Midwit test

I’ve accidentally discovered an excellent midwit test. You ask people to find something on Google with two independent requirements, for example “I want a new keyboard. It has to be mechanical and have a number pad.” A midwit will return something that fits one of the requirements, whichever they remember. A topwit may do this but they’ll leave a note saying “this only meets one requirement but not the other.” They may also say “sorry, I didn’t find anything that had both things”. Midwits can handle tasks like this if you give them a very explicit checklist for how to do it, like:

  • Does it have a number pad?
  • Does it say “mechanical keyboard” in the name of the product?
  • If the answer to one of these is no, try a different keyboard and start over from the top.
  • If the answer to both questions is yes, you’re done.

I run into this problem a lot when sending work emails asking more than one question at a time. At best people will answer one of the questions, but almost never two or more. For example:

Is 3 pm a good time?

Do you have a webcam?

About 50% of people will just not answer, 20% will reply in a way that answers neither question, and only 2% will answer both. The 50% are those who struggle with comprehension of questions like these (dimwits), the 20% are your smarter grugs who can do basic tasks but not put coherent thoughts into words, and the 18% are your classic midwits who think they’ve answered the question because they’ve forgotten half of it.

Example smart grug response: “lets make this happen”

Example midwit response: “I have a webcam on my laptop.”

Dimwits probably didn’t read to the end of the two questions or retain the information if they did. They don’t do well with questions anyway, you just have to tell them “Click this at 3” and then see if they complain when 3 rolls around (“i cant im at work”).

Midwits are the most frustrating because there’s the appearance of comprehension so you’re not expecting to have to do the task for them, and then you still have to anyway because it’s not worth creating an explicit checklist form every time you ask a question with two or more moving parts.

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28 Responses to Midwit test

  1. Grug's Secretary says:

    What about the remaining 10%?

  2. Aeoli Pera says:

    – Engagement: distractions or lack of attention/desire can effectively drop people down a level or two.
    – Familiarity: people are also better with details within their specialization.

  3. rillxn says:

    This post illustrates my experience as a project coordinator to a T. What I do now that helps is I highlight the questions I need answered and reiterate at the end of my emails to ‘please respond to the inquiries highlighted.’

    And yes, lists help normies comprehend. If something involves multiple qualities or items or requirements always list them out. I usually make a little table in excel and screen snip it into the email.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      >This post illustrates my experience as a project coordinator to a T.

      It helps a lot that you say so, because it lends credibility to the OP where people would normally wonder if I’m being hyperbolic, etc. I’m not criticizing them for that, I switch writing styles fairly often and hyperbole is one of them.

  4. aiaslives says:

    > “I want a new keyboard. It has to be mechanical and have a number pad.”

    Thanks for contacting me about this. I have a mechanical keyboard that I bought specifically to combat RSI and bad posture (I had neither) and I can help you out.
    First, you need to decide what kind of keyboard you want. The combinations are endless these days and you can often find a soyboy near you selling you “second-hand” parts that are essentially new at a 40% discount. If you can solder simple joints and flash an arduino, you can make your own keyboard.

    – Normal keyboards
    These keyboards are your stock keyboards at varying sizes: 100%, 60%, 65%, 70%, etc. Some don’t have the fn keys, and/or the number keys. Some have just the alphabet keys and the modifiers. Customizability also means that you can have a keyboard with the keypad on the left if you’re left-handed (see “Southpaw” keyboards). These keyboards do nothing to combat RSI or bad posture. If you’re looking for these kinds of keyboards, you don’t need to get one that’s super-expensive. Buy the “Niz Plum x108”, it has the best switches available (Electro-capacitive membrane) and it’s almost completely silent.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BmsBMia6118 (4:00)
    This is an ideal keyboard if you don’t care about programmability. If you need it to be programmable, you need to look into one with a microcontroller that supports QMK (after which you can make do with as little as 36 keys).
    The Niz Plum is $180+. Making one with normal (non-EC) switches will put you north of $200 unless you choose to cheap out on everything. No guides for these, there are entirely too many. You could even make your own PCB and get it fabbed from CHYNA, or just handwire everything.

    – Slightly different keyboards
    You can get an “Alice” layout that has a bit of tilt between the two halves that will save your wrists some effort. These are usually pricier pre-assembled than regular keyboards.

    – Completely different keyboards
    These include ortholinear keyboards and keyboards with horizontal stagger. These keyboards rarely go above 60 keys and they can emulate a full-size keyboard (and more!) with as little as 36 (even 32) keys. The programmability takes time, so it’s not a casual switch. People also usually switch their keyboard layout for these (it is possible to type in multiple layouts).

    This is the Planck, one of the first recent ortholinears. Also a good video about why small keyboards are awesome:

    Split keyboards are connected via a wire across their two halves and you can space them around your desk so you can sit easily. They’re usually the cheapest, although there’s a steep learning curve and you’ll need to slog through it for a while. You can even make these wireless and skip the connecting wire.

    As for keycaps, buy a cheap uniform profile set. There are too many switches. Don’t buy cherry, and if you don’t know what you’re in for, buy Gateron Yellows. One of the smoothest linear switches, and they’re cheap.

    And if you’re switching layouts, Colemak Mod-DH is the One True Layout. There’s no real debate about muscle memory being “overwritten” – you use a completely different keyboard on your phone tthan on your laptop.

    • Troll bot says:

      Is this a troll or a bot?
      Can the bot be superior to a midwit?
      AI FTW

      • aiaslives says:

        I wrote this quite honestly.

        • Trollbot says:


          First, apologies for seagulling your comment; was otherwise occupied.

          Second, I pattern matched this: “Hi, Thanks for contacting me about this.” with spam; ergo, bot generated.

          Third, wall of text is never a good thing in an email; regardless of your audience. Bullet points are your friend.

          Kind regards,

          Trollbot 9000

      • Zeb Zebley says:

        plenty of food for thought here

        Normies, with their brains on rails for better or worse (better in the short to mid term, terrible in the intergenerationally to epochally long term), tend to hate and shun the man who talks like this.

        it might be a Thinker/feeler or Aspie/normie divide. or a normie socialization test where not shunning the guy leads to a failing grade.

        which comes first: the quality of the thoughts coming out of the guy’s head or the fact that the group members don’t care about it THAT much and didn’t ask THAT seriously.

        there’s more in here but I’m not sure anybody cares about it that seriously.

        Anyways, thanks for that AIASLIVES. now I know what to turn to when I need a keyboard!

        • aiaslives says:

          You can call it envy, stupidity, exclusion or short-term thinking but in the end, like Cleve said, sapes are built to destroy the Neanderthal and the intermixing only enables very effective gaslighting on which the entirety of civilization stands.

          I did re-read my post and it doesn’t have terrible flow, and I’m pretty sure that dude’s just taking a stab at humor.

          > Anyways, thanks for that AIASLIVES. now I know what to turn to when I need a keyboard!

          What I wrote was a very high-level overview of the situation, you’d still have to look things up and go down the rabbithole. Plus a lot of the people in the mechanical keyboard hobby (it’s an intensely boring hobby. Almost every keyboard is the same, and the switches sound the same, too. Doesn’t matter if they’re $0.5 / switch or $10.) are also into PC building, Audio, Mice, etc. which just means that you have a lot of scammers / grifters running around ready to rob wealthy nerds. Honestly if you’re not willing to spend at least $100 (this will get you the very bottom barrel of parts. Could even do with $60 if you handwire and buy some things second hand) you should just buy like 3 logitech K120 keyboards. Will last you over a year each, after which the rubber domes will be mushy and tighter based on key use frequency, and you’ll want to switch to another after. Or you can keep using it with forced presses.

          There are also Knobs, touchpads, joysticks, balls and sliders that you can add to your keyboard and program it according to the programs you want to use it in. And you can turn it into a mini-synthesizer, display useful info on the OLED screens, use it for i2c. Also can use a fancy bluetooth LE microcontroller with on-board solar trickle charging to make the thing practically chargerless. A full charge lasts ~350 hours, or so I’ve heard.

          Then there are weird mice, you can make your own “ploopy” mouse. Wristrests are yet another grifter economy. Key stabilization, lubing, spring swapping, housing exchanges, stem exchanges, aviator cables, keycap profiles, cases, mounting styles and the sounds they make, 3d printing any or all of these,, company / creator specific fandoms, cult-like high $$$ “brands”, etc.

          Honestly most of it is fucking stupid and I think just an excuse for people with disposable income and few friends to get together. Most of these things are only like +0.5% improvements. And keyboards are mostly auxiliary, too. You can only ever use one at one time.

          I’ve personally only spent about $90 on my keyboard (only mechanical keyboard I have) and I have no complaints. I don’t even look at it these days, it’s behind my monitor.

          Also, very useful advice if you’re using an Arduino Pro Micro: the micro USB slot easily comes off and if you aren’t using headers you’ll have to desolder the thing. Glue it to the PCB somehow.

  5. bicebicebice says:

    The Adventures of Neanderthal in Corporate Kwanstania

    >99% of humans can’t answer two questions in an e-mail
    >99% of humans can be brute forced to work in bauxite mines (block pushing) aka 1 JOB

    On this planet being alive you have to; eat, sleep, drink water or you die and 100% will accept it, how many will accept 99% of people can’t into “you had 1 JOB+”?!? I can’t even english this because of heavy *sighing*…SAPES, SAPES NEVER CHANGE (h/t melonboons and the manbearbonobopig human-hybrid bred slave underclass)

    “Forget the age of plenty, we were happier in the 1700s! 300-year-long survey shows Britons were more content in the era of slums, disease and gin mothers than we are today”

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      > The Adventures of Neanderthal in Corporate Kwanstania

      This is in the startup thing, the corporate world is marginally better (in this one specific sense) because there are more women, and they’re more attentive.

      • bicebicebice says:

        so you’re saying women will answer all questions in an e-mail if they perceive them to be of a social nature irregardless of their education/position/experience in the company and spergs won’t?imagine if you DON’T want questions answered, then you must now how to structure them…you should call your government for a million dollar grant to improve “intra-gender workplace communication to ensure inclusion and tolerance”

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          No, that’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying women are more likely to feel obligated to do something and more attentive when they follow through on what they feel obligated to do. It’s the reason they all do their homework and only about half of men do.

          • bicebicebice says:

            >to feel obligated to do something and more attentive when they follow through on what they feel obligated to do.

            but thats what I said you said, its the social reward of work the only gain women care about, social-anything/something, and More men don’t! (100% of women support SOCIAL credit…)

            get that grant money its such a simplething to put down on a paper

    • Trollbot says:

      A 100 IQ is required to read and follow instructions.

      Fully half the European descended population can not follow an email instruction. Why are you surprised?

      This is why TicTok videos are the preferred modern education format (see dancing nurses == COVID bad); previously it was comic books (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PS,_The_Preventive_Maintenance_Monthly).

      Bullet points are your friend, Bottom line up front (BLUF), stick to one subject, email like it is an original 140 character Twitter post.

      • aiaslives says:

        Truth. Tiktok is the new info format.


        She dances while dissipating info.

        Turns out all that was really needed was a TV jammed in every face.

        Tiktok is Snapchat’s spiritual successor. Next up, LiMo (life moments). Strap a camera 24/7 (you don’t need to physically, it’ll use the front / back cams on your goyphone) and then you can upload your day’s video summary. After that, major push to phone-connected pressure devices for you-know-what. There are RIGHT NOW >10000 goys who’ve been sleeping and waking up in VRChat with some regularity for the last TWO YEARS.

        Blade Runner 2047 nailed it with the virtual assistants.

        • bicebicebice says:

          >Turns out all that was really needed was a TV jammed in every face.

          Tex never did adress the smartphone, it was just televitz = bad (it is), he gave up!which is possibly the sound thing to do but still

          • Trollbot says:

            Tracked down one of her tiktok vids.

            I can’t even recognize excel stuff happening. I may have too much prey drive.

          • aiaslives says:

            I think he might have been too fascinated about them being useful for bunker-tech. Goyphones are really really powerful these days. Goys pay a lot of money for them and all the tech is used to spy on them 24/7. Once the interjew is good enough and once webshit is finally discarded we’ll have thin terminals (this is actually what web3.0 is about) that give you zero control and proper microcontrollers will be b& because muh seals and penguins or whatever are dyin’.
            Poor Thal makes a simple mistake, exercises his individual agency and the melon-zog-pedohead will see to it that he loses his computerz and all his minecraft saves.
            Jamming a 9000PPI screen into the eyeballs of a sape never really ends well.

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