On abortion

Adding my 2c to Banned Hipster’s post. I assume it’s inspired by election year TV where conservatives think the Supreme Court is on their side all of a sudden, because…uh…reasons like…uh…LETS GOOOOO

Recently an older lady tried to set me up with a girl. It didn’t pan out, but it was a nice gesture and typical for this very feminine lady. But when I told her that the girl had flaked she got this animal look in her eyes and, being distracted while doing something with her hands, was unable to suppress a passing expression of glee. It was a momentary thing, but it disturbed me enough to reflect once again on how women (particularly the feminine ones) appear to be complete psychopaths, but the phenomenon has a different feel or flavor to it than psychopathy proper. If you’ve ever known a real dark triad person, you know there’s this constant feeling of repression that comes off them as they work to maintain the mask of civilization they present to their audience so they can go about their business. With women it’s much more like a childish lack of self-awareness or lack of distinction between reality and imagination where, when they tell you they ate their whole dinner and deserve dessert, they actually believe it because it feels appropriate to the situation.

The thing to understand about abortion is it’s about power, and to a lesser extent haggling and negotiation. The feminine will-to-power is expressed in the takeaway: taking away sex, taking away jobs/livelihood, neglecting children, up to and including teenage suicide attempts. What men have a hard time understanding is that women fantasize about punishing authority figures with suicide the way we (men) fantasize about beating an incompetent and unjust authority’s face in. Men kill themselves to escape frustration or leukemia, women do it for revenge.

They’ll be all sad because the female brain has no synaptic connections between the hindbrain and the forebrain (and the latter exists to produce emotions that rationalize the observed behavior of the former), but if their biology were otherwise they’d go out with a shit-eating grin. This is why otherwise very nice Christian girls, if they aren’t well-indoctrinated fundamentalists, will at least resist the idea of making abortion illegal. Why, in the great poker game called society and life, would a person willingly give up their best trump cards in exchange for nothing? The mechanics of our dopamine response to power would never allow it- once a person has power, only a saint is capable of letting it go. Giving up your negotiating position for no reason other than religious belief is comparable to withstanding torture. Asking a girl to give up her biggest takeaway trump card is like asking a man to forever sign away his right to use violence against another man, no matter the situation, and receiving nothing in return. The difference is that we can look at men’s affairs directly because of the iron law: men are expendable, women aren’t.

Get it yet? Asking women to give up abortion is like asking men to accept the gravest injustices committed against them, because it means they have no recourse. It’s like willingly going from a high caste to a low caste where people are allowed (encouraged even) to victimize you and don’t need a reason, and you aren’t allowed to seek justice or revenge. I suppose white people living around black people these days have a pretty good idea of what that’s like, but imagine being a man and choosing that position in society on purpose rather than having it imposed upon you by women, Jews, and political skullduggery.

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19 Responses to On abortion

  1. Tom Kratman says:

    Some not entirely random thoughts on Roe, Dobbs, and, more generally, abortion.
    1. No matter how much the feminazis and, more generally, the left, try to treat it as a sacrament, abortion remains an abomination. However, it is not an abomination to which I can necessarily object. Why not? No, it’s not because I’m a man; more on that below. It’s because I was fully prepared to see _billions_ of mostly innocent people incinerated in nuclear fire – also an abomination – rather than let communism win, because it was a worse abomination. But for Roe v. Wade, for example, and the maybe by now 60 million terminated but otherwise mostly future left wing voters, that orange-faced, wind-surfing buffoon, who threw other people’s medals over the White House fence, might well have been president. And it might not have been Obama elected in 2008, but a pardoned Mumia Abu Jamal. Or Catherine McKinnon.
    2. No, the argument that lacking a vagina ought bar one from having or stating an opinion on abortion is nonsense. I’ve never been a slave, either; does this bar me from objecting to slavery? Conversely, I _have_ been a fetus, one of the typically two parties to any abortion.
    3. Notwithstanding, 2., above, the anti-abortion movement never needed me or perhaps any man. Look at a picture of the people assembled in front of the Supreme Court every year to denounce Roe and demand it be overturned. Overwhelmingly female, is it not? Women – God bless ’em – have been at the forefront of the pro-life movement from the beginning.
    4. Alito was right; the Roe opinion was total legal nonsense, a hollow political move with some pseudo-reasoning thinly applied to the husk.
    5. The moaning and doomsaying from the pro-infanticide left, especially in print, is hilarious. “Oh, woe; woe, I say. Democracy is over. Coat hangers are, in more senses than one, IN…” BUT, I am somewhat inclined, in this case, if no other, to grant them a degree of subjective honesty here. I don’t think they understand, at the core emotional level, any level of politics or law that is neither federal nor California. In short, the idiots probably believe the silly shit they’re sprouting.
    6. When does life begin? Contrary to the Church’s teachings, I think it begins at implantation, not fertilization. Most fertilized ova, in fact, flush out. This puts us all – well, those of us still screwing for more than the jollies – in an awful moral predicament. If most fertilized ova flush out without implanting, then every time we engage in sex we’re taking an overwhelmingly large chance of putting what we consider to be an innocent human life to death, in a day or two. Clearly, we must all stop having sex… Yeah…no, God did not intend this.
    7. The bar none silliest pro-abortion argument ever made was Judith Jarvis Thompson’s A Defense of Abortion, especially as regards the violinist and the woman required to stay in a bed for nine months to keep him alive. No, it’s not just silly because pregnancy rarely if ever requires a woman to stay in bed for nine months. It’s silly because it’s assuming that we can never hold anyone, or at least anyone female, accountable for their actions. But what if it’s the bint’s fault – her act of omission or commission, _her_own_negligence – that requires the violinist to have her lie down in a bed next to his for nine months. Oh, yes, we certainly CAN impose that sentence on her. We certainly can hold her or anyone responsible for their own acts. Her argument on free flying sperm is almost as thoughtless and silly.
    8. “Bu’…bu…but, I took birth control and it failed. How can you hold me responsible?” Did you not know that failure was a possibility?

    • Milk says:

      Abortion is a sacrament *because* it’s an abomination. The shrill pro-choice slogan “It’s my body” seems almost lifted from the Last Supper text (“This is my body”). I’m told it is also a sacrament in the literal sense among you-know-who, but I’m trying to avoid conspiracy talk – let’s just say that the whole modern abortion rights campaign rather feels like the official, widespread implementation, under belabored humanitarian pretexts, of a form of ritual slaughter hailing back to the ancient annals of sorcery.

  2. William Owlson says:

    women are sadistic this is called sadism. that is why we need a tetrad and not a triad tbh.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Everyone is at least a bit sadistic, but women are a bit less so, and their sadism tends to be expressed socially (e.g. shaming) rather than physically (e.g. abortion). IIRC sadism is correlated with the triad, so yes the tetrad is more up to date.

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        The number of little girls pulling wings off of flies is very small.

      • William Owlson says:

        i see your point and i agree but whatever the phenomenon of women acting egregiously is it can be chalked up to a tendency towards sadism at least from my understanding.

        or curiosity building itself towards sadism im not certain but it would seem like it from my understanding.

  3. aiaslives says:

    > What men have a hard time understanding is that women fantasize about punishing authority figures with suicide

    What kind of authority figures?
    Also, likely your most disturbing post to date. Don’t even know if it’s true but I don’t want to believe it.

    Please explain why women like to shop incessantly, even if it’s outside of their means.

    > But when I told her that the girl had flaked she got this animal look in her eyes and, being distracted while doing something with her hands, was unable to suppress a passing expression of glee. It was a momentary thing, but it disturbed me enough to reflect once again on how women (particularly the feminine ones) appear to be complete psychopaths, but the phenomenon has a different feel or flavor to it than psychopathy proper.

    I know what that looks like. It looks like the low IQ WWE Fan when he watches his favourite fighter initiate a finisher on the other guy.

    BTW stop banning people for the crime of posting a comment.

  4. aiaslives says:

    > Banned Hipster’s post.
    Is he starting a “buy my $100 course to learn the TRUTH” thing?

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Not sure yet, but I’d guess no on the grounds that most of those people quit blogging around 2019 when you started seeing serious internet fatigue.

      • aiaslives says:

        You’d be surprised, twitter is still full of these people. You will often see they have a “thread of threads” pinned, and they always have under 10k followers. And they’ll try to meld in with certain groups (frogtwitter) but it always comes off as hokey. The true posters are either private or kept alive via archive-posting bots.
        That guy that married jordan “I don’t take meds” peterstein’s daughter is also a huge faggot.

  5. bicebicebice says:

    Your abortion current-thing is spilling over over here, like everyhing else you yankes do so here’s a first take;
    the current leftoid is very inclusive, thats not necessarily a bad thing, any retarded person is allowed into the workforce etc etc yadda yadda however on the flipside, they have no qualms about murdering said retard in the womb. Some would call it a zero-sum game…hehehe…(epic rant about white man handing over the keys to the kingdom to sapes groids jews ooga boogas and wahmen)

    the current rightoid is more eugenic leaning, but in a “trad” society anyone is welcome to chop wood for King and Country.

    So you see, I can’t say that the leftoids had the moral highground on this topic historically (slight maybe leaning…in modern times…maybe) but now the rightoids are stealing it straight up thats just whats happening, being a babykiller isn’t a good look. Post-birth inclusivity (if you didn’t get killed) vs guaranteed birth inclusiveness. or something, the leftoids are putting “legal” conditions on Life.

    https://abortionclock.com/ I can’t find the one from vault-co that said 1.6 billion globally since 1980. Keeping that in mind, “war”, “famine”, “corona virus” looks pretty damn tame in comparison. Damn they out here killing the next michael jordan and jackson! so much for no racism!

    In a Eugenic society women can’t get pregnant by accident because all the rapists are dead, so would such a society then give women the power to wield the death penalty willy nilly? itz a 2-part deal; where are we now, and what will the final argument be in the future?

    People so good they don’t pork around for the thrill of killing a baby something something skin creams and adrenochrome? Impossible!

    “we are going to solve the worlds problems through abortion!” thats one argument nobody is allowed to have, if you want to kill all of the say niggros and yids, be honest and genocide them inside, these larp fantasies about babykilling aren’t even plausible same thing for the eugenic perspective, that comes from breeding already alive good specimens the babykilling angle is backwards, in Iceland downies are dead now through national law, as if 10 downies in Reykjavik would have collapsed the entire island.

    One day people will be so evolved the situation that leads to abortion won’t even be a thing, but while we wait there be arguments and discussion, possible more intersting than the topic itself.

    “The number of little girls pulling wings off of flies is very small.” there is a cannibal joke about women ripping mens heart out

  6. Milk says:

    Feminine girls are not psychopaths, they’re just, you know, /girls/.

    Years ago I downloaded Tinder. (For context, I live in one of Brazil’s whitest cities.) I wasn’t looking to get laid, I didn’t even put my own picture in there. I first declared myself a “Man looking for Women” and took a glance at the nearby girls looking for a man; then switched to “Woman looking for Women” and took a glance at the nearby lesbians (some of whom could be bi, technically, or just going through a phase, but let’s keep this simple). I stuck to a small km radius; I was living at the very heart of a densely populated capital.

    A glaring pattern emerged, as binary as can be: all the straight girls were normies; all the lesbians were arty. I’m talking no single exceptions. They really did seem like two different species. The straight girls donned normie attire head to toe, as in long haircuts and feminine clothing; they smiled at the camera, submissively bowing their heads; their homes too looked emphatically normal. They were all of a kind: the kind whose profiles I would never follow on Twitter, because they can’t spell and never say anything interesting. The lesbian girls, conversely, displayed tomboyish haircuts and more stylish and androgynous clothes, did not always smile at the camera, and did sometimes eye the camera with chin haughtily raised. They were all of a kind: the kind of clever girl I enjoyed following on Twitter back in those days; the kind of girl who is witty and elegant in a down-to-earth way, and sometimes vaguely androgynous; the kind of girl on whom I tended to “crush.”

    I will refrain from Edenics-talk; I will not call them Saps and Thals respectively; but the experience confirmed those arcane anthropological theories. Anyway, to make this short: normie girls are ontologically female, they cannot help it; the PUA handbook is an exhaustive manual for handling them (and though the PUA/RP scene be a cesspool of narcissism and iniquity, the red pill is true; Hollywood banalities never helped any man get laid). They “shit-test” you instinctively, all the time; and it’s when you fail the test that their “sadistic” side comes to the fore. Nerdy girls, however, are capable of abstraction; though beholden to the same natural imperatives as their dimmer sisters, they are capable of realizing that they’re being a cunt when they act like one. Femininity in them doesn’t seem quite as ontological; they seem to regard it as an arbitrary imposition from without, which is why they tend to resent it; this explains the pixie haircuts and the dabblings in lesbianism.

    Arty girls tend to be the ones swayed by feminism, it’s true (TPTB have an “-ism” for each type of person, don’t they?), and abortion is part of that package. Your analysis rings true, but I’m pretty sure a big part of it is just identity politics. They would not be clamoring for abortion rights if that agenda had not been meticulously engineered and implemented beforehand. And now I wil stop rambling; like Chesterton (of the endless essays) and Tim Rogers (of the ten-hour single video game review) I am a Gemini; and I’m not saying astrology is true but the Gauquelin studies seem to confirm it.

    [I corrected a couple slips; please diregard the former comment.]

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