Who’s gonna make it (roughly speaking)

I had the thought right now that, if I’m right about 2028 being the big cutoff date when Noah battens down the hatches on the ark, the people who are about 8 years behind in political awareness aren’t going to make it. The reason is I don’t believe I was ready for the big one in 2019 but 2020 bridged the last few gaps. Granted, 2020 was abnormally straightforward in historical terms (there’s never been a better time for a socially naive idiot to observe human nature). Anyway, it’ll work as an estimate.

In 2014 I was just getting involved in Edenism type shit and was not aware that “my people” were also predominantly useless losers who want to stick their heads in the sand, same as anyone else. That was when the TRS podcast was just kicking off and they were being edgy by being pro-Christian. That didn’t really become mainstream until late 2016 when Trump mania picked up across the entire internet.

Anyway, things the vanguard had figured out in 2014:

  • Jews are disproportionately in power
  • Religion is at the very least adaptive in the evolutionary sense
  • PUA is cringe but it was basically correct about how women think and act

Things the vanguard didn’t figure out until 2015:

  • The masses respond actively to positive imagery/propaganda where intellectual banter never got anyone out of their easy chair
  • The internet-based Alt-Right wants esoteric Hitlerism, period
  • The pedo shit is real and pervasive, even if things like the Q and pizzagate movements try to make it cringe by association

So people who are stuck in 2014 or earlier aren’t going to figure things out in time. People who are stuck in 2015 have a shot. Roughly speaking.

This is based on my belief that people don’t choose their beliefs rationally, they choose by temperament to place themselves somewhere on the political bell curve from “early adopter” to “tech boomer”. That way, you don’t need to know anything about a person other than how many years back you have to go to find a progressive liberal with the exact same beliefs. All political beliefs among the hoi polloi are luxury beliefs, so it’s a question of how old the car they buy is. The average person in 2022 buys a used car from about 4-5 years ago and holds the beliefs that a progressive liberal held in 2017-2018. I.e. Diversity-Inclusion-Equity but not quite nonconsensual castration of children. The average self-described conservative is looking for a deal on a car from 2012 so he can brag about how savvy he is. He doesn’t hate the gays (remember Obama was explicitly opposed to gay marriage in 2008 and flipped in 2012) and invites them to his kid’s birthday party (while keeping a close eye on them), but he just doesn’t want gay propaganda taught in the schools.

This post was inspired by an e-mail from RedBalloon advertising a job with J. Galt Financial Suite and I thought to myself “How long ago was it that I read Atlas Shrugged?” I think it was 2012 and I was an Objectivist for about a month before I realized that Ayn Rand’s real-life heroes (e.g. Ford, Carnegie) didn’t act at all like her protagonists, and her robotic, disagreeable protagonists wouldn’t be able to conduct any of their sacred business deals in real life because no one would trust them or work with them. I mean, the first rule of sales is people don’t want a good deal, they want a fair deal from someone they like. And John Galt, other than being a psychopath by definition, is cringe.

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20 Responses to Who’s gonna make it (roughly speaking)

  1. bicebicebice says:

    who are the people that aren’t making it now and why aren’t they making it?should they make it?how hardcore should a man be?live on roots and berries whilst simultaneously getting divorce raped from society, tribe culture history people etc etc I mean right now the surviving whites are either full blown psychos or hardened embittered neanderspergs…in ww1 and 2 the white normie ran into the instandt death of the pillbox expecting death and today they run into groups of groids and trannies expecting life and normality?!? chalk em off

    the internet is like a mirror, the npc is confronted with his own thoughts and thanks to social media they can be instantly re-examined at any time, worse of all is that their thoughts can be challenged by other people-other npcs, this lingering effect turns the internet into a ghoulish undead graveyeard for the psychic vampire pedos and creates perpetual mental illness – chalk some more off

    It would be interesting to see some countries listed that Haven’t changed thx to globohomo and where things are still relatively normal….https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BoqjKqt__tI

    our forebears literally lived in treestumps feeding turnips and poached rabbits to their brood of 10 children (9 survived).

    “Who’s gonna make it (roughly speaking)” what be your criteria and metrics, make it as long and thorough as possible if you don’t want to state obvious things such as 1950s americana, the amish or the victorian era.

    the jew didn’t take my money and the niggers didn’t eat me, did I make it?and if I did how long can I go on making it? I’m being sincere and Tex himself never answered this question either, Edenism “only” being a surviving vestige and thats okay, and then?


  2. Sturm Bringer says:

    Bullet points for futher awakening:

    Jews are evil, will not let any of us free, will resort to slander, false leaders(Trumpenfelt, Q, etc), intimidation, bribery, murder, total war and worse.

    Beware the secret jew and understand these mischlings blend in and destroy wearing a chameleon disguise(can look like any race black, yellow, brown, red, white…).

    Holocaust(oy vey) is entirely false, real Holocaust happened via American and British Bombers, read Hellstorm by Thomas Goodrich.

    Christianity is not a good helper to ideantarian or nationalist causes, unless it thinks it can benefit, beware the priest and pastor and followers.

    History is heavily false, I mean pull up by roots and all false.

    Its been bad for HUNDREDS of years, not ten, twenty, fifty, one hundred ect.

    A broad front assault is the only means to achieve victory, this means multimedia, grassroots, social, politics, industry, theater, religion, military, and on.

    It will only get worse, unimaginably worse unless something is done today, tommorow and continued unceasingly.

    Get organized, organized, organized, organized! (Ditch the internet to return in strength). A little picnic club would be better than what exists now.

    Individualism is archaic, look where does such a winning society, singular individual exist? Nowhere, it is as backwards as bringing a stick to a ballistic missile battery fight.

    It will end in war(s).

    Racism doesn’t exist. (Or I do not believe in Racism.) Say it with gusto.

    We must be holders of an ideal, a future, not mere conservatives providing the resistance necessary for jewry to advance(such as liberalism)

    There has never in known history been any attempt to massacre jews in whole in any land.

    All entertainment is propaganda.

    You wont win, if you dont try.

    • MM says:

      (Sigh) I apologize in advance, this rant isn’t actually leveled at you specifically, I have no personal beef, but I have read this shit enough, prob 1000+ times, that I’m just going to say what needs to be said.

      Alright… Here’s the deal….

      There is no fucking “movement”.
      There are a couple hundred thousand young(to mid 30s) men (usually schizoids and autists) that are desperately trying to construct a narrative where their lives have a modicum of meaning and they are not just biological refuse that will be “delt with” one way or another (not that it matter since most will die childless), no matter who wins the grand chessboard.

      You see, they get to feel SO special without having to do a single damn thing!
      (besides trigger journos, post pictures of a retarded green frog, and write the same damn post you just wrote 100 million different ways).

      Let me ask you, not to put you on the spot, but just to get you to think… What have you ACTUALLY done to advance your political “movement”. How many meetings have you had with the fellow members? One of you guys is going to run for your small town’s city council on the down low and try to keep gay shit out of the school, right?, since politics is so important to your so called “identity” (LARP) and not just entertainment for your internet cum brain, right?

      Oh, that’s right. Its all just an internet circle jerk.

      Even guys like the TRS crew, who must know things are about to get really bad, almost certainly have done FUCKING NOTHING to actually prepare. Like… even 6 months of food. I’d bet everything I have on that.

      Because that’s what fucking idiot losers do- they fuckup. And that’s for PERSONAL protection; they are too fucked up to be capable of even that, let alone running a complex society.

      Its just talk, talk, talk. About the future, about the collapse, about esoteric political theories and all kinds of intellectual hedonics. There is never an “actually prepare for the collapse”.

      The truth is that the “Alt right” isn’t better than the normiecons, its even worse.
      A true dumpster fire. A disgrace. An abortion.

      And the worst part? They are more or less right about everything, they are just truly so useless that their ‘being right’ DOES NOT MATTER because its never going anywhere.

      When things get bad- bad enough for actually capable and talented and intelligent people to NEED to get into far right wing politics- things will get done. And the alt right can get back to their real “movement”- jerking themselves off.

      PLUS- crying because ITS NOT FAIIIIIRRRRR:

      ***The alt right is made up of all the people you kick out of a movement to make sure it doesn’t become a fucking dumpster fire and petty drama-tainment circle jerk.

      The general situation is shitty too.
      Without nature on their side to rig a default victory, conservatives seem apparently incapable of winning anything.
      Seriously, how can anyone lose for 400 years straight?
      How are they still blindsided by the fact that every new technology can change society immensely?

      You want to make people conservative, forever?
      You either destroy industrial society or you leverage genomics tech and make a new human truly capable of mastering this universe and imbue him with your values.

      He will actually believe them, unlike you.

      Oh but that’s not conservative. Its too powerful and useful and likely to actually work.

      I guess we will all just die then, after posting one last heroic comment.

      That’s the price for ignoring the reality of the future every single time we make theoretical plans about things we would theoretically do if there theoretically were an actual movement that could theoretically “win” and keep humanity in perfect stasis and everything would be theoretically perfect!

      Alright. I was a little mean. Sorry.

      Still want to change the world?

      Things will change when they HAVE to change (and maybe they never do)

      It is about being absolutely prepared for the RIGHT MOMENT…

      ***When people are hungry, have lost faith in “the way things are”…

      ***Create (or capitalize upon) chaos to establish a new order.


      Ah fuck… that’s not conservative!

      • MM says:

        My real ‘end point’ opinion is the conclusion of this:

        tldr:”conservatism as metaphysical comfort seeking”

        I’ll just do 100 posts of “X as metaphysical comfort seeking” and perfectly describe all of human psych.

      • Sturm Bringer says:

        You assume much, such that I am a conservative or alt-right.

        I did not post for my sake but for others.

        Do not mistake me I claim no major organization achievement, yet. The only way things will change is to take the mule leading the masses and show up with the horse. If enough good men ably and forthrightly fight surrendering comfort and future(for themselves) the maggot(jew) and all his little slaves will lose. Not today nor tommorow or this year or even decade but they will fail.

        See the liberals and conservatives (false jew binary) are dissatisfied and always will be with jewry at the helm, opportunity beckons will we answer? Or boomer, silent, goverment issued, etc out?

        But not even so long ago speaking of the jew, would one hear refrains such as “You see jews on your cereal box!” This “mighty” charge was thought sufficient to quell any further discussion, it isn’t any more.(and if you look on the box there is a bloody jew tax! Beepin ironic, no?)

        Get off the internet, the heroic can win and must if good life is to be furthered and bad deceased.

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          When you catch yourself falling into this highfalutin patois (talking like Jesus, e.g. “I did not post for my sake but for others” where a normal person would say “I posted this for the audience”) then you need to step away from the keyboard because you’re about to post cringe.

          • Sturm Bringer says:

            Forsooth, thou hast known that Christ sayeth to follow hith in everyway, art not thou a follower of Christ? Lament and repent!

            • Aeoli Pera says:

              5/5 recovery, so good work on that.

              If the fascists had the sense to ask my advice, I’d tell them to send out marching orders to their audience to become a guild of utility pole-climbing electricians. Then for the normies it someday becomes a choice between having electricity and having an electrician with politics you like. On that day, you can wear whatever Prussian military uniform you’d like to work because you’ve won. It would only take 30% of line workers to turn it into a guild.

              But again, they’d need to have the sense. Maybe they’ll develop the sense, we’ll see. I’d rather have Hitler than Epstein.

            • Sturm Bringer says:

              Ergo all the mestizo and the like scabs.

              The idea has merit but requires more vital, less easily replacable and multiple chokepoint positions.

              Also Hitler is way better than Curshill, Ruse’a’vile, Stealin, and Mannerheim.

          • Zeb Zebley says:

            oh fug oh shidd

        • MM says:

          It’s dildonics all the way down.

  3. MM says:

    Conservatives will all die and be sent deep underground to a lightless cold ocean
    where they will float on the surface, dreaming either of “the reich” or an ac/dc concert (YOUVE BEEN…. THUNDERSTRUCK!!!!), for the next 1000000 trillion years.

    Then, they will arise from their slumber, to save the day once more!!!

  4. bicebicebice says:

    If you look at right now it seems to me that the “traditional losers”, criminals, morally corrupt or just straight up losers are winning.
    If you have downs for example you can live like a king at least in swe, note that i’m not against downies just saying. But wait, in canada hardcore druggies can live likes this too, in america you can get a bad tan claim bi-racial or straight up african and do whatever crimes you want. Do you feel marginalized, do you fuck men up the arse and groom children? Theres a cure for that, all the government apparatus now caters to your every whim! In hell theres equality for everyone if white man secede from his framework that served him well in the past(?, a “?” because white man isnt going back to those times, thats called a larp and people will yell at you for saying such things!)

    … so you see, the abject and objectively classical dysgenicoids are now KANGS of society, they RULE! If you look at terrorists/freedom fighters, they are usually pushing for a return to some lifestyle that was hindered by an enemy, but why can’t that thing be pinpointed when it comes to the white man? There is no advance in this because you will get 1000000 different answers, from 1000000 different wyte men, at the same time, texas cowboys don’t want to be california beach bums, swedes don’t want to speak danish, greeks don’t want to convert to celtic paganism just as white americans didn’t Really want to live in a german reich (tastes differed)etc etc etc.

    >if I’m right about 2028 being the big cutoff date when Noah battens down the hatches on the ark
    survive, complain, repeat itz like winning backwards but somehow you are still winning, you aren’t wiped of the map completely just 99.99%, meaning that in ww1 and 2 at least the jews offered the average white man some form of heroic grace running into a pillbox, today there is no honorable way out for the whipped paypig average-cucked whiteoid.

    jews niggers fags pedos wahmen cannibals trannies devil worshippers isn’t hyperbole its society, we did a fine job killing off the evil armies of evil men and secured resources for all but forgot about/ignored the demon killing bit, its spiritual, seeing as the poorest idiot lives comfier now than the legendary kings of history, so whats the problem?

    well, what is it? how long is the list?there is no problem but maybe there be…
    1. “someone” took my nation and my money and gave it to others, then had the audacity to claim that these beggars and thiefs be some kind of paragons of virtue…thats like, annoying and wrong.
    2.the jews are making boring gay pedo movies for children, I liked it better when that jew spielberg(inb4 he stole the patent and IP, like they all do but I digress…) made that movie about dinosarus rexus, shit was so good I didn’t even care the feathers were missing.
    3. I don’t care if 0.0000001% of a population racemix, but when you revv up all social advertising to a maximum and you get unnatural outcomes, at the same time, dysgenic people and horrid insincere fetishist reveal themselves-as is the case for many vices-the out come for real people to survive in the long run improves dramatically.
    4.the new batman is so gay I don’t even know who is starring in it, the title or when it even came out, 2020,2021,2022?!?!?
    5. the point is to turn society back into less shit, if a man wants adventure only nature can provide because you get zero bullshit and zero safety nets,

    however, global population was 1-1.5 billion between 1800-1900…and those people, no matter where they lived on the planet, behave as bizarrely as people do today, so there is definitevly dysgenics going on, and people suffering such that they get completely psychologically blackpilled because of modern urban living conditions, which wasn’t the case even 20 years ago…

    so….as I was saying…

  5. aiaslives says:

    > In 2014 I was just getting involved in Edenism type shit and was not aware that “my people” were also predominantly useless losers who want to stick their heads in the sand, same as anyone else.

    Not everything has intent behind it, man…
    There’s always some guy around the corner who thinks you’re a subhuman.

    But really it’s often just a “temporary” leave of absence that turns permanent.

    > I was an Objectivist for about a month before I realized that Ayn Rand’s real-life heroes (e.g. Ford, Carnegie) didn’t act at all like her protagonists, and her robotic, disagreeable protagonists wouldn’t be able to conduct any of their sacred business deals in real life because no one would trust them or work with them. I mean, the first rule of sales is people don’t want a good deal, they want a fair deal from someone they like.

    She never said Ford or Carnegie were her heroes. The only one she recognized was Frank Lloyd Wright and even him she deseted because she disliked his character. There’s a reason why people errenously thought she was “Rothschild’s Mistress”.

    > And John Galt, other than being a psychopath by definition, is cringe.
    That’s not psychopathy, that’s called graduating from the school of hard knocks and not giving a shit about retards.

  6. aiaslives says:

    I must not cringe.
    Cringe is the mind-killer.
    Cringe is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
    I will face my cringe.
    I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
    And when it has gone past, I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
    Where the cringe has gone there will be nothing.
    Only I will remain.

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