
        -you are perhaps attached to your ‘intuitive’ (read: baseless) idea that 2023 will be the ‘year of the grift’ while 2025 “will herald the real economic despair”.

        What gives America its power? The petrodollar, the military, and the Fed (reserve currency status, maintained by the fact all Saudi oil must be exchanged via dollars).

        This isn’t some kind of giga brain shit- markets and economies are ultimately material things. You can’t print commodities, and if a reserve currency is no longer used as such in practice by a growing part of the world then there are major consequences. Especially for a service economy with no manufacturing that has to borrow money from all the countries of the world just to meet its debt service.

        I am as plugged in as possible to current events of last 4 weeks, not extrapolating 10 steps or making a signal out of noise.

        The signals are clear, the questions are in regards to responses and unknown unknowns

        (IE is this all intentional to start some kind of ‘Great Reset’, is this just a Cold War 2 Raytheon/Lockheed Martin grift to sell NATO weapons and we succesfully bully China and the BRICS countries into staying in line?, is this actually a ‘4D chess’ (ew) part of “Greater Israel project” and with the cancellation of Nord Stream 2 a pipe will go from Israel through Turkey to Europe? Or any other number of, or combinations of, possibilities).

        I also realize that this is exactly what crazy ppl do- make some kind of ‘sooper serious guys’ prediction and then ‘freak out’ and I am fitting that pattern. All I will say is- actually keep up with what’s going on. Historic things are happening. It is very reasonable to take them seriously.

        (For example- The US STOLE 300 billion from Russia that they had stored at the Fed. We literally didn’t do that to the Nazis in WW2 just so you know. How many countries saw that and said- “what the fuck was that shit!”? Fucking lawless shit)

        No, it’s not at all assured (I gave a spread for a reason- recession is assured unless they print more money and just kick the can down the road, and no other shoes drop, which may happen) but it’s a high enough chance that if anyone reading this has any respect for my cognitive abilities then they should at least pay attention for shoes to drop and have a couple months of food (which is way more than you think).

        I will be getting as ready as I ever need to be NOW, though…

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