Bourne movies via Kay Griggs

The Bourne Identity movies are more interesting in light of the Kay Griggs interview.

It only takes a little bit of interpretation to reverse the cipher Ludlum was using. Disillusionment rather than amnesia, homosexual grooming rather than self-selection, that’s about the only difference from a real-life story that’s probably happened many times.

Banned Hipster talks a lot about how what appear to be strictly sexual pedophile slavery rings are more often production systems for malleable intelligence assets. Unfortunately he’s gotten into the melodramatic habit of writing and then deleting posts, so I can’t blockquote him. Failing that, here’s a quote you can imagine he wrote:

Organized criminal child grooming operations are actually psychopaths recruited from the BDSM scene to mass produce MK-Ultra assets with torture and mindfuckery at CIA black sites around the world. One time Avril Haines taught me about BDSM at that one time in that one place before 9/11, the people who know what I’m talking about know what I’m talking about, am I allowed to say that? INTEL NORMIES GET OFF MY STREAM, REEEEEEE

(This post will self-destruct in 30 seconds.)

-Banned Hipster, probably

I’ve only encountered two intelligence people in my personal life, and it’s been 2 out of 2 flaming homosexuals. One was a domestic cybersecurity adviser at some North Virginia thinktank or other (his background was nontechnical) and the other was a languages guy cross-training into tech. I assume the latter is because the absolute population of autistic trannies just isn’t big enough to fill the tech spots with amoral faggots.

Presumably most of these aren’t usable, even if you have infinite money and political power to fix their personal issues:

Compared with the general population, a national survey conducted in the United States in 2008 found that transgender individuals were 4 times more likely to live in extreme poverty, had double the rate of unemployment, and had almost double the rate of being homeless.4

You’d need the tranny equivalent of a clean, articulate negro. So that’s what, five people? But then, in the tech world you don’t need that many hyperintelligent, testosterone-fueled autistic programmers to do some pretty serious damage. Imagine Terry Davis, Texas Arcane, Richard Stallman, Koanic, and me in the same room.

Actually, don’t imagine that.

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2 Responses to Bourne movies via Kay Griggs

  1. cynicinchief says:

    Hey, I’ve met one of those five before and hope to meet another if I can get back to Boston.

  2. aiaslives says:

    > you need individually targeted government ops to turn porn-brain videogame-addicted shutin extroverted low self-esteem computer users gay
    oh you sweet summer child

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