Shaman characters I like in anime, etc.

These are the ones I think are useful to meditate on to understand the subject (ranked by how well I think they get at the archetype) not a comprehensive list.

  1. Burglar in Goblin Slayer
  2. Genkai in Yu Yu Hakusho
  3. Turtle guy in Kurozuka
  4. Master Splinter
  5. Master Roshi
  6. Gran Torino in My Hero Academia

Notable commonalities:

  • Ugly, gross, short, often stooped and hairy, sometimes unhygienic but also sometimes meticulously groomed (but still ugly)
  • Stated philosophy of egoism, contradicted in practice (being primarily educational). Sounds like Nietzsche, acts more like a samurai or monk in practice.
  • Doesn’t mind lecturing on the importance of hard subjects like death, sin, folly, power, and has remarkably well thought-out and clearly expressed ideas about these things.
  • Dark humor, cruelty, extreme impatience, unpredictable bordering on demented (and not just seeming demented to the uninitiated, actually being a little demented).
  • Most typically used as a mentor character who educates a disaffected young man in the harsh realities of power.

Useful tvtropes:

“Physically, it’s not uncommon for Mentors in Sour Armor to be deceptively short and wiry; others might be Expecting Someone Taller and surprised by the strength and prowess they’ve fit into their small body.”

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