Potential name changes re: moral courage breakdown

  • Moral courage
    • Willpower
      • Executive function -> Mindfulness
      • Motivation -> Vitalism
      • Sense of direction -> Conviction
    • Moral character
      • Ingrainedness of values -> Firmness
      • Correctness of values -> Conscience (maybe Sincerity?)

Completely unrelated but interesting, try Googling “how to manage people who are smarter than you”. It’s revealing in several ways. E.g. the near-complete lack of interest in the subject (it doesn’t occur to bosses to wonder what they’d even do with an Isaac Newton on the payroll), the sorts of advice people do give (“if the smart person disagrees with you take deep breaths and count backwards from ten”), and what advice columnists think high IQ looks like (“they use social media more because they got smart by listening more!” <- that’s real).

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14 Responses to Potential name changes re: moral courage breakdown

  1. William Owlson says:

    hey Aeoli this is William Owlson aka Sammy aka LOADED aka 99 names of Greatness!

    i would like to get in touch with you again to speak can you unblock me on Skype and send me a message sometime! hope school has been prosperous and hoping you made grounds on everything you wanted in your pursuit of happiness!

    again feel free to reach me on Skype!

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      No thanks, I don’t need any more trouble.

      • William Owlson says:

        what? from what i heard you said something entirely positively affirming about us reconciling?

        what made you change your mind? if you really think its not benefitting you then i suppose you have the right to say no but if im benefitting you and youre just trying to exploit like always then youre a douche!

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      And that’s just in a high-demand technical industry where competence is still a currency. Imagine how people think about this in nontechnical legacy industries where networking is the only currency (e.g. fashion).

      • aiaslives says:

        Fashion isn’t a good example, it’s always been populated by fags. If you want to witness competent (old-time) fashion with hints of a close-knit community and timed amygdala burnout, see the movie “Phantom Thread”. It’s still very fag-y. There are multiple accounts of how shit the fashion industry is on youtube. It’s not about running shows, it’s about how many people you sleep with. They won’t even cover your airfare unless you sleep with someone. And all models are underpaid, unless they have a brand deal. It’s a hop, skip and a jump away from human trafficking so you’ll find a lot of disturbing “innovations” (“Eczema is pretty! Fat is hot!”).

        Steel plants, container ship loading / unloading are the big “shadow” industries that are possible because of high-conscentiousness, high T men. Steel plants get no innovation except from europe / northern asia, and that’s only after it’s tumbled through a cycle or two of use. The middle east controls a lot of ports around the world, and you’ll never see much innovation there (except maybe for chinese ports. No idea how they run. Plus, all the equipment is likely made in China). The other smaller / “independent” ports would likely shut down before hiring someone with new ideas.

        Innovation is badfeelz unless elon musk or insert-rapper-of-the-month-here “does it” because muh goodfeelz.

        Senile ‘President’ : “You gotta be accountable, man! You can’t just let the jealous normies stay alone with their badfeelz, they need to know they still got it! Remember man, no one likes breadlines! Whatchagoserlti ecn ooga booga!”

        Money = goodfeelz and people who make money hand over fist by moving money give normies subconscious goodfeelz (the left only follows people with money). Protip: when you’re the CEO, distribute a fake one trillion / bazillion dollar note to every employee every day first thing in the morning. Kick back and relax and watch employee productivity go up.
        Make sure you announce that the note is fake but the amount on it is real. It’ll save you from legal liability and the employees will find it refreshingly close to the real thing.
        My two cents: never have an employee do the distribution of the notes. Find a humanoid robot or a delivery system for it. You don’t want the money-distributor to one day complain about how he needs 2x the notes every day because he decided to give everyone 2 notes in the morning instead of one. If you refuse (because you’re certain the model only works with one note (maximizes employee dexterity and reading comprehension, and so on) and you can just fire the guy) there’ll be mutiny.

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