WINNARZ except the other guy cheated

The forthcoming rant applies to conservatives, Nazis, neo-Confederates, Edenists, and other assorted whiny losers. Here’s the formula for how these conversations go:

>Group A is superior in every way. They’re happy and spiritual and win at everything.

Examples of Group A: noble savages, the moral majority of American normies, Aryan warriors, Southerners, Neanderthals.

>But Group A lost to Group B so totally that they don’t exist anymore.
>Yeah, but Group B cheated.

This is where the bitching begins, which is funny because these tend to be internet WINNARZ who idealize psychopathy. The conversation will be a long list of horrible atrocities Group B did because they’re such cheaters losers and blah blah blah. But hang on, I thought Group A were winners in every possible way?

>Group A always wins on a level playing field.
>How are you going to do things differently this time so that it’s a level playing field?
>We’re going to do exactly the same things except harder.
>Are you superior to the historical Group A?
>No, they were perfect in every way.
>So you’re going to lose again.
>We’re going to win because Group A are winners.
>But Group A was driven to humiliation, slavery, and extinction.
>Group B cheated.
>How are you going to stop them from cheating this time?
>X, Y, and Z.
>Didn’t Group A do that before?
>Yup, we’re going to imitate their successes except harder.

And on and on. What it comes down to is that doing something differently from Hitler means admitting he wasn’t perfect and then you have to turn your left brain back on to decide which parts to keep.

This rant was inspired by James LaFond and Nick Mason making fools of themselves on and really showing off the limits of intelligence without character. In their case it was “hunter gatherers are superior and happy and winners” and Adam Smith repeatedly asking them why hunter gatherers are winners if they always lose, go extinct, and get replaced. It was painful to listen to.

Maybe if something happens the same way every time we should pay attention to that. But no, you need character to face realities you don’t like, and no amount of intelligence can fill in for a lack of character. If you think everything good has to feel natural and intuitive then you’re hamstringing your ability to apply yourself wholeheartedly to something important, because you’re literally defining the exertion of moral effort as immoral. Hard work is never going to feel natural, that’s why we call it hard work. The thing you want to do is called “feeling inspired”, which is great and all, but it’s no replacement for hard work.

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  1. bicebicebice says:

    One could call roping the retarded swedes and finns into nato a conservative victory…because you see, most people are very flexible. They see a completely zogged groided country with their own two eyes, but the televitz said, and I quote ” – THE CONSERVATIVES JUST WON THE ELECTION!!”. and when joe schmoe reads the paper it do be saying “conservatives won the election” – in print.

    Peak Nobility and Virtue (which is what we aim for here on the internet) is two neanderthals fighting each other in a boxing match. having been given the same means of preparations and coaching, refereed by Jesus Christ of Nazareth. This is the final form of the white man, super saiyan 6 million.
    Anything less is jews niggers trannies wahmen sapes etc because it is.

    If you disagree, state 10 points of what you want for the white race in a no limitations scenario, ten magic wishes from the genie lamp.

    • MM says:

      Was God on the Neanderthal’s side and they still lost?
      If ‘yes’ then what happened.

      Not being a shit, and I know its a stupid question because Christianity wasn’t a thing yet and that it’s also weird that a God would allow other religions to exist before the true one (or maybe he didn’t, IDK) but yeah…its a real question for you and to anyone else ’round here.

      I have a few ‘presence of god’ metrics I’m going to follow while still alive and “the chosen people of a religion being wiped out” is a one of them.

      Hmmm… but one could always argue they didn’t really believe it or something,

      Which could be true in a meta snarky ‘genetic selection’ way…

      but if there is no god then your political group or race getting wiped out is basically meaningless compared to your own eternal nonexistence.

      And if there is a God… then who gives a fuck about politics and genetics or anything else but religion.

      Unless that gets you into heaven, I mean.

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        >Christianity wasn’t a thing yet and that it’s also weird that a God would allow other religions to exist before the true one (or maybe he didn’t, IDK) but yeah…its a real question for you and to anyone else ’round here.

        You’ll get mixed opinions on questions like that, but there are some data points we can draw from the Bible:

        – There are a couple of references to a priest named Melchizedek which suggest there was true religion before Abraham (and before Jesus).
        – Several Old Testament figures are said to be in heaven currently in the New Testament, despite that it’s very clear that the Old Testament law can’t save but only condemns.
        – When David loses his unborn son for killing Uriah and taking Uriah’s wife Bathsheba (very chad move, very Alpha) David believes he will be reunited with the child when he dies.

        You won’t find unanimous agreement on this, but my takeaway from the New Testament is that Jesus considers his sheep to be the sort of people who come to him when he calls (“my sheep know my voice”, he repeats that sort of thing often).

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          One thing you will find near unanimous agreement on is the belief that the Bible is smarter than the people interpreting it. People who disagree with that are generally megalomaniacs and megalomaniacs generally aren’t Christians (albeit with exceptions).

          • MM says:

            That’s well and good, and I appreciate the response, but I am much more interested to know what you think God thought of the Neanderthals.

            If he allowed them to be wiped out, perhaps they weren’t that great. Etc.

            • Aeoli Pera says:

              >I am much more interested to know what you think God thought of the Neanderthals.

              It’s prehistory, so we’re speculating. But that’s what we’re here for.

              The possibilities can be broken out into these categories:

              1) They were/became degenerate and had it coming. (E.g. Cannibal fag theory.)
              2) Their only crime was losing and, basically, they didn’t deserve what they got. (Many such cases.)
              3) Their real crime was complacency, and even though they didn’t deserve such a harsh punishment, they could have tried harder to avoid it for longer.

              We could put it on a spectrum from “Judged by God” to “Judged by Mother Nature”.

              What do we believe we know about their personalities? They had low social intelligence and basically antisocial personalities outside their extremely small groups. By revealed preference, they preferred dealing with harsh environments over dealing with other hominids (very little drive to compete for the same niche).

              The sense I get is that these are a people characterized by their tendency to run away from social competition and focus on the things they’re good at (technological intelligence) at the expense of the things they’re bad at (social intelligence), and it eventually caught up to them. God doesn’t care about our social competition games, but it’s 99% of what Mother Nature cares about (being a woman), and God does care if we’re being stubbornly carefree and antisocial (see e.g. the stories of Esau and Jonah respectively).

              Broadly speaking, I’d guess it was 90% judgment by Mother Nature and 10% judgment by God, comparable to guys today who get divorce raped. Their biggest sin is studiously avoiding reality, and when you do that for a couple million years you can rack up some pretty bad karma. I don’t think divorced men deserve (mostly) to have their children raped and genocided for their weakness and the accumulated weakness of their ancestors, but that’s what’s going to happen because that’s Mother Nature’s rules and she has no concept of mercy.

              All in all, Esau makes a very good stand in. There wasn’t much love lost between God and Esau because Esau was a frivolous, unserious loser, but God also didn’t think about Esau much because he had removed himself from consideration. And eventually Edom (Esau’s tribe) built up enough bad will that there’s an entire minor prophet (Obadiah, yes Ophiuchus I did see what you did there) devoted to prophesying its doom.

            • aiaslives says:

              Reply to Aeoli:
              option 1 is not possible.
              option 2 is true
              option 3 is false
              The rest of your post just proves that you’ve forgotten whatever you might have read at some point, and have started conflating autists with neanderthals. When you’re living in a cave with subzero temps all around you, you’re obviously going to be anti-social, because you don’t want bonga-bonga conflicts. And when the climate did heat up, the Neanderthals did befriend other tribes (women married into other tribes) and often interacted with the Mouseterians. Can you actually apply *any* of your points to the basques? Or to any other neanderthal-majority culture?
              Tex already covered this: it’s option 4. At some point, they probably thought a little too much of themselves, and were swiftly knocked down by God.

              You went from
              neanderthal -> I don’t like it (bad reasons) -> they were probably losers
              then you forgot one and two, and put in three as the hard truth, and proceeded backwards. If this sequence isn’t decline and descent then I don’t know what is. And I’m sure this isn’t moving towards some earth-shattering genius moment for you (my disagreement isn’t proof to the contrary either), it’s just you not being able to cope with normie consensus because you turned off your back-of-the-head discernment and haven’t replaced it with anything, it’s just open unguarded space.

            • Aeoli Pera says:

              Fox and I already had that argument: there are no Neanderthal-majority cultures, that’s a cope. You’ll find my treatment of it here as “group 3”:


            • aiaslives says:

              pls no strawmanning what I wrote

  2. Anon says:

    It seems to me like the old “people just say things”. Present day Nazis can say they would do whatever because they don’t expect to ever have to actually carry out an Operation Barbarossa, let alone an actually successful version of Op Barbarossa. People can talk up hunter-gatherers because it’s not like they are going to become hunter-gatherers, so it’s empty talk (at least uncle Ted walked the walk). On the left you have, say, people talking about prison abolition and if you ask them what they plan to do with genuinely dangerous criminal they’ll just laugh at you because you are taking their nonsense seriously (if they actually managed to abolish prison they would handle that issue by just not giving a damn about having repeat murderers on the loose, but also having facilities that look like and function like prisons but are definitely not prisons for the criminals they don’t like, but the average prison abolition supporter doesn’t bother thinking that far ahead). A lot of talk around political and social issues is just posturing for status, not at all intended to set up a workable plan.
    Shouting the dumbed-down slogans is also better for status than having mucho texto nuanced and carefully thought-out ideas (which is why blogs are dead (no offense) and twitter is huge), so “Hunter-gatherers good and strong!” is a more attractive argument than “hunter-gatherers were healthier and stronger and had easier lives than farmers, but the latter eventually defeated the former due to supporting larger populations and having the ability to accumulate resources and develop advanced technology, so becoming a hunter-gatherer is not really a viable strategy.”

    • aiaslives says:

      > “Hunter-gatherers good and strong!” is a more attractive argument than “hunter-gatherers were healthier and stronger and had easier lives than farmers, but the latter eventually defeated the former due to supporting larger populations and having the ability to accumulate resources and develop advanced technology, so becoming a hunter-gatherer is not really a viable strategy.”

      Never happened.

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        …he typed on his Huntxr Gatherxr-brand keyboard.

        • aiaslives says:

          My keyboard isn’t branded, I procured all the parts myself, soldered everything myself and did it all economically, while keeping in mind the many failures that could occur after it was successfully built. I then modified the firmware myself based on the most frequent modifier key / leader keys combos that I use and then consulted my emacs / evil bindings for the most optimal layers, after which I managed to craft a layout (with just 42 keys!) that gives me more flexibilty than a full-size 100+ key keyboard and at the same time improves my posture and helps me type even with my eyes closed, at 80WPM or more. I shifted to Colemak Mod-DH (can still type on QWERTY @ 60, no sweat) and managed to include 5 layer-tap keys and four modifiers on the home layer while not interrupting the keys that need repeat (like nav keys, hjkl, etc). I also have the entire navigational cluster on one hand, and that includes all the window management function for my WM and emacs, and also includes mouse emulation (5-key mouse + scroll). My keyboard can connect to virtually any device that supports USB. I also have layers inside layers for layer-specialized functions, which allows me to use one-tap macros for leader keys for evil-mode, while the vim layer is active. I also wrote custom functions to reduce the boilerplate all of this would entail, and it all compresses down to 20KB, which still gives me 8KB of free space. Oh, and it has 12 layers and I have it all committed to muscle memory, only took me a month.
          Are you still using your laptop’s keyboard and your mouse for your IDE?

          • Aeoli Pera says:

            Are you familiar with the term “infinite regress”?

            • aiaslives says:

              If I am to spend an inordinate amount of time typing, I’d rather not be cramping my hands on an inefficient layout. You just haven’t tried it yet, it’s a sea change.
              And yeah, I know what that means and that reply was mostly tongue-in-cheek and I wrote it because I could. Getting most tier-1 things to 80% efficiency is often okay as long as you can make up the time spent organizing somehow. Getting a good text input method is one of the more taxing ones that take time to sink in. One day you’ll get a normie Ergodox or something and you’ll understand.

            • Aeoli Pera says:

              Bro I code in Notepad++ and compile in the terminal. I don’t like things I don’t understand and I don’t like new things either.

            • aiaslives says:

              Compiling in the terminal is always cool (although you should make a boilerplate makefile and use it everywhere, modify it a little until you understand how makefiles work). IDEs are often a little advanced and save you time refactoring stuff and also save you from manually editing imports / dependencies, but they’re not always necessary. A lot of open source production code is written in vanilla vim. Save your bash history jealously, it’s extremely useful. Install fzf (so you can call up history quickly and navigate to files and folders much more easily) ( and ripgrep and fdfind, they’ll help you get to stuff very quickly.

              Notepad++ is really shit. IMO you should learn VIM binds (I thought you already knew them, there are posts from 2014 or so where you mention learning them) because it’ll take out all the navigational pain out of editing code, and being able to open up split windows on demand is very useful. A lot more is possible if you’re proficient. You can after a year or so, start using emacs with evil (vim emulation) and it’ll make you much more productive.

              At the very least you should learn VSCode, it’s used everywhere. LSP (language server protocol) has given most editors consistent, platform-agnostic IDE-like tooling now. No one uses NP++ and you’ll have a hard time fitting in. Git gud at git and put all your personal projects in repos so you can get some perspective as to when you did something. Ideally put all add / commit commands under a cronjob.

     – be proficient at capture groups and basic stuff and you’ll coast through 99% of issues
     – POSIX-compliant competence
     – CSS refresher

              Also this :

            • Aeoli Pera says:

              People be like “AP you need to learn how to use an IDE” and I’m like “you’ll blow your arms off with one of those things”.

              See, the problem here is I’m always asking “do I have to?” and the answer is almost always no. Generally the time-waster isn’t the gear or the process, it’s either not knowing what you’re doing or not prioritizing the one or two things that actually matter. Better to practice with your guitar than to have a great guitar. That’s why I never got along with other musicians, all they ever want to talk about is their fucking gear. Oh, you have such and such pedal for whatever cable for whatever rebuilt tube amp? That’s great, how about you go play the five riffs you know and then fuck yourself.

              I do have a boilerplate gradle file now, they made me do it in one of my classes. I will say it works better than my old method of putting everything in the same folder as Main.

            • aiaslives says:

              You basically need to have a healthy relationship with your tools, you can’t expect to pick them up one day and have it all work out, you need to be together through the mundane and the good. Sure, you’re fine with your hand-made guitar but at some point progress will be faster if you buy an actual guitar. Digital Music / Video Production is a better analogy for programming than playing music. People get attached and can’t move away, they buy apple products by the boatload. If you get used to a shitty tool you’ll just retard your progress.

          • Neurotic Conscientiousness says:

            You refuse to use your laptop’s keyboard because you prefer to use the custom keyboard which you have designed and constructed. I refuse to use my laptop’s keyboard because I don’t want to leave oily, sweaty fingerprints all over it. We are not the same.

            • aiaslives says:

              I prefer dipping my keyboard in used kitchen grease before using it, you use voice dictation and never remove the plastic covers from your appliances.
              We are not the same.

          • MM says:

            >People be like “AP you need to learn how to use an IDE” and I’m like “you’ll blow your arms off with one of those things”

            Hehe. Thats the funniest joke you’ve ever told on here besides ‘throwing a clown in the woodchipper’.

  3. Sturm Bringer says:

    Honestly we fight not just for ideas or spiritual reasons, but because the only other option is extinction quite literally.

    Also regarding earlier movements, we are their successors, not them, we learn and are inspired from them and do our best with what we have. Adaption is key. We cannot learn from mere lies told by us by the, for now, “Winnarsh”.

    Just as we are not exactly like those that came before, nether are the descendants of yesteryear’s winners the same as those who won.

    Also “duh” on the hard work, comfort and happiness and life itself are to be sacrificed as needed for victory.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      >Also “duh” on the hard work, comfort and happiness and life itself are to be sacrificed as needed for victory.

      German instinctiveness is central to Nazi racial theory. They probably got away with it for as long as they did because Germans are instinctively industrious, but when you run out of calories your instincts change to energy preservation and you still have to be industrious, which is where you need to do the polar opposite of what your instincts say. I should be explicit here for the benefit of the midwits: going against your instincts is a direct contradiction of Nazi racial theory, therefore Nazi self-sacrifice requires an extraordinary level of hypocrisy which cannot coexist with the sort of extraordinary moral character that’s required for self-sacrifice.

      Murdoch Murdoch is a good example. He was riding on passion, burned bright, and then when the passion went away he stopped.

      • Sturm Bringer says:

        Eh, the big problem for Natsocs, is that when Herr Hitler died(and the extermination campaign waged by the kikes and golem) they kind of just shrugged and figured things would just sort themselves out. Which did not happen.

        Remember Aeoli that during the War the Dutchmen literally were running on low calories and yet still fought ferociously and did hard work. As for NatSoc theory well most of what we learn in schools, books and the like is bullshit, pure lies; so it is with some difficulty to find the finer points regarding any theory some or all may have had.

        The greatesr gripe I have regarding the above, is our, the Fair Folk’s, side is straight up slow. There is so much to learn from the NatSocs on organization, strategy, what to expect from the regime, etc… and traitors and grifters still hold the center of attention, nothing is learned collectively. At the very least we must STOP using the jew’s words: racist, sexist, homophobe( lol fear of the same), nazi, gender, and on. The freedom starts first in the hearts and minds, then can grow if there is the will and organization to do it.

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          If you want me to stay sympathetic to the Nazi movement, I’d recommend talking less. It’s not a principled position and your disingenuousness is annoying me.

          • Aeoli Pera says:

            Yet another idiot ignores yet another warning in 3…2…1…

          • Sturm Bringer says:

            One how is it not a principled position? Two how in the devil am I being disingenuous?

            • Aeoli Pera says:

              >One how is it not a principled position?

              Because it’s pragmatic.

              >Two how in the devil am I being disingenuous?

              Because you’re brushing off my point by appealing to ignorance: “As for NatSoc theory well most of what we learn in schools, books and the like is bullshit, pure lies; so it is with some difficulty to find the finer points regarding any theory some or all may have had.”

              Bullshit, you know what you believe and you were just avoiding direct conflict on the point. I don’t care if you play games with other people but you’re insulting my intelligence. At least put in the effort to get away with it.

              I will allow, theoretically, the possibility is that you believe what you said, which would be worse because it means you’re speaking from a position of foolish ignorance.

              That implausible possibility aside, keep in mind I have zero interest in plausible deniability, so I don’t care if other people can see what you’re doing or if you’re only aware of it at some deep level. I only care if I believe I know what you’re doing.

              This is such a waste of words it’s putting me in a bad mood. If you’d like, we can test your little theory that authority needs to be loved. That was cute, it reminded me of my libertarian days. We’re going to win at politics by telling people the truth! They’ll throw off their shackles and be free!

            • Aeoli Pera says:

              If you’re younger, please tell me and I promise to be a bit more patient with you.

            • Aeoli Pera says:

              Fucking dammit, now I feel like I have to apologize.

              I’m sorry, I’m overreacting bigly. It was a relatively small thing and I was enjoying the anger. It’s a petty thing to do and if I weren’t feeling all high and mighty lately I wouldn’t have any business acting like this.

              Again, I’m sorry, and I’ll stop doing it.

            • Sturm Bringer says:

              Thank you for apologizing, though I do not know if you need it I forgive you. As for my age I’m only five …
              hundred years old! Kidding.

              I think all of our time here(in this life) should emulate nature far far more than we currently do(that is Mankind) if it strikes you as pragmatic, /shrugs shoulders/. I do not want to leave my kind in a worse or similarly horrible state as that which I was born into.

              To be honest I meant it when I said alot of the “knowledge” we are indoctrinated with is half truths, lies, omissions and framing in the writers of such drivel, Master’s interest. It is not just the first half of the nineteen hundreds, nor just history but all of what we are schooled in. All serves the Master’s cause or near enough of it to be considered all encompassing.

              Again to bring attention back to the Racial theories held by the Natsocs, even I with years invested into learning about this tragic period I do not know everything, there is so much conflicting information thatparts of it feel more like detective work than mere chronology. As for instinct being a key feature of their understanding, off the top of my head I can only answer that Will seems to be what you might be looking for(like Triumph of the Will). If you or anyone else is interested I know at least a few sources and facts that go against what we are told, if you want to know just ask.

              And yes, Authority/ power need not rouse any(much less love) emotion after all the best(arguably) control is over the apathetic.

              To be frank this format, texting via internet is subpar when wishing to communicate, I feel I may try to communicate one idea and you latch onto a part of it.(I may do the same, if so please text back such.)

              Ps. Do you care for the Fair Folk’s future aeoli and if so why?

            • Aeoli Pera says:

              Describe to me the German style of intelligence as opposed to the Jewish style of intelligence.

            • Sturm Bringer says:

              Hmm, I think I have the jews pegged fairly well, as for the Dutch I am less sure.

              I will start with the Dutch in broad strokes, common sense and the ability to follow through with it, a love of nature despite or in part because of their mechanically minded nature. A sort of genius that fits no known singular category and can be found in all classes. Their geniuses will have both the spiritual(or artistic might also be a good word) and mundane intertwined.

              The jew’s intelligence might better be called cunning and what intelligence he might possess better understood as raped from the host he parasites off of. He has a knack for storytelling and loves numbers and name symbology,(and numbers more generally). His understanding seems stupid at times, if this is in part deciet or ignorance, I do not fully know. The jew is prejudiced to himself thinks highly of himself and believes bis outsider criminal invader mentalality makes him superior to those he invades.

              Again I ask do you care for the Fair Folk’s future aeoli and if so why?

            • Aeoli Pera says:

              If you won’t answer my question I won’t answer yours.

            • Sturm Bringer says:

              The Dutchman bodily-kinaeshetic, intrapersonal, musical, naturalistic, visual-spatial, logical-mathmatic intelligence vs the jew interpersonal, linguistic, logical-mathematical, intrapersonal?(of a bad sort?) intelligence.

            • Aeoli Pera says:

              Is there something wrong with Germans that you can’t name them properly?

            • Aeoli Pera says:

              Leaving that tic aside, yes I care about the future of the white race and the German race in particular. I want the best for them. I think they’ll try every wrong thing first and possibly go extinct (the Germans particularly) but maybe enough will be left over to successfully do the right thing when they get around to it.

              – Primarily the Jean Valjean thing:
              – A sense of duty. They are kin after all. My red hair is a marker of my paternal line all the way back to Swabia.
              – I really believe the shit I say about normie supremacy theory being the only good strategy available to the neanderthal phenotype, at least until their proportion of the population goes up to the point that a breakaway would be viable (which would require thousands of years of self-sacrifice first…so don’t anybody hold your breath).

            • Sturm Bringer says:

              “Is there something wrong with Germans that you can’t name them properly?”

              German is latin, we are not speaking latin but a urdutch tongue, I realize English has borrowed heavily but I believe this borrowing has been deleterious for the tongue. I also try not to use enemy words, ergo Natsoc not nazi, one cannot win whilst using the enemies terms and worldview.

              “My red hair is a marker of my paternal line all the way back to Swabia.”

              Oh part Swabian,… but no New Swabian? :-)

              After the failed overthrow in Munich, the Natsocs pretty much adopted a much more widespread popular revolution instead of violent, Herr Hitler and the Dutch were tremendously fortunate to have a large group of former veterans to draw to their ranks; my suggestion is we have already been through total jewed rule and can overthrow them, the problem is more Global than merely any single land or country or even continent. Mayhaps it would have been better to think internationally rather than just nationally(in the modern sense not ethnic sense). You may hold demagoguery poorly, but you must admit it would certainly be a few steps up from here.

  4. MM says:

    “what the fuck did you think would happen you god damn pieces of shit?”

    Between Corpses and Conservatives

    Its a good post I swear.

  5. MM says:

    German PPI 33 percent
    USA PPI 14 percent

    ITZ over folkz.

    Its looking even worse than I said 2 months ago
    that the sky was basically falling in next 2 years, that the ruble would go up and be backed by gas (petroruble), and that China would have an economic response (which came in the form of a timely covid lockdown. Plausible deniability, nice and smart) etc.

    Just wait for the flood of migrants into Europe when Africa and the ME literally starve.
    Even the wheat crop in America is fucking horrible this year. My grandad, a farmer all his life (among many other things), says many many farmers just arent planting because they can see whats coming (alternatively, glyphosate up 300 percent, diesel up crazy and will climb, etc etc. Its not even worth it for some)
    Shits not just ‘very berry’ bad, its so much worse than ppl think, even with both investor and fund manager sentiment being the lowest ever aside from one month in 08 (per BofA survey).

    One more week and we beat all the records for fastest crash, so there will prob be an explosion up before end of next week. Maybe not. But if it happens don’t buy it.

    And the spread between the losses of the Nasdaq vs SP500 or the DJIA (the latter two trailing the losses by a very good deal) is said by Jeremy Grantham (GMO capital) to be indicative of historically what happens when “mega bubble” burst (+3SD events). Note that the most aggressive small caps have been selling off since Nov 2021 (see ARKK), giving this idea more credence.

    Admittedly, I’ve been having fun riding puts. But its not even in the panic stage. Srs.
    Unless something changes this is looking way worse than 2008.
    And no amount of money made from puts can overcome a worthless dollar if we go hyper-inflationary. And yes, that could happen.

    *****So you have to prep physical goods, rice and beans, canned meat. IMPORTANT.*******

    Powell may have to do a Volcker and raise rates a shitload, but the real question is..
    does he want to?

    It is in the best interests of the elites for things to hyperinflate as inflation hurts all the lower classes, and it makes the debts of the higher class (blackrock etc) be washed away with ‘worthless fiat’. Which is why they still wanted to buy all the houses even when they were so overpriced.
    Money is worthless, actual assets and commodities are forms of Power.

    I’ll give one long term ‘sit and wait’ position I think we hit unless either a geopolitical miracle happens or they turn back on the printers:
    TSLA 06/21/2024 200.00 P

    Sell every rally unless the fed turns the printer back on or we go so damn hyper-inflationary that stocks could theoretically just go up to match inflation (this is the unlikely but possible “Wiemar” situation in terms of how bad inflation gets).

    Enjoy the ride :)

    • MM says:

      Good news is houses will be cheap!

      Would be a truly great time to buy one if possible, especially to rent it out (or just half of it or wtvr), if it all comes to pass.

      (I mean, if you dont have to take out a loan with 15 percent interest by then or some shit )

      And that’s coming from someone who obv doesn’t believe in the USA long term.

  6. aiaslives says:

    > Edenists
    > Whiny losers

    You know, if you don’t want to be one, you just have to say it. There’s no need to put down the entire thing because these days you don’t remember what it actually means, or the things you’ve read before.

    Your argument is very bad and basically a placeholder for “you lost”.

    If this is somehow rhetoric to make people wake up, it’s terrible.

    • bicebicebice says:

      >all people are the same

      I said it before and I’ll say it again; the problem with edenism is that itz real, even if we change the name edenism to something else it is still real. Edenism is in-race racism, the majority of white people are morons because they be another species, swap white for black yellow red etc etc.

      “and then when the passion went away he stopped.” people with assburger cannot fake not having assburger the reverse is true for “normies”, never did I see a beaver driving a golf cart or an orangtugang building a dam in a pond…

      • aiaslives says:

        And we have a reductive cheat sheet.

        • bicebicebice says:

          “And we have a reductive cheat sheet.”

          It’s so incredible to finally be understood.”
          Take our Personality Test and get a “freakishly accurate” description of who you are and why you do things the way you do.

          People like this subjective subject and the “authors” are probably so well-off they can afford to eat more than shrimp and low budget chinese cigarettes…then you have 23andme that gives you a dot on the genetic plot with extra “you got a higher risk of asscancer (1.5x genpop) ) information, and their facebook style dna relatives.

          “” …”something that would be impossible for a human doctor looking at the same images.”…

          a jew has to guilt trip emotionally blackmail and threaten social ostracization and excommunication from “his” tribe for in order to receive his monthly shekels, a melonboon can tell any sape to go build a pyramid right now. thats genetics and in the old days (present day) people called it magic – all edenists are losers (for the sake of the bloggpost) but not all edenistic phenotypes be <—- aeoli can't refute this

  7. p says:

    gay people

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